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  • Anonymous

Salrome, 08 Dec 2008Hello All, Any Body Have ROM of HTC Touch HD. My Windows Gets H... moreYou may want to disable Arabic until they come up with a patch. Easier way would be to just remove it if it continues to give you problems and just stick with English for the time being.

  • mohamed

I had a diamond befor and it was very bad and olso had omnia wich was beter but not good as my Iphone 3g now i'm planing to buy tuch hd beside my Iphone because It is the best wm in the market today and I think it is far beter than Sony x1

  • Anonymous

Salrome, 08 Dec 2008Hello All, Any Body Have ROM of HTC Touch HD. My Windows Gets H... moreHow do I perform a hard reset?
1. With the device turned off, press and hold the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons, then briefly press the POWER button.
2. Continue pressing the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons until you see this message on the screen:
Warning! Your device will be set back to factory default settings. Please ensure any additional installed programs and/or user data have been backed up before a hard reset is performed.
3. Release the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons, press the VOLUME UP button to perform the hard reset, or press any other button to cancel the reset.

  • sam

and above thm all ths cell is available in delhi its its price is oround rs50,000

  • Salrome

Hello All,
Any Body Have ROM of HTC Touch HD. My Windows Gets Hanged And Banged Due To Uninstallation of Arbaic Suite Software In The Start Up. As Windows Start, it hanges due to missing files of that software and Device is Completely unusable. Please some body can help with a ROM link.

  • Anonymous

Hi, Can anyone help me. My HTC HD is automatically go to internet sharing when the phone is connected to the computer without synchronizing the phone. Before there are 3 options to choose: Synchronize, Drive and Internet Share. How can I recall them back?

  • Payam

Dear All, I want u to help me about battery life of this Phone. Is it good or bad? ow many days it work with full charge ?(have some calls, sms ,WiFi )

Please help me Cause i'm between the HD and Xperia X1.... Thank u .

  • Marc

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970 Of course they have electrcity in asia, when it comes to mobile phones, they are ahead of us. Just recently, I was in Vancouver, and check on some of their stores (items came from asia). They have mobile phone with titanium casing and scratchless proof screens along all the bells & whitsles (its also an HD).
Can't afford though, its a wooping Can$2600 (2300 US approx). Probably few are only manufactured?.
No one will going to buy this item anyways.
You will be suprised what you can buy in an asian market.

  • PanNet

I've bought this device 3 weeks ago. After many tests I can say that is very good device. Finally HTC has made very good mobile. Of course there are cons and pros. For me one cons - there is no TV out port.

  • Shy Ted

HTC...Touch HD…touch my heart…set me free!!
So, upon ditching the SE-X1 and Android G1 after thorough, in-store tests, I put my money where my cake-hole existed and plumped for the Touch HD.
Have I been disappointed? I think not… but have ‘teamed it up’ with my dinky-funky-chunky-monkey ie Neonode N2 (see my review­php ). I use my HD for everyday, for its sublime screen and rich set of features, my Neo for its 60g weight and ability to look through a smaller but cuter ‘window’, both utilising my SIM and16gb micro SD (you need an adaptor as the N2 is Mini) – I get the best of both worlds - like my mate said 'you gotta Megaphone and a Microphone'!! tee-hee!
Back to the HD. Following my 2.8 year-old SPV M3100’s Word, Calendar et-al synching smoothly with my sexy Dell XPS M2010 (what a machine!) was a hard task, and I sorely miss the slideout keyboard for speed-of-light text input and the sidewheel for running down lists and clicking to use (I never used the D pad). But the delicious 3.8 inch screen is the ultimate winning feature, blowing the SE-X1 into third place and the Android G1 into second. If they had brought out a Touch HD Pro with a keyboard Ida beenin gadget heaven. I wrote to them and received a polite(!) reply saying they couldn’t possibly reveal such secrets to a poor mortal such as mesen, but as they make the SE-X1 and the Android, I feel it may be a strong possibility. In the meantime, we make do…
…with smooth’n’speedy Opera T’Internet, 5MP camera (I would have preferred a flash but it’s surprisingly good indoors), GPS (great when I am up a hill [if I get a signal!]), weather (wait ‘til it rains!), radio, and a MASSIVE screen that has so much going for it that the I-Phone pales. You have to experience the 3.8 screen to realise how much bigger and sweeter it is than other ‘3 and above’ offerings; play Teeter and it’s like being on a gin diet; you’ll lose a few days (once you get past level 27 it gets reeeally interesting).
Design-wise, I just love the sleek body, the quality feel (check out the speaker grills). Music and pics are great to flick through, the supplied headphones are good but my Sennheiser CX400 budphones work a dream. To cap it all I got a fantastic deal with Orange!
Good: Screen, design shape/feel/look, interface, features as eulogised, screen, 32gb max mem, sexier than sexy, ‘mymateswantit’ (careful how you read that one) factor, and perhaps the, er, screen.

Bad: Still would like a real keyboard – the extra bulk would be worth the speed of communication, as yet I am quicker with the stylus than my fingers – the madness of it is that the accelerometer will not switch the keyboard to landscape for texting. After downloading GSen software so that it did, I ditched it as the keys were still too small. Anybody know a way round this?
The volume bar switch on the side gets pressed as soon as you place the device inside its tight suedette bag, (but the bag is great for cleaning finger marks offa the screen).

Conclusion: The best fun you can hold in your hand (almost).

  • Anonymous

Raymond, 07 Dec 2008hey man,i think u have a problem,this phone is beter than iphone... moreThe Bluetooth on the HTC HD device is better than the one on the Iphone (That I know). I am not sure what else you use outlook for other then receiving and sendin emails which can be done very easily on the Iphone. I have both an Iphone and an older HTC device and both devices send and receive emails equally. If you use your fingers then typing is better on the Iphone.

I will keep my Iphone and buy the new HD once the updates are done.

  • Anonymous

Raymond, 07 Dec 2008hey man,i think u have a problem,this phone is beter than iphone... moreI agree with the bluetooth part which is bad on Apple's behalf to not allow bluetooth transfers. Apple needs to do something about that. As far as the HSBC login for stocks in their investment section of the website I know for sure it can't be done for the HSBC website in Hong-Kong if you are trading stocks. With Opera it won't even allow you in and will ask that you have an IE browser. I would post the picture here were one allowed to add attachements.

  • peter scargill

450 hours you must be joking. it looks like a remaker of the touch diamond which barely manages a single day. Orange in the uk have just withdrawn 1000 of them.

  • Raymond

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2008Perhaps you didn't read my post.. I have been buying these devic... morehey man,i think u have a problem,this phone is beter than iphone 3G,ya biger screen with beter touch,and i dont have problem with opra on HSBC , i have anything but iphone is never have bluetooth,many programs,i have camera beter than iphone,i have office,outlook,and unlock phone work with many operators. im win.

  • Raymond

yoyo, 06 Dec 2008i wish that it has those features : - led flash light for photo... moreprice is rise but not at this 3 month i think.about flsh light im sorry but fot 640 480 u can instal camera program and u can make video at dis size but only 15f/s

  • roomy

i have htc diamond and 3g i phone but i like htc i dont like i phone becose u cannot use the bluetooth to transfer data to your friend or u use the 3g plan but u cannot use the video call even u have the video call minits

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970I have the new 3G Iphone. If you just need it to listen to music, talk on the phone,send email,surf the net and use the applications that it came with then you will be happy with the Iphone.

The negative drawbacks with the 3G Iphone are the following:
1) You can't delete calls individually so if you are married or have a girlfriend you are pretty much screwed as you will have to clear your whole list everytime. That will raise eyebrows in your relationship.
2) You can't delete SMS messages individually either as all SMS messages that come in are placed under the same number or contact that they are listed so again you have to clear all messages instead of being able to delete them individually.
3) The other huge setback or problem on the Iphone is the fact that there is no copy/paste. Which is a major probblem for me as you can't do many things without the Copy/Paste feature. An example: If someone sent me a text message (SMS)in Chinese on my HTC device I can copy the message and paste it on Google's translate and have it translated into English but you couldn't do this on the Iphone which is a bummer.

If you don't mind the above 3 issues then you will like the new 3G Iphone. The above 3 are not a problem with the new HTC HD as you can delete everything individually or seperately which is how things should be in the first place on $800 device. The browser on the HTC fromk Opera is a big step up from the IE by Microsoft but is still not as good the Safari browser that comes with the 3G Iphone and most sites will take almost twice as long to load on the HD as they will on the Iphone. That will change though when Microsoft releases their new browser within the next month or so.

Both devices have their flaws (positives and negatives). Neither one of the two is perfect as of now.

  • arvin

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2008Perhaps you didn't read my post.. I have been buying these devic... moreagain IE is a crap. use opera.
i have experience the dramatic change back when i have my qyek9000(universal)
the chipset in hd is far powerful that what you have mention earlier other htc product.

i cannot argue more. its your experience not mine. i am also a long ago user of a WM device. and i know how to make my device reliable, fast and up to date.

  • Anonymous

Nonsense you, 05 Dec 2008Your so nonsense! Go to iphone 3g section and make proud of your... moreExplain what you find nonsense in my post. HTC just released an update for the lagging I had mentioned. What I posted was not nonsense but was what I saw while testing the device at the HTC shop here in Taipei. HTC sales team at the shop agreed with the problems I mentioned and said they would pass my comments to the software engineering department at HTC.

  • Anonymous

CC, 05 Dec 2008Not slow down anymore new fix just release from HTC site http://... moreThanks for the post. Some others here didn't believe me when I said it was slow. 3-5 seconds to respond between screen intervals. It was actually longer then 5 seconds from my testing. It was quite buggy and laggy when I tested it. Assuming they fixed the lagging part the only part left to fix is the IE browser which should most likely be released soon so why buy now when you can wait and get the new IE browser in your HD..