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Huawei Mate 20 Pro

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Andysum, 05 Apr 2020Is it worth it to buy 2nd hand used of this phone for 2020? It c... moreSure, Mate 20 pro is still strong smartphone. Camera with amazing quality and specs are strong.

  • Andysum

Is it worth it to buy 2nd hand used of this phone for 2020? It cost around 350$ or just buy a midrange within the same price range? Lets say the phone has been used for atleast a year. any reply would be helpful.. thank you for answering..

  • Anonymous

mate 20 pro black edition is stunning !

Finally i got Android 10 with EMUI 10.00 update on my Huawei Mate 20 Pro (LYA-L29) Model.

Definitely the best smartphone I've ever had. Excellent camera, great design and quality battery.

  • Snapdragon

The size is fine, just use some kind of case to protect the edge. You won't regret getting this beast, I also used for P10 plus for 6 months or so, nothing that p10 had I miss in the m20p. Go git it.

Guys, how about the screen and the size of the phone? I have had P10 and was very happy with it untill I lost it. So, does anyone has any issues with the screen? I see it is rounded on the sides, is not it easier to crack it if you drop it by accident? How about the size as it is really big phone in comparison with my previous one? I really like this one, but still have some doubts or maybe some of you have any sugestions for a really good camera and battery life, good ios and too pricy? Thank you.

  • Jafta

Nomi, 31 Mar 2020Best machine ever used. Couldn't have said it better!

  • Nomi

Best machine ever used.

  • Jafta

how do you customize the clock face on the always-on display?

  • Tabrez

Pao, 08 Jan 2020I got my android 10 update, last 3 days in Kuwait, Yesterday I got android 10 update and amazing

  • Peter Ph

lasaa, 26 Mar 2020Guys, help me! I have lost my huawei p10, looking for a replacem... moreYou cant go wrong to choose mate 20 pro it has a great screen than the mate 30 pro it has 511 screen reso than 409 reso of the latter. I loved watching the 4k videos in my mate 20 pro. I love mate 20 pro ovel all, from battery to screen reso to fast 4g lte connection to almost everything. Camera is best too. I hope i help you decide. Thanks

Guys, help me! I have lost my huawei p10, looking for a replacement ASAP. Thinking of getting huawei mate 20 pro, but I am scared of google services ban that it is not going to be updated up to date. Any opinions or recomendations? I need really good camera, lots of capacity and battery, the best would be if price would be maximum £400.

Matt99, 26 Feb 2020Had this phone for over a year now (UK, ee) still on droid 9.1, ... moreHow dare you, I used this phone since 2018 December, it is so better than the note 9, the camera is so amazing, if you not satisfied go and see in dxomark

  • lionel75fr

this phone has a 3D laser depth sensors for face unlock.
So is compatible Google ARCore and all the game ....

  • auziey

i have some problems on my screen. it show green light at the edge of screen, then my screen colour become fade, please someone help sovle this problems.. ;(

  • Jayflight

Prices are up in the US again for this bad boy... Still hard to beat the beast in 2020...

  • Maverick

Chimmy, 16 Feb 2020Mate 20 pro or p30 pro?? Because they are almost the same except... morei switched to P30 Pro from Mate 20 pro, and right after the setup was finished the first thing i noticed was how inferior the display quality of P30 pro is to Mate 20 Pro, the difference is so hard to ignore. second thing was the mono sound on P30 pro. at this price point Huawei should have put a wqhd screen and stereo speakers on P30 Pro. since i use my androids for content consumption only i switched back to Mate 20 pro, the display and sound is a pure joy watching netflix/youtube at it. buy P30 pro if you love taking photos, otherwise Mate 20 Pro is better phone in every other aspect and is lot cheaper now than P30 Pro.

  • Maverick

Aya, 20 Feb 2020Hello guys I bought my Mate 20 pro last October from the UK an... moreAhlan Aya, you need to charge with provided cable and charger only to supercharge. no other cable would supercharge your Huawei phone. i had same problem when my cable lost, bought the orignal cable then everything went back to normal.

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