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  • AGT

Without a doubt, the HTC Touch Diamond is a very attractive phone .. indeed beautiful. I live here in Taipei, and last week when my brother from the U.S. was visiting me, we examined, compared, and tried dozens & dozens of phones in several stores. We both agreed that the HTC Touch Diamond was the nicest phone we had seen. The store owner was kind enough to insert his own SIM card, switch the phone's language to English, and let us try the phone. The first thing we noticed is that the touch features did seem a bit slow, but not unbearably slow. A few minutes later, after familiarizing ourselves with the phone's functions and features, it seemed a lot better and a lot easier to use. The slight time-lag delay with the touch features was still there, but not really unacceptable since both of us didn't expect top-end, laptop-computer performance. We didn't get a chance to try the GPS, but that was one of the features my brother wanted to replace his Motorola. And I too figured the GPS feature might be a good excuse to upgrade from my Nokia N73. But upon re-examination, my brother decided the price of over $700 U.S. dollars was too expensive for the phone. And while I was very tempted to buy it, I too quickly realized that aside from its GPS, attractiveness, and ultra-slim & light-weight features, it couldn't do much more than my Nokia N73. And certainly not at that price! The N73 may be a bit on the heavy & bulky side compared to the Touch Diamond, but its stereo speakers are clearly superior. Cameras on both phones are 3.2 megapixel. And I prefer a removable memory card such as the N73 has. But if HTC lowers its price, or I wait long enough until prices come down, the Touch Diamond could be my next phone. Right now though I can easily live with my N73, especially with spare batteries costing just $10 dollars here.

  • Kimi

When is the new ROM going to be officialy released?

  • toolittletoolate

Good review on the Htc diamond on articlesbase.....­/htc-diamond-review-433509.html

Obviously not as in-depth as what you will find at the arena, but short and to the point.

  • Anonymous

war, 01 Jul 2008Its the best mobile i ever had!!!How is the sound quality? Loudness??

  • Anonymous

lesBleus, 01 Jul 2008does the touch screen really lag?, is it smooth as the iphone? p... moreI have this and an itouch (without the phone)

Screens are totally different... I like both but talking about a touch screen ofcourse Iphone is way better... With the diamond I use the pen alot and yes there is a lag but there is a new ROM that should fix it... I am waiting for HTC to release the official ROM...

  • gsmspore

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970May I know why you want to sell? You don't like this phone?

  • Tony

Can anyone tell me if you can forward emails and SMS and if so is it possible to forward SMS to email and email to SMS

  • Richard

Chris, 30 Jun 2008My question: is the htc diamond compatible with blackberry e-mai... moreyou might as well ask if planes can land in sunways. no phones except blackberry are compatible with blackberry pust email

  • Sayed Nasser

the phone is realy amazing but the battery is too baaaad

  • lesBleus

does the touch screen really lag?, is it smooth as the iphone? pls anyone

  • Amr

Hello every one,

Can anyone tell me which Rom is the right choice for the diamond OR & from where can we get it & to install it.....

Thanks A million

  • war

Its the best mobile i ever had!!!

  • matrix 23

have this phone for already 1 week.
The german version, rom 1.37.0000.
very satisfied with the phone, there is no lag until 3 second.
It is a really nice handy, the only thing miss is Tom Tom 7 not pre-installed with my phone, dont know about you guys have.

  • Anonymous

have been using this phone 4 a week noe and totally satisfied with at first i was mad with the touch screen then i got used to it and i found out mp3 sounds flat but i was able to find out that u shuld always put ot the audio booster b4 playing the mp3 after then u can put it so lucky my diamond is fast withot any tweak.i recommend this fone,it is sexy and complex

  • nick

twilight, 29 Jun 2008HTC is a great device designer and ODM They are NEW to selling ... moreno thats absolutely wrong, its network branding that often ruins phones.

always better sticking with what HTC want to run on their phones, plus you get the updates

  • Anonymous

had this phone for about, 5 days, and i am quite happy about it. the phone, at time lags for 1-3 secs this isnt a big matter, but gets pretty annoying when im trying to look for something quickly. the battery life is horrible, first day, after being fully charged my battery lasted about 15 hours. which is pretty brutal since i call very often. the signal is like all other pda-like phones. it isnt very good. but, the design is very nice, the applcations and functions are very useful. this phone, in my opinion is a good buy for people who dont mind spending a large sum of money on a good phone

  • Anonymous

to those looking to buy, htc gives a list of suppliers on their website to whom they sell directly.. .. i've gone through the uk suppliers, and insight, handtec, clove, and devicewire offer the best prices with a good return policy.. and some of those sites claim to have shipped in "grey imports" - i.e. the initial release in asia with the lag problems.. this was fixed before official shipping to europe from htc happened.. hope this helps somebody!

  • Anonymous

I don't know if anybody had this problem, but I tried to place the order on a couple of websites (eBay at first), but my order was canceled three times saying it's out of stock. I just called and they said it's in physical stock, but I'm hesitant...has anybody had this problem?

  • Chris

My question: is the htc diamond compatible with blackberry e-mail push?

  • Docho

Some information about new extended battery for Diamond:­d-battery/