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  • g verzosa

my touch pro is from norway its set in norwegian language how can i reset it to enlish setting

  • Common sense

Raj, 08 Dec 2010The battery dies very fast. It gives me max 2 hours backup and t... moreThen replace your battery dude

  • Raj

The battery dies very fast. It gives me max 2 hours backup and takes 3 hours to charge the battery :-(

  • Cabbot

wrestler, 27 Nov 2010how long does the battery last? like really, usually specs are n... morethe factory battery lasts the longest, about 4 hours of talk time, 14 hours of standby time if you don't use it for a messenger. Text and MMS messaging takes a good amount of battery especially if the brightness is turned up on the screen. If I spend 3 hours texting (yeah, I know) I will use up any battery, even the double thickness one I bought online here:­Mobile-Extended/dp/B002SSBDU8 (by the way, those batteries suck). Yet still, the benefits outweigh the deficits and I am still glad I have and use this phone.

  • wrestler

how long does the battery last? like really, usually specs are not right, specs does not describe real life :D

  • Michael

sara, 21 Nov 2010i am considering this phone as a business phone, so i wanted to ... moreYes to both questions

  • wrestler

How is the battery?
is it possible, to install windows mobile 7 to this phone?

  • sara

i am considering this phone as a business phone, so i wanted to know if it has the option of downloading and uploading attachments to emails? And also if there's an editing option when using the office?
thank you very much!

  • Anonymous

Once I took off the Touchflo the device started working just fine with little lag. The device is reasonably reliable and easy to use. The Keyboard is one of the best out there I've had full Qwerty keyboards on most of my cellular phones. The display is bright and easy to read. Email works great, the camera is nice a take descent pictures. The phone is well built and has out lasted most of the other phones I've seen. Call quality is great. This is a great Productivity phone but not a gamer phone with all the bells and whistles like Android Phones and the iPhone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2010i have one but my touch screen doesnt work wht d... morethrow it in the trash lol

  • ritesh

cn sum 1 tell me hw or 4m whr shud i download android in my fone,u cn send me the link on

  • Joe

I ended up getting this phone I won on ebay from an auction. I am very happy with the device thus far. I enjoy the games i can play on it (with the community made ATI 3D drivers), I love the connectivity choices and the touch screen is more sensitive than my old pocket pc, which I thought the touch screen was great on that too. I like the design of the device and the diamond-esque prism backplate. I am using the branded AT&T Fuze version so it does not have the front facing camera and it has the bloatware. The 3.2 Megapixel camera takes great photos. The User Interface is nice, though it does take some getting used to. I always liked Windows Mobile as my previous touch screen device was also a windows mobile phone. HTC does enhance the phone better than just the stock Windows Mobile base apps. What I like about the OS though is how customizable it is and you can change and/or add software that you can make your device how you want it to function and behave. You can really make the personality of the device reflect you. Overall, I really like the device with its sleek look and the power of Windows Mobile. HTC makes great devices and this is an example of making a nerdy pocket pc look sexy.

  • thaix

Agreed. Just bought this phone on for $199 and install TAEL rom found on xda-developers. ROCKS!
I'm very happy, since I didn't want to renew a 2 year contract with T Mobile just to get a upgrade from my old Tmobile Dash phone. GPS works great with Google maps. You can get voice turn by turn navigation using the Bing Maps Navigation App which is similar to Google Navigate.

  • Ludi205GTI

I've had this phone for a couple of months.If you stay with original WM 6.1 it will be pretty boring,BUT if you change it to TAEL ROM it will be AWESOME phone.So if you are planing of buying phone like this you should start thinking of updating your ROM.YOU WON'T REGRET.The phone it's pretty good but tael makes it faster,better and louder,what was very strange for me.When I was talking with std ROM it was quet but now it's VERY loud.

  • freeq

so i have had this Phone for almost 2 years and had to replace 8 times this phone is a P.O.S seeing i get it when it came out and spent 500$ on the phone i had to replace 2 time in the 1st month of having it STAY WAY FROM THIS PHONE

  • Anonymous

i have one but my touch screen doesnt work wht do i do?

  • kenan

my phone is on danish does anyone know how to translate it into English. please help my email is

  • hammond22645

i have a htc touch pro i just got it is it normall for the keyboard not to work in a poor service area it seems the only time it works good is when i have real good phone service

  • joe

call your carrier and they will update the rom version for you .

  • Touch ProS

I would recommend TAEL ROM..

I don't see much problem with this phone, I'm a reseller mainly on touch pro, i bought used touch pro n upgrade to TAEL ROM, then resell at better value..

it's like you're owning a new phone bro.. with cool functions..