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  • Dolphin

yesterday i bought this phone, i was doubting between sola, s plus and this phone, finally i bought this one and im not regretful of my choice, it doesn't have any problem, i tested everything, the wifi problem (in some phones can be solved due to system update ), everything is cooool, especially tbe sound quality, due to beats audio! !

  • Anonymous

what is new in the latest software update for one v?

  • Anonymous

hey guys...pls help...
htc one v or xperia neo L..??
which one would u prefer..

  • Ashok

as per the reviews i read worst phone to buy : )

  • -.-

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2012is dis not at oll galaxy sWas that a question? More - was that an English? -.-

  • Rakesh Raj

D!nu, 06 Aug 2012Hey guys ... plz help me.. i need u r suggestions ..i'm planing ... moreit was good buy it not a problem

  • Anonymous

its a gud phone

  • AnonD-61753

D!nu, 06 Aug 2012Hey guys ... plz help me.. i need u r suggestions ..i'm planing ... morePlz don't spend ur money on purchasing crap.
It is too slow on web browsing,you can miss ur valuable incoming calls because it volume via inbuilt loudspeaker is very low unable to hear in crowded places.
Buy se xperia u or xperia sola with preinstalled ics and dual core processor

  • D!nu

Hey guys ... plz help me.. i need u r suggestions ..i'm planing to buy "HTC one V" on coming week end .. so plz tell me .. should i go for it or not .. is dat a nice phone to use & spend money around 19000

  • Anonymous

problems with widgets
clock widget doesnt work
very slow phone

  • saju

This is one of the greatest phone in market,browsing is super & wi fI performance also very good.

  • sai

I am in love with ma htc one v....awsme experience.

  • aji

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2012yes this mobile is great.but im using it for 2 months now.what i... moreits awsome!i bought it about 2 months its still good

  • Anonymous

is dis not at oll galaxy s

  • papi999

I had used 3-4 handsets of HTC, but this is the worst one, I had opted this for backup cell, but low in-call sound (specially in crowd), browsing is very slow and full of errors, stock browser is ok but with opera and uc browser its hanged a lot, weak signal reception, these are major issues with this phone, positives are good build quality, looks, camera, touch, screen clarity, HTC sense etc. But is fails to deliver prime use of a cell phone ie telephony and browsing. I am surprised htc can developed such kind of disaster.

  • Anonymous

yes this mobile is great.but im using it for 2 months now.what i hate about it is.poor signal n wifi connect..that make me sick.sometime i wanna throw it..

  • AnonD-64065

Dear friends,

This fone is great......,
It can run almost every HD games without lag.Installed shadow gun,temple run and more.everything works fine.Some folks here telling lie about it's speed and slow something like that.,It has qualcom snapdragon processor which is the fastest single core processor.It has 512MB RAM that can be viewed on hardware information tab under settings.But only 365-367MB is available to use.Because OS already loaded in primary memory(ICS 4.0.3)+gpu allocate the remaining memory.which cannot be reallocated.It is fast enough.i don't find any lag anywhere in gallery,pic,web,zooming etc.browsing is also fast..,

  • AnonD-61753

mickey, 04 Aug 2012which one is one is better, in terms of battery life,speed and d... moreI can say only about one v.
It is slowest and worst phone in the world

  • AnonD-61753

[deleted post]When I had bought one v I was too thinking so.
But u can't say this after one week

  • sidhu

no where is the class of the gprs/edge has been mentioned. probably they are the very poor and should be the reason why am getting very slow internet speeds.