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  • k

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2012how do i get the weather widget that used to work on sensat... moreGet it from android mkt

  • k

[deleted post]Use the compare facility on this site.Its under read opinions.

  • AnonD-4053

In ONE series, its only ONE V which has an expandable memory option ( micro SD slot ). That itself makes it a remarkable handset to have. But if some one needs a higher resolution bigger screen, higher processor and higher speed data transmission they have One S, XL and so on. But mind it higher specs drain battery faster. For me I believe One V is a serious business option if you intend to peacefully get a whole day of email, internet, Social networking and regular organizer functions. I will not opt for higher specs even if HTC decides to sell those handsets at competitive prices. One V is a best handset I believe. Good construction, sleek body, solid feel, expandable memory, good connectivity, good battery backup, beats audio, good speed and above all great feel of HTC Sense partnered with ICS 4. WOW, what a Phone......

  • k

kams, 20 Apr 2012Hi, may i know how long should charge for the 1st time ??Whole night.

  • Siddhartha

[deleted post]No doubts, HTC One V..

  • WehEwan

how about the sunlight legibility?.. is it good under direct sunlight?.. and audio quality?..

this one of my preference of buying the phone... :)

  • Nair

Does this have PICASA integrtion ???

  • AnonD-50635

Someone pl. confirm does it has Glass?? or plastic display?
Coz really couldn't find a source that it has gorilla Glass.
But One x has it so i suppose company would have the same in all one series..
Kindly reply.

  • Renise

I've got my One V few days ago, and notice that there are yellow tint above the back,home,recent app touch keys.

I was feeling kind of down because of it actually, thought that was me having this problem only. But other people encountering the same, someone went to have a one to one replacement, yet, still having this issue, hope HTC will improve soon.

  • AnonD-11904

kams, 20 Apr 2012Hi, may i know how long should charge for the 1st time ??As usual 8 hours time

  • Anonymous

marko_, 20 Apr 2012one v does not have gorilla does have asked htc about it on twitter and its gorilla glass :) thats why im getting this over galaxy w

  • AnonD-49638

aman, 20 Apr 2012Hey i have got my new htc one v. Can any1 tell me tat is i... moreThe phone stays for 24hrs with GPRS this is good, all the new phones consumes power very much.
The phone heats up this is normal, because the battery is very close to the back of the phone and the back itself is made of aluminum (thw whole body in fact) so it transferes heat fast, no problem I have the phone for about 2 weeks and it is perfect, heats a bit when playing or running many apps but it is ok, no problems. Don't worry about that....

  • AnonD-49638

pammy, 20 Apr 2012how to enable live wallpapers????? There is no way to get a live wallpaper command, but, install a new one and you will have an icon in the downloaded programs page, then you will be able to set it. I think is is a small bug that I am sure they will fix it soon with any new firmware release.

  • pammy

how to enable live wallpapers?????

  • AnonD-4053

Good Smart phone. Bought at USD 310 in Indonesia. But in Singapore it costs only USD 270 (cheap). Nice Screen, good colours, good camera, speedy performance and so nice feel of HTC Sensation. Battery life is good too. Feels solid and well built. Thank God its not another plastic toy from China. Its built in Taiwan and HTC has done a good job. Overall I would rate it at 8 out of 10.

  • satish121212

simply great

  • kamini

hey i bought this phone last Friday and very second day got a problem in my phone the display had some yellow line coming in middle and there was the same problem with 10 more pieces it is yakssssss sucks men horrible

  • kams

Hi, may i know how long should charge for the 1st time ??

  • marko_

one v does not have gorilla glass.

  • AnonD-50635

Why GSMarena has put compass in sensor list when this ONEv doesn't have it..

Kindly remove it, instead it has a G-sensor, a kind of accelero.. that's it..
o not live navigation i think.. due to lack of compass.