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HTC Windows Phone 8X

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  • Jones

johnny, 30 Aug 2016I cant open my store it says I need a activation code how can I ... morecontact Microsoft live support center, chat live with an expert there and he will generate the code for you. just got my code yesterday

  • johnny

I cant open my store it says I need a activation code how can I do it

  • Anonymous

My phone have a problem and i am go in customer care they say that my is not made in india purchase at other country so we don't have solution

  • mr. excitement

It dont have a sd card slot - stupid

  • jose

ERIC GYANAH, 08 Aug 2016If I press *124#,*123# etc the feedback come in chinas language ... morethe same thing with mine too. please help us to change it


If I press *124#,*123# etc the feedback come in chinas language bat every thing is in English

  • Kery

AnonD-546890, 17 Jun 2016Am able to connect to de internet but anytime i click on the sto... morehelloo friend ...
could you please help me with this phone ...
I reset the phone and erase all the functions and applications ...
now I can not get in account.. or the ....
I can not install any app ...
it's a branded phone for USA Inc network ... model AT&T
is there a solution for this problem or do I have in service to carry him to put a new softver..a it is about 20e ...
I managed to get into the ... but only can open emails ----
now it is windows 8 on phone...
if you have a solution, write me at mail----
thank you very much

  • George

hellooo everyone
Is there someone with this model of phone that may be sign in any account and install any application ...

  • AnonD-546890

Am able to connect to de internet but anytime i click on the store they tell me cant connect to store right now try again or check data connection please need help my email

Jonny, 09 Jun 2016Hi friend.. It seems that there is no way to sign in the new or... moreHelo... I think is a problem regarding to Micro$oft and not only with the 8x but with every microsoft account... try to log with a computer and using any browser like firefox or try to create a new one.. you'll get an error everytime... i posted here, so lets just hope they fix their servers soon... ... the 8x already doesn't belong to HTC anymore... at least thats what an expert from HTC told on chat in the past ... that 8x and all windows phones out there no matter de producer passed to microsoft since the giant company keep the roms of the devices... best regards to you

  • AnonD-546890

Anytime i want to connect to store it tells me cant connect try later please can i get a help

  • Jonny

DenysSCP, 08 Jun 2016Hello people... It seems micro$oft is having "issues" with the a... moreHi friend..
It seems that there is no way to sign in the new or old account ...
What do you think it Htc make problem or microsoft ????
Did you know that this problem can be resolved any time soon...or we must to change the phone ????
many thanks

Hello people... It seems micro$oft is having "issues" with the accounts service... Anyway try creating a new account and associate it with your 8x to continue using it with apps.. At this moment there's a page on microsoft accounts login that says "your request cannot be completed. Microsoft account is having technical issues. Try again later" (i've translated from spanish) so .. hope they solve it soon . . . good luck with your 8x. Best regards

  • Lola

I have a similar problem..I deleted all accounts and reset I can not create a new account ... @ I can not even sign into the old one. .@ can not install any application.From yesterday does not work internet sharing,must visit, or dial 611 ... I called microsoft girls,they are really friendly but do not know about my problems anything. Is it possible that microsoft or htc blocked this version of phone..I am desperate..Can you please give me some help or direct me to where to look for..I have nerves for several days more and then 8x going to swim to the bottom river ..and I'm gonna buy a samsung 😂

  • miko

I am glad that you are healed...
Can someone help me.. I can not create a new Microsoft account (... @, and I can not install any says that can not connect and to try there anyone with similar problem and does anyone know a solution ????

Hello again.. To all those of you having network issues with your 8x or boot loops problems .. we have found a solution... posted here (thoug is in spanish­=418760&st=0&p=1651842&#entry1651842­) so i will translate since it is my solution I have had those issues too my 8x from t-mobile suddenly died and wakeup in an endless bootloop so we dessassemble the unit disconected the battery turnit on again and works BUT it has no service ... so what to do..? was simple... turn it off disconected te batery disconected all antena calbles.. the reconect battery and battery only! please follow this only batery then turn on with the phone turned on connect all antenas again .. you'll see magic! your network service will return.. if any doubt put the sim on and call.. it works with the phone dissassembled.. so now all you have to do is turn it off and ensemble the unit again. NOTES is very very hard to open this unit.. there are plenty of videos en youtube explainig the procedure it must be done very carefully avoiding damage to display .. in some cases the antenna might get broken if so calm down all you need to do is solder a thin copper or aluminion cable between the parts to connect al copper... if worked for you please post here.. it did for my HTC that keeps working perfectly you can turn it on and off asmany times as you want take the sim out etc.. it wont die ... Hope i have helped you... best regards

Hello everyone out there sorry not to answer before but i got sick got into surgery and a very long health recovery but here we are againg. The HTC Windows Phone 8x will not receive windows 10 update only windows 8.1 update 1 so far, also not getting firmware updates. To get 8.1 you need to register your microsoft account as a developer first its free then instal the windows developer preview app and the windows insider app. Windows Phone 8 has 3 updates known as GDR 1, 2 & 3 depending on your OS version you need that (upgradable with windows preview for developers app i mentioned) then it gets another 2 or 3 more little updates and finaly it says that is ready for windows 8.1 so go for it! important Back up all your data just in case nothing is lost except apps you'll need to install then again. When you get to 8.1 you'll need to register your account in the windows insider program and use the otehr app mentiones to get any update including windows 10 if someday it gets... With the update to windows 8.1.1 the cell changes completely for better so i recomended. Besides the apps are better too.. so good luck!

  • Paul

I accidentally drop my htc 8x to the water and still working, but the camera doesn't work. What should I do?


Anonymous, 22 May 2016HTC please release the update windows 10 for htc 8x .It's is now impossible because HTC already stop releasing windows phone.

  • Anonymous

HTC please release the update windows 10 for htc 8x .