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HTC Touch Diamond

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  • Pawan

according to this site this phone have secondary VGA camera but actually there is not any kind of secondary camera in HTC touch diamond... can anybdy tell if there is any secondary camera in anybody's phone...

  • Zahid Younis

Very good phone, using it since 6 months. GPS navigation is very useful, using it with IGO8. Camera is excellent.
The only problem is when someone gives you a miscall it does not go to standby automatically so eats up the batery untill it finishes. battery life is not good aswell.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2008This phone is so cool. I really wanted to get it. I looked ... moreThank you so much and I really agree. I went to the store to find it and I saw it. I don't recomend it either. Don't go out and buy it!!!!

  • Anonymous

This phone is so cool. I really wanted to get it. I looked for it all over and I found it here as a one of a kind. I saw it out of the store and it was really ugly and a pointless phone. Nothing about it was good and the link for this website was unseen. I don't recomend this phone.

  • Anonymous

can you use this in the philippines? and which is better? htc touch diamond or samsung omnia?

  • kimt

Rad, 18 Dec 2008Hey guys, I am considering to get this phone, however st... morequestions about battery life is true, very bad! I cannot use my phone and PDA for 12 hours in a medical setting without the battery going dead

  • AtroX

Fancy...but poor battery it worth the price? ;)

  • Cura

i would like to purchase htc touch diamond.. anyone can tell me what color are available? thanks

  • dr.prashant tanna

boo, 12 Dec 2008whenever i am on a call the phone automatically shuts off .... morejust repress the ON Button on the Top of the phone & it will glow till the call is on, it's like Laptop's battery saveing mode u can st the blank scree as per your time need

  • Mat

the screen is going blank in a call because you need the energy to make lot's of calls. maybe innovation it's to hard to understand for some brainiacs.

  • jayne

could som1 tell me about the pict from its camera? auto focus here? and how the battery life? thx u so much..

  • Hao

This phone is absolutely amazing. I've upgraded from a N95 everything on the Diamond is superior.

Battery Life: Battery life can be addressed by different version of Radio software. Right now, using, the phone can last 3 days without a recharge.

Standby mode: Accidental keypress is next to impossible. Phone goes on standby after a while (you can customise this). When it is on standby, the screen will go on blank and the keys become unresponsive. The only way to wake the phone up is to press the power button, which happens instantly.

Feel: The phone feels very solid. It sits in your hand very nicely. It is gender neutral. The phone is quite thin as well.

Speaker. The speaker is not weak. You can adjust the volume...

  • BaerMan

I have had the HTC Touch Pro (Verizon) for a week now and am very happy with it. The phone has OK battery life which can be improved by turning off functions not in use like wifi, GPS and Bluetooth. Reception on the Touch Pro is much better than my Treo 700w. Internet browsing with the Opera browser is fast and the features are good. The phone is highly configurable and flexible. I use the phone in a corporate environment and it works very well. The 5 row keyboard is easy to get used to and has a good feel.
My only complaint at this point is that the phone shows finger prints like no other. It’s a little annoying.

  • dude

Rad I highly recommend this phone it doesn't have brilliant speakers but the battery life is easily enough for 20 calls i am on mine now the opera internet browser is brilliant and quick. i dont think you will regret getting it.
hope this advice helps

  • the

I think this phone totally rocks except from the amount of memory and battery life.
anyone who likes high tec gadgets like me then this phone is perfect.

  • Anonymous

GScroll for HTC Diamond:

  • Rad

Hey guys,

I am considering to get this phone, however still need few inputs from you guys. I read on the review that this phone has few major flaws as follows :

1. Battery life too short
I would like to know if this phone could at least stand a day with average 20 calls (10 - 15 mins duration on average)? I am curious does the low battery life is caused by application running on the background? because from my experience using PDAs, you have to set the system to stop the application when you press the "x" button Furthermore, do you guys use wi-fi and bluetooth extensively?

2. Low speaker volume
How low is the speaker volume? Had this problem on my last PDA, got used to it after a while though. Hope it's not lower than previous PDAs

3. Accidental calls
Do those who make accidental calls locks their phone? Or is it just the phone failure?

Your advice will be really appreciated


  • Anonymous

Rahil, 16 Dec 2008Dear Boo Y din"t u liked the Phone are u trying to tell me u have no problem with the phone at all???what about the battery life and the screen going blank on a call that is just unacceptable 4 me

  • Rahil

boo, 15 Dec 2008thanks alot!!but seriously i think that is sooo stupid i me... moreDear Boo Y din"t u liked the Phone

  • Rahil

JULIAN, 13 Dec 2008I transformed a diamondshape back to a FLATchape back!! wit... morer u crazy or hav u lost it u actually flatend the the Diamond