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  • Raffay

Hey will MySpace Videos work on HTC Touch Pro/HD ?

  • Sum1

65K screen????? everyone is in the 262K colours already. Nokia even has 16 million. Catch up!

  • Syed

Jav, 01 Dec 2008It is slow. Tried small video. It skips frames. Youtube is fin... moreIphone to my knowledge is just for passing your time, its got a good screen, excellent touch flo but a we are closing 2008, and still the thng can't support 3rd applications or should i say it is as flexible as a windows based phone. and the rom updaes and other application updates are readily and easily accessible if you compare it to the iphone. Its just that windows the os itself kills the fun out of the touch hd. If HTC were to develop a self os for their mobiles it (not based on windows but sumthing which is snappy and hi-fi) i am sure this phone would make it run real nice

  • CK

The G~, 03 Dec 2008Anybody who know knows Sony Ericsson Xperia 1 ("X1")? How would... moreXpedia is from HTC, it is almost the same as Diamond PRO. There is no comparison with Touch HD

  • Anonymous

nick, 03 Dec 2008hang on, so you're suggesting HTC lower the screen resolution. ... moreI liked the screen resolution and was not suggesting that they lower the resolution. You will though have to double click very often using Opera's browser if you are surfing the net just so you can read what is on that page. Without the double click so it can zoom in most of the content can be read.

I almost bought it but after seeing all these negatives I decided to hold back until they put the new IE browser in this HTC device before buying one and for those who can't wait Microsoft already said there will not be an upgrade option to upgrade to the new Browser.

  • Anonymous

arvin, 03 Dec 2008this are some issue you have to consider when you talk about the... moreIn my test both units used 3G sim cards and both had HSDPA connectivity. On both devices no background programs were running. Perhaps you can tell me what could have been running to have slowed the HTC device down?? I checked and nothing was running.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone knows about a compatible remote control for the touch HD ? but not bluetooth, thanks.

  • nick

Andy, 03 Dec 2008I am writing from Taipei. A few days ago they released this new ... morehang on, so you're suggesting HTC lower the screen resolution.

yeah you're nuts. go back to california.

  • The G~

Anybody who know knows Sony Ericsson Xperia 1 ("X1")?
How would you rate HTC Touch HD against Xperia?!

  • arvin

Andy, 03 Dec 2008I am writing from Taipei. A few days ago they released this new ... morethis are some issue you have to consider when you talk about the speed of internet(browser).

1. type of network connection you have. wifi, 3g, etc.
2. if the connection has a strong signal.
3. Internet explorer is crap. so why use it?
4. background program currently working.... admit it or not. lots of people doesn't know that other program are still running on the background thats why you experience logs, hangs and less responsive.

  • Andy

I am writing from Taipei. A few days ago they released this new HTC HD device here in Taipei. Having bought several of these new devices I didn't want to buy another one and be unhappy after with what I had bought I decided to test it at the shop before buying.

I was surprised that the device was a bit on the slow side. The browser from IE is no different then the browser that came on my HTC P3600i which doesn't say much. People here and there have raved about the new browser from Opera, well I have news for you as it took nearly twice as long to load apges on the browser using Opera s it did using my Iphone 3G. I tries out several website using both devices and each website took nearly twice as long to load using the HD.. I was not only surprised but unhappy as well. The Opera web browser also does not support HSBC'S website in Hong-Kong where as the Safari does. I am able to log on to HSBC'S website to check stocks and sell stocks where I am unable to to do using the IE or Opera.

Other features on the phone are nice but not as snappy as the Iphone 3G. the sound quality is nice and loud. Louder than the Iphone 3G on both speakerphone and earphone pieces but speakerphone is worse than the older HTC P3600i which is odd as we have a newer device with worse sound quality.

Screen on the other hand is great with clarity but you will find yourself having to zoom in on everything just to be able to see web content and mobile websites are too small to see and don't come out properly.

The device feels very sturdy and well built. Reception quality is average so don't expect anything better then what came out in the past. I found typing using my fingers to be better on the Iphone over the HTC HD device.

Those that want to buy this device I suggest waiting for an update from Microsoft for the new IE Browser or the new mobile update which should be out within a month or two.

  • SK2

I have checked the site, it say HTC Touch Pro but not Touch HD.

  • Anonymous

Okay, you can't compare this phone with the iPhone. The only thing that the iPhone has this thing beat is the UI. Unfortunately, the rest of the spec for iPhone is from 2003, not 2008. People sometimes forget that the iPhone had a lot of OS problems too. Yet people don't mention it or Apple does a really good job to bury the news. Serious smartphone users will not consider the iPhone because it does not have the functions that people want. You want a good looking phone, you get an iPhone. You want your phone to do everything accept wipe your a$$, you get this one. 3.8" touchscreen is amazing. It eliminates the whole WinMo needs a stylus concept. You can use your thumbs to control almost everything on this puppy. The price tag will not be any more expensive than the iPhone after you factor in 2 years of slave labor at an inflated price through AT&T. But you do get a true business phone with all the multimedia that you want. I am sure this will not land with a carrier in the US cuz of the hefty price, but thats okay. I don't think AT&T would want it anyways cuz it will be in direct competition with iPhone. Let people buy these phones unlocked cuz locked phones are so lame. Can't wait till a head to head between this and the N97 though. Symbian vs WinMo round one! Can't wait to get this either. This will be a sweet device.

  • Anonymous

I bought mine from UK ten days ago,very nice handset, the only ennoying missing feature is that it lacks a remote control headset compatible HD, so that when you listen music and play it you still can answer calls, htc has one but NOT compatible HD. does somebody knows a new remote control headset on the market COMPATIBLE with HD ? that would be really ennoying to use bluetooth headset for that !

  • arvin

Raymond, 02 Dec 2008hey dude im not kiding,see this link this cable is for touch pro... moreit doesn't prove any... its just a comment that hd has tv-out.

  • Anonymous

i have htc touch hd and i just got my legally unlock iphone 3g. love them both.

  • Raymond

Friend im not kidding,its true....touch HD have a TV-out­tv-out/

PLZ read the commnet of this site.if ont believe me X-(

  • Raymond

Arvin, 29 Nov 2008ohhhh? not kidding? you sure? please dont make false informatio... morehey dude im not kiding,see this link this cable is for touch pro but work on HD:­product_info&products_id=2460­tv-out/

  • yong

monamo, 01 Dec 2008Hi all friends I saw a clip in youtube,(HTC Touch HD Running Xp... moreIt is still in testing stage.

A guy in xda-developer get it work (still in beta) and release a .cab file not long ago.

  • Anonymous

Bad battery . I'm scare to use my phone Don't even think about buying this phone . You will be unhappy with the bad battery . It's drain so fast .