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  • AnonD-621510

Anonymous, 03 Apr 20173.5mm jack and stereo speakers are back, eh? Could be too l... moreNot sure about the 3.5mm jack. The render here doesn't show any.

  • AnonD-621510

sohail shafayat, 03 Apr 2017Small battery, front camera with tiny sensor. DisappointingWhere you see the battery capacity?

  • AnonD-113400

I have bought htc few years ago. Suddenly a dead pixel came out on my screen. I went to htc, they said no change or fix. It may be like this sometimes. We change it if more than three. Htc dead for me from that day. And now as we all seen htc dead..!! No trust to htc...

  • AnonD-86645

Love Htc

Small battery, front camera with tiny sensor. Disappointing

  • Anonymous

5.5" screen? No, thanks. Will wait for 5" Pixel 2.

  • Anonymous

3.5mm jack and stereo speakers are back, eh? Could be too late, nobody takes them seriously anymore. And if they don't start using bigger batteries and lower prices, nobody ever will.

  • AnonD-617820

The King of Android is back, this year flagship will be unreal, waiting for Asus to release their flagship as well

Htc made thinner models 7-8.2mm max, good battery.. Gorilla glass 4 already old.. For 2017 FLAGSHIP PHONE, put G. Glass5 and have saphire model also for 64 and 128 gb version.

  • Asghar

it must have a Infrared Port for controll home applinaces

  • Anonymous

My dream phone as of now

  • Anonymous

great phone waiting to upgrade my s7