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  • AnonD-50130

AnonD-51521, 22 Apr 2012i m concerned abt screen and ram ...Screen awesome, definitely has a gorilla glass. Ram, fine 4 routine internet use, might be not up to Mark 4 he gaming. Depends on ur needs. I find no issues with my routine use.

  • Raj

I had bought this phone on 9 april. On 14th april its gonna totally dead. I tried a hard reset but nothing happened. then i moved to htc service centre, they checked my phone and find uncapable of solving the problem and made a due note and told that i will get a new phone. It was unable to repair.
Listen guys, one v has following problems-
1. Very much heating even with normal use
2. Low battery backup
3. Plastic screen easily get stained with fingers
4. Not impressive web browser
5. No beats audio on speakerphone, only headphone
6. Novailability of accessories in the market.

I am stucked with this phone, so please be aware of this and think 100 times b4 buying this phone.

  • AnonD-51521

i m concerned abt screen and ram ...

  • AnonD-1816

AnonD-51521, 21 Apr 2012can anyone suggest me .... I would like buy mobile around 1... moreI think You should go for One V, It is latest phone by HTC, comes with ics and pls compare the these two on gsm arena.

  • AnonD-51521

come on anyone tell me .. HTC desire s or HTC one v

  • AnonD-50130

AnonD-49638, 21 Apr 2012Today, I have tried the One V on my car's amplifier, the sa... moreI agree, with the bluetooth file transfer, any files from any devices would work, but this won't hold true for BT headset. I just inquired & they probably have released firmware to fix this. I am gonna going to visit the htc service center to fix up the issue. will let you guys be informed. think not a big deal, HTC will definitely rectify the issue with a firmware.

  • AnonD-50635

AnonD-51566, 21 Apr 2012Gorilla glassSource Pls....

  • Anonymous

friends im planning on buying this device.i heard that this device has issues with screen,bluetooth etc is it true??

  • terry

I just bought this phone & in the "storage" part of settings, it is showin that only .94 GB as total space under internal memory.. What happened to the rest of 3.06 GB of the total 4GB internal memory as promised????

  • AnonD-49638

Today, I have tried the One V on my car's amplifier, the same system I have used to run with my old Wildfire S.
The sound is -UNBELIEVABLE- really, the bass is VERY strong, the sound is GREAT.
But don't use the original music player, I have used PowerAmp and N7 player. Bith are great.

Everyday I love One V more and more..

  • AnonD-49638

AnonD-51566, 21 Apr 2012Struggling to connect other devises through bluetooth even ... moreMan this is a simple problem because of the BT chip, bluetooth 4, but I am sure they will fix this problem in the next firmware release.
I have the same problem, but I tried an app called "bluetooth file transfer" it have a blue/white icon, now I can send any file to phones which i couldn't sent files using normal bluetooth.
I don't know about BT headsets, but for other phones use this app and it will work like chaaaarm

  • AnonD-51566

AnonD-50635, 21 Apr 2012Someone pl. confirm does it has Glass?? or plastic display?... moreGorilla glass

  • AnonD-51566

Struggling to connect other devises through bluetooth even wen Bluetooth visible

And even I don't get silicon back pouch and screen guard ?????

Can any 1 help........

  • Kenneth

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2012I am having the same issue, nei v has abigger screen and do... moreThanks for getting back. But what abt the battery life? Can we replace the battery if it gives problem after 2 yrs. Or do we have to buy a new phone altogethr.

  • AnonD-36731

AnonD-51521, 21 Apr 2012can anyone suggest me .... I would like buy mobile around 1... moreI will sell you my car for 19k.

Do you believe all countries have the same currency or that everyone here is from the same country?

  • dharasukanta

good cool phone with this price tag. this is my fourth htc phone, i got every things perfect but a burn shadow on display, spl when ur screen is white background. can any body confirm the problem.

  • AnonD-51521

can anyone suggest me .... I would like buy mobile around 19k .. I'm stuck whether to buy HTC one v or HTC desire s .... Please i need immediate response ... Thanks in advance...

  • 420

can anybody suggest me .. I would like to buy mobile around 19k is it better to buy HTC one v or HTC desire s ... Please i need reply soon . Thanks in advance

  • AnonD-10697

How much Ram avaliable for the user ?

  • sak et

Nair, 21 Apr 2012Does this have PICASA integrtion ???yes it has picasa integration