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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2012any user encounter the phonebook issue? most of the time i open ... moreyea the same happened with me but i later found out that the photos i've attached to contacts wer to heavy.....once i removed them it started to work exceptionally well

  • Sam david

Hey guys this is SAM..!!!!!!!!
well its the new kid in the HTC family
its the one and only HTC ONE v
these are its features and something about HTC in a bit more elaborated way
* Please forgive me about the order because I write what I remember first.. so i am very sorry about that..
1- The phone is fast enough for your daily use but it is not a jet phone at all.
2- STILL CAN NOT FIND the rest of the 4GB internal memory.. 1GB for apps and 100MB for data.
3- The notification light is AMAZING and very clear and strong.
4- The phone runs live wallpapers ok but in the personalise menu you can
only find regular wallpapers but you can access live wallpapers through an installed one application icon.
5- Sound quality during calls is totally ok and the loud speaker is loud enough to make people ask to lower the sound a bit!!!
6- Accessing the messages and phone book is fast, i say that because phone book on my Wildfire S looked heavy and slow.
7- I have checked HTC page and no compass sensor listed, the compass is a typical
"compass" we use to know real directios, or applications that called "metal detectors" use,
but most of us don't care about that option, we are real phone users not a show-off guys :)
8- Still can not judge the battery life because it is the first charge and first day and I keep playing and exploring aaaaaall the time.
9- Angry Birds Space runs PERFECTLY.
10- The phone DO HAVE FM RADIO with good sound and style.
11- The loudspeaker volume for phone ringer is good and the speaker sound itself is very good and deep.
12- Didn't find any problem untill now, but sometimes I feel that HTC should have worked a little bit more on the phone finish.
13- The "chin" is not that ugly or annoying, you will not even notice it.
14- The camera options are VERY AMAZING, but the photos itself I give it 60%, the flash is strong and the video recording is OK.
15- The camera is fast, starts fast and shoots fast and focuses fast, not very fast but toooo fast for a 1GHZ single core phone like this.
16- My biggest problem, I sent and recieved via bluetooth to and from my Wildfire S (bluetooth 4.0) very normal,
but i have tried that with Nokia 5800 (bluetooth 2.0) recieved ok but I can not send ok, the Nokia disonnects and recieves corrupted data.
17- The screen is very good, and no touch response problems untill now.
18- ICS is a bit different than older Android vensions you will have to spend some time to get used to it.
19- The GPS antenna is THE BEST, very very fast and very sensitive.
20- Generally the phone feels solid

well thats for the moment ...

  • karan

does the one V come with corning gorilla glass protection? wikipedia says yes it has corning gorilla glass, but it is not written in the gsmarena website. gsmarena website often mentions corning gorilla glass if the phone has it in its specifications column. here in one v's specifications it is not written.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-61288, 30 Jun 2012i like this phone very much... it's got cool features adn the in... moreno

  • MCR

AnonD-37637, 01 Jul 2012htc one v or Ace 2 or xperia sola ???go for One V! Sola has very poor battery and Ace 2 has very poor screen resolution

  • MCr

I'm so impressed with this phone! i accidentally bumped this phone into a steel and not even a single scratch! the aluminum unibody is great with the scratch resistant glass (not confirmed if gorilla glass though)

  • Terra

the display type of HTC ONE V is Super LCD2 ,Capacitive Touchscreen.

  • Lennon

Pratish Gupta, 28 Jun 2012htc one v internal memory Problem internal memory 0.95gb only... moreYou better read the manual first before complaining.

  • Anonymous

why the setting for beats audio been gone when i finish the system update? any one with the same problem?

  • AnonD-61362

With what does one v is different from one v primo?

  • sder

AnonD-37637, 01 Jul 2012htc one v or Ace 2 or xperia sola ???Better HTC one v....amazing..

  • AnonD-37637

htc one v or Ace 2 or xperia sola ???

  • Vny

jagram tanwar, 29 Jun 2012i wanna buy a htc one v mobile phone plg satisfy me in this cel... moreYa it has 4 gb internal memory but u can use 1 gb only and 512 mb ram also . .

  • lespaul

sujar, 28 Jun 2012ram is also only 365 where company issue of 512 ram. why is it s... morefew MB are for graphic cache, the rests are for system protected memory.

  • lespaul

aiz,,, 29 Jun 2012One v..its amazing performance. Phone..I am need to bu... moreproceed to manual dude.

  • rudolf lobo

It's really browsing...looks great...

  • AnonD-61288

i like this phone very much... it's got cool features adn the internet connection is fast. But I miss a front-facing camera and it could have a better proccesesor. I like the size because i thought it would be a small phone but it perfactly lies in the hand. :D

  • Anonymous

any user encounter the phonebook issue? most of the time i open my phonebook, it take me about 20 seconds before i can see my contact list.

  • Anonymous

how is the gaming performance of one v,id like to play 9mm,gangster rio,gta etc.

  • Goesoer

I have bought this HTC ONE V 3 weeks ago.
1. No yellowfish in screen (before I bought this phone already knew about the yellowfish problem)
2. Disappointed with the internal memory, not like they said 4gb. just 1gb. Ok I knew the apps & system will use the internal memory, but is to big. 3gb! and user just got 1gb :-(
3. Having trouble with Bluetooth transfer storage destination. I bought micro sd card (external memory) with 8gb cap. doesnt help either. always showing "insuficient storage card" :-(
4. The camera is nice. capturing photo while recording video. Burst shooting is one of my favorite feature. flash can be flashlight, ok ;-)
5. Slow in proceesing data, not good. Verry bad :-(( almost in multytasking case with internet
6. The interface HTC Sense UI 4.0, you do a good job. I'm loving it :-)
7. I think the screen is not 3.7 inch wide. Coz is different with my oldest Samsung galaxy ace screen 3.5 inch but more wider than HTC one V :-( I'm having difficulty while typing in portrait
8. Thinner, alluminium & anti scracth body excellent:-)
9. Anti scracth screen, great :-)
10. No file manager :-(( this phone I bought to assist me. why no file manager. ok download from google store, problem solved. but disappointed.

Before I bought this phone, I compare with Samsung Galaxy Wonder. One V got 4gb internal memory, Wonder just 1gb. OS Android One V got 4.0, Wonder 2.3. One V got thinner body. Has camera shoot while video recording feature like One X. Unibody.

So you know why I bought the One V. I'm sending this post from my One V