HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch HD

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  • l4m4_m4n

lewis: dude, Windows Mobile doesn't support more than 65K colors. And after all, more colors less battery life! Look at new Nokia, they have 16M colors but battery doesn't last for long!

  • jsthomson

Is the SD card slot HC or standard (32GB)?

  • cheese098

lewis, 02 Nov 2008does this really have a friggin 65k color screen? you gotta be k... moreWM 6.1 does NOT support more than 65k colors. so using a better screen would be pointless!

  • Meteor

Can't wait for GSMArena review!

  • Anonymous

Whats the point of a powerful machine if it died like a fly?

  • Litvak

Cant wait untill 6th of nov...

  • benson

I don't know whether or not I should be getting iPhone 3G or HTC Touch HD. I do know about the weaknesses of iPhone 3G such as no MMS, no Bluetooh, decent camera etc. For some reasons, I don't mind getting iPhone probably because of the user interface. Does anyone have any ideas about the price of this HTC Touch HD?


  • Dean

lewis, 02 Nov 2008does this really have a friggin 65k color screen? you gotta be k... moreDo you know what dithering is???

  • nick

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2008noob windows mobiles all only support 65k colour screen lol...omg who cares, at 800x480 it is still breaktaking

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970noob windows mobiles all only support 65k colour screen lol...

  • Anonymous

some ppl might be complainin sayin this has high SAR lvl (about 1.11 on a scale up to 2 above 2 and it usually cant be sold to consumers, lowest rated is lg chocolate 0.135 and highest 1.6 by motorola). however iphone 3g has a SAR lv of 1.38 and how many ppl r complaining about that?

  • loNeLy

that nVidia phone looks like it came from a dumpster.. plus its only a VERY VERY VERY concept phone. not even up for production or anyhting at all.. maybe a year or two before it gets seen.. this is coming out in about a week.

  • The G~

Looks really nice...but, what about the new Nvidia's phone? Isn't that a better phone?

  • Ed Chu

Why can't you have a keyboard? What's with all the touchy feely stuff....

  • Raghavan Santhanagop

When is the above phone with QWERTY keyboard likely to be released ? I am eagerly waiting for that. My dilemma is between that and X1.

  • lewis

does this really have a friggin 65k color screen? you gotta be kidding me... i was looking forward to the touch hd when I heard about the screen resolution but they've butchered it with the horrible color depth...

to anyone planning to watch videos on this thing, enjoy your banding...

  • Raymond

hi friends..any body knows is this phone work with microSDHC card 8 gigabyte??

  • LoNeLy

does anyone know if this phone will work on the talking networks for T-Mobile in USA? what about EDGE? i know the 3G isn't going to work right? i dont mind. i just want to know if the voice (talking) works in the USA?
i want this phone but since its exclusive for Orange, UK and them not making any other versions at all.. ever.. i need to know if this one works.. does anyone know?
GSM Arena has all the frequencys but i doubt thats right.
anyone play with it? any good? ive never used the HTC WinMo stuff or any WinMo..

  • Anonymous

I can bet that the battery life for this will be terrible.The battery power will obviously be drained by the huge 3.8 inch VGA resolution screen.Besides,it the amount of pixels is 480x800.That is very powerful and it would sure suck up that battery juice!