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  • Anonymous

Come on, lay your hands of Marcos, let him live with his comfortable life in a world that NOKIA has conditioned "perfectly" for it's users. He is afraid of changes and he cannot accept the fact that NOKIA will and can be beaten by other companies. Just like all the other NOKIA worshippers. It's no use telling them. They're too thick to understand. They think what they want to think and say what they think without processing them so just let it pass, will you? :D

  • Rainman

Marcos, 23 Apr 2009Is there ... NO CAMERA FLASH??? WOW! It's year 2009!! It's ... moreMarcos,
Flash on a mobile phone camera means nothing. Flash on a compact digital camera "maybe" something. Flash (External) on my DSLR camera means everything! Please keep your Nokia with Flash, it may mean a lot to you!
Please don't use the time to judge the technology. It's 2009 and we still drink water... does it make sense?
From what I know, my DSLR (2009) can shoot nearly pitch black without flash and produce a better picture quality compared to my camera in 2006 with flash!

  • Marcos

Is there ... NO CAMERA FLASH??? WOW! It's year 2009!! It's an expensive Multimedia phone! I can't believe it. I Think my Nokia N95 8GB will be with me for a long time.

  • Anthony

Veonaini, 23 Apr 2009I have been using HTC Touch HD for more two months now and ... morecould you post the link to the cooked topaz ROM that you using on your HD?

  • rambo

would this sync with an imac?

  • Veonaini

I have been using HTC Touch HD for more two months now and I’m generally happy with it.

My previous phone is O2 Atom Life with Intel XScale® PXA 270 Processor at 624 MHz, it’s really fast. I don’t know why newer phones generally only have 528 MHz speed, you would expect newer phones to have faster specs. But anyway, the main weakness of O2 is that it hangs and freezes A LOT. Averagely, I have to reset the phone twice a day. The phone signal is also not the strongest.

I got Samsung Omnia i900 to replace O2 and immediately gave it to my husband after 3 days of use. He was using Nokia so didn’t really feel the difference, but for me the speed and touch screen sensitivity of Omnia is way below O2. I love the big screen, color, and design, but just can’t stand the less sensitive screen (although it has improved with the newly released official ROM).

Finally, I tried the HTC Touch HD, which has better speed and touch screen sensitivity, not the best, but acceptable. Undeniably, I think that currently, iphone has the best touch screen speed and sensitivity (I don’t own one, but have played around with my friend’s). However, I still decided to stick with Windows Mobile system as I use the Office application quite often and I like to be able to easily sync data with my computer. I also like the freedom to customize/tweak my phone according to my likes.

I use cooked ROM with the new contact list and dialer (Topaz/Rhodium based), which has better interface and features such as linking contacts to facebook friends. The Full QWERTY input is also better and easier to type.

My main usage of the phone is to make calls (of course), messaging, calendar, reading e-book, word and excel for inputting data, surfing the net when traveling. I don’t really use the music player, movie, stock, and email function.

Here are my experiences so far:
- System is quite stable. It has never hang/freeze so far. It also doesn’t lag. When I have too many programs opened or didn’t soft reset for days, then sometimes there might be 3 seconds or so delay when changing from one program to another. But the problem is usually solved when I soft reset or close all those opened programs.
- Touchscreen sensitivity and speed is good. Although it does take a while for first time touch-phone user to get the hang of how much pressure to use, gestures, etc.
- Text input is also great. As I mentioned I love the new full qwerty keyboard. It’s very easy to type and I make very little typing mistake.
- Quality of call and signal is good. It’s very clear, no noise/disturbance.
- The display is beautiful. Very nice and crisp color. It’s much better than Samsung Omnia’s display. I compared them side by side and Omnia’s display and color appeared to be more blurry type.
- Camera and video quality is just average, no flash. They are very plain. Not too many special features. You can take good quality picture/video under good lighting condition, but nothing too exciting.
- The speaker for music playing is just average. It’s probably not as good as Sony Ericson’s music-phone.
- Battery life is good. For average usage (making calls, texting) it can last around 3 days (this is with the cooked ROM) and I always turn off the data connection at night. I’ve read that with original ROM it could last up to 5 days (depending on usage of course).

Generally, I enjoy this phone and I highly recommend it to others.

  • Anonymous

people with this phone in the United States:
How useful is this phone without 3G?
What do you use for connectivity?

  • musen

Daniel, 21 Apr 2009To Anthony and Robby. "i'm not sure you even touch this ... morehi, dude,

how large the screen is your blackberry?

You pay when you want the large screen of HD, for sure the battery can not last as long as your former small blackberry.

The battery for some traditional cell phone could last more than 1 month. Why not shift back?

  • Billy

Has anyone ever experience the HTC HD, shut off automatically when the phone can't receive signal?
Is it normal?
I live in Canada, when I bring my phone to US, my phone shut off, then froze?
Anybody know why?

  • Dexter Morgan

Daniel, 21 Apr 2009To Anthony and Robby. "i'm not sure you even touch this ... moreObviously you're not into Cooked Roms or tweaking your device..
Battery life stays 2 - 3 days with wifi usage
Camera is updated to Diamond 2 now
Above 110 free memory for both ram and rom..
I respect your opinion but believe me, TouchFlo3D Never froze on my HD..

  • Anonymous

if ur thinking of getting this phone, dont bother!!! im on my third one of these, which is also going back and im changing it all together,it may look cute, but thats it, battery life is awful, kept cutting phone calls off, speaker sounded distorted when people eventually got through... basically stay well clear!

  • Anthony

Daniel, 21 Apr 2009To Anthony and Robby. "i'm not sure you even touch this ... moreIf you really have the phone go get the new ROM on HTC web site.
and I listen to music/movies using the jabra BT620s. I have had it for 2 years, its not the newest but it works and it works well.

  • Daniel

To Anthony and Robby.

"i'm not sure you even touch this device"
I use the HD for over a month now.

"I and many other people can see you did not even try a blue tooth headset with A2DP"
I tried different bluetooth headsets /after my first post, but not because your post Anthony/ but unfortunately most of them did not play the audio smoothly enough. Probably the connection was not good.

"sun legibility is not fantastic"
Just say it - It's terrible!

"The battery life of this phone is way better than most smart phones in its class"
I use the PDA everyday for:
Music playback
Wi-Fi + browsing

The battery last 2 days. If you think this is normal I "agree". My Blackberry Curve 8310 under the same usage lasts 5 to 7 days. My other PDA phones last 3 to 5 days. Of course those phones are in different classes.

"this phone is not for kids looking for the next flashy TOY."
I do not agree with you. It is for kids because it is big, flashy, poor-quality TOY!

And after a month with this PDA I actually made another two conclusions:
- The glossy finish starts to dull /I'am not sure that this is the correct word but English is not my native tongue/
-Win Mobile 6.1 and TouchFlo is a real piece of "art". It's too laggy and most of the time it's nerve-wrecking experience just to do simple tasks.

"but EVERYTHING ELSE is without any adversaire in mobile industry"
For you Robby this is probably true, but for the sake of reason you should realize that different people have different opinions and there is nothing wrong to share my opinion.

"without even taken the phone out of your “work bag” or in your case “diaper bag.”"
Read the text above and try to "Be polite and use common sense" - the second rule for this forum.

However my personal score is 6 out of 10.
Greetings to all and chill out. ;)

  • Dexter Morgan

XMAN, 18 Apr moreSpb Mobile Shell 3.0 just walked over Google phones like they were nothing.. Its just a plugin but made me disable the TouchFlo3D cause it was nothing compared to this, New experience, new interface, can't wait for the full version...
And people ask why we use Windows Mobiles.. CAUSE THEY RUULLLEEE!!!!!!

Check it out!

  • Dexter Morgan

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2009What/where is this upgrade to Dimaond 2 (Topaz) rom? ThanksEverything you need is here..

  • Anonymous

Dexter Morgan, 20 Apr 2009You can upgrade it to Dimaond 2 (Topaz) rom.. Camera is gre... moreWhat/where is this upgrade to Dimaond 2 (Topaz) rom?

  • Ali

Guys Hows the phone? I am just about to get it.. leme know if its worth it!!

  • Dexter Morgan

sayeed, 19 Apr 2009camera quality is too poor on indoor view... have no flash ... moreYou can upgrade it to Dimaond 2 (Topaz) rom.. Camera is great now.. After all camera in a phone is nothing without a software behind it.

  • Dexter Morgan

Imran, 19 Apr 2009Hi everybody I am using this fone. WM6.1. I need to know s... moreEverything you want to know is here:
and here:

  • sayeed

camera quality is too poor on indoor view... have no flash to.. so its a great problem other ways its a nice phone..