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  • aussie

Rene, 12 May 2009i am impress with htc touch hd. however, just using it for less ... morehey Reme, ive been using it 2 weeks and i had the same problem. when u connect ur hd to the pc wifi option dissapeers, i mean u cant click on wifi. ive researched about it and just found that all u need to do is take off ur battery for 5 mins, and put it back on then it will work. it doesnt happen a lot and no one knows the reason yet. but i think its not a big issue. i still love my hd :)

  • Matt

Clayton, 11 May 2009Has anyone upgraded to new ROM version? I'm thinking on upgradin... moreIf you're wanting to flash the new ROM from the HTC website you should be fine.
I have flashed custom ones with ease I thought it would be more difficult. Just make sure nothing can possibly interrupt it in the process such as other programs on your PC

  • Rene

i am impress with htc touch hd. however, just using it for less than two months, and now the wifi does not work already. i am so dissapointed. been using htc products for a long time. did not expect this to happen.

  • Dexter Morgan

Mateo, 11 May 2009A short opinion on the phone: I've been so excited with Touch H... moreYou obviously have a faulty device like you say.. Your opinion is all based on your own device and your luck with it..

Mine works flawlessly and very fast..

- Haven't rebooted my phone for a week and half now.. Its always On and functioning great

- My Ram is being filled though but i have a cleaning application so no need to restart

- After new Roms and Radio; Battery last 2 - 3 days with continuous wifi and multimedia usage.

- 3 hrs of music consumes only 20 - 25% of battery while accepting calls as well.

- Start menu and program pops up instantly when touched

- Message application is great and fast and Keyboard can be Landscape too. (Official Keyboard, not the 3rd app, because they have awesome fullscreen landscape keyboards like "Spb keyboard")

- Phone ends instantly when end button is touched.

- I have fair reception which was impressing compared to other phones in closed areas.

- Stand by Time Display? That's not a problem and windows users never thought of is as an issue.

- Opera is just awesome in browsing and very very fast.. So i think there is a problem with your Data connection.

I can tell from the way you use your phone that you don't upgrade to the latest ROMs - cooked or official. I'm really happy with mine after upgrading.

You should consider Symbian otherwise. Features are less but will satisfy your multimedia and communication needs.

  • Mateo

A short opinion on the phone:
I've been so excited with Touch HD that I decided to pay Ģ100 for the phone on CPW upgrade ;( That was a mistake! But let's start from it's good side:

- Phone looks very nice, seems to be well made, robust
- Brilliant display!
- Comes with 8GB card
- Black touch flo, especially weather tab looks
- Good music player, great movie player (divix, xvids
when you find apropriate software,
- Briliant stylus, not bad keyboard,
- Plenty of good applications included and available.
- Loud ringtons

On the bad side:
- Unable to switch Bluetooth at all (phone just hangs
or waits for a minute and does nothing)
- Same thing happens occasionally with data
connection and WiFi.
- Even few hard resets and latest ROM update didn't
fix the issues
- Extremely slow internet connection if not on
WiFi (unusable on London overground train) -
doesn't even match Nokia 6500 slide!
- Extremely poor reception (unable to get reception
where three other different phones didn't have
issues with it at all)
- Slow response when closing call, delayed start of
- Lack of time display on standby
- Proper Windows! - You need to reboot regulary.
- Rubbish headset/headphones. Remote control allows
you only start or answer call and it's extremely
sensitive, so you constantly start calling someone
while walking with music and headset on. You have
no control over the headset at all!
- Slow initialization
- Unable to password protect file/folder.
- Lack of landscape keyboard, lack of LED flash.
- Chaotic messages menu

Overally I am very dissapointed wit Touch HD. Phone has been taken back to CPW as faulty, however they only confirmed the Bluetooth issue, and will be replaced with a new one (waiting 2 weeks already till they get a stock).
If it would work - I say a good or very good phone if someone has paitience for Windows and likes playing awith it and installing new apps but since it doesn't do it's main purpose - calling and data connecting - I say - rubbish! AVOID!

PS. Battery last 1,5 - 2 days on heavy use, and 3 days on just few calls and texts - not bad, neither brilliant.

  • Clayton

Has anyone upgraded to new ROM version? I'm thinking on upgrading mine, 'cause bluetooth conection is not that good.
Any risks for a noobie on doing that?

  • Dexter Morgan

azhar, 10 May 2009htc touch hd is a good pocket pc but they should serously think... moreWhat's the use if the HDD is not high speed The N95 8GB has horrible transfer rate.. At least its easy and very fast to transfer on the HD using USB as(Disk Drive) or by swapping cards.. and by the way it reads upto 32GB...

  • azhar

htc touch hd is a good pocket pc but they should serously think to add internal memory 8/16/32 GB like omnina,nokia n97 and iphone.then i think it will be no.1
cell phone in the world.

  • brynn

Anonymous, 08 May 2009Funny though that we don't hear anyone complaining about the off... morejust browsing the forums and really think your comment is a very important one,,its actually one of the best comments ive seen..Do most of us follow the hype or want to have the highest spec fone instead of sitting down and buying the device that suites our needs..I am guilty of that to some extent..Just simple examples are concern over MP ,,superfast downloads when most just use basic email and opera mini now and again..Why do some people go for the most spec and end up using a few of them specs in the real world..

A very good comment...

  • Dexter Morgan

Anthony, 09 May 2009where can i get the Need for Speed: Undercover?Here's a review of the game Need for Speed:­eed-speed-undercover-released-windows-mobile

I searched google for this:­der_cover.html

  • Saed102

Anonymous, 08 May 2009HTC isnīt serious. This cellphone is horrible. Donīt function.This is the silliest and most empty comment I've ever read on the web
This reflects its owner personality

  • Anonymous

Kinda disappointed with the web videos, especially on youtube. i don't know if there is any software out there that would give me crisp clear videos

  • Anthony

Dexter Morgan, 04 May 2009Check out Xtrakt, or Need for Speed: Undercoverwhere can i get the Need for Speed: Undercover?

  • Dexter Morgan

Anonymous, 08 May 2009HTC isnīt serious. This cellphone is horrible. Donīt function.Explain more, why is it horrible?

  • Anonymous

HTC isnīt serious. This cellphone is horrible. Donīt function.

  • Dexter Morgan

Hawkeye, 08 May 2009Hello Touch HD users, I need your help. Have just bought the ... moreTry installing the VGA version, any other versions won't work, and if necessary upgrade to 7..

Check this link:­=432410

  • Anonymous

mvc, 06 May 2009I bought the Touch HD in November 2008, after some frustration w... moreFunny though that we don't hear anyone complaining about the office documents viewer, email interface and most importantly the ease of use of this WinMo powered device compared to previous ones. Oh, stupid me, I didn't realise that you're not using this phone for what it is supposed to be used for. You're merely following the hype of buying any new cool phones available and comparing them with devices that offer different functions aimed at different segments of the market. Sorry.

  • Hawkeye

Hello Touch HD users, I need your help.

Have just bought the phone a couple of weeks ago (in Australia, by the way) and am really enjoying the functionality.

I have upgraded from the O2 XDA Orbit, and am trying to get my Tom Tom Navigator 6 working on the Touch HD. The display is not working properly. Do I need to update anything?? Obviously other people are using Tom Tom, are you using Navigator 6 or something else? Should I try and pull everything off the phone and try and re-load it? I need help with this as Tom Tom customer support haven't been helpfull.

Looking forward to your advice to get this working.


  • Anthony

drhils, 08 May 2009also having probs installing .NET on my touch HDyou have to install .net version 3.5 and that has to be installed on your PC with the phone connected with Active Sync.

  • Anthony

drhils, 08 May 2009thanks for the i,m having problems tra... moreOk if the version of the program is a .cab file just copy it any where on the phone (i would copy it to the memory card so I don’t have to download it again if i factory reset.) then find the file using file explorer on the phone and lunch it. And it will start to install. When it asks where to install, pick phone memory, if you don’t want it to stop working if you take out or switch your memory card.