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  • Anony

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2018How u change it The battery is internal. Meaning you have to remove the outer casing of the phone and install a new battery to the motherboard. If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, you should take the phone to your local phone technician and pay a fee to have it replaced for you.

is this phone with burn screen issues?

  • Chandru

Downgrading is possible. Just flash Last factory image of Nougat build and then flash MM factory image. Be careful not to flash OTA package. Flash through Nexus tool kit. I have done both upgrading and dowbgrading without any issues.

  • anietie

Chandru, 08 Jan 2019Just brought a used 6p for 120$. Unlocked and flashed Pie. Back ... moreHow did you do this when we are told after the 8.1.0 update its impossible to downgrade

  • sherryafzal

i just bought a near-new nexus 6p here in karachi, pakistan.
unlocked the bootloader, flashed twrp, installed PIE and rooted with Magisk.
runs beautifully and smoothly.
this cell phone has a LOT of life in it. google should keep "officially" updating this phone.
it's a powerhouse, for a good price.

  • Chandru

Just brought a used 6p for 120$. Unlocked and flashed Pie. Back to Oreo then back to Nougat and back to MM. The beast runs smoothly on all four versions of Android. Good display good battery life and a premium phone.

  • Ejaz

RobertVoice, 06 May 2018It's an amazing phone. But sadly the Qualcom SD810 was the worst... morehi robert,
i am also facing the same bootloop issue on my nexus 6p and am not able to switch it on in working mode. please guide me how to fix my nexus 6p.
thanks & regards,

  • Anonymous

hi all
i have replaced motherboard of my 6p bcoz of bootloop its on 7.1 version.should i update it to 8.0 or not...i afraid after 8.0 it can create problems again.

  • mark z

pinann, 01 Dec 2018You give it to shop certified technician. After two years I have... moreThere's a good app to control and save some battery life. Also you can learn a little bit about battery life from that app. It's an AccuBattery, available at Google Play Store.

  • RandomGuy

Wombat, 15 Sep 2018Jeff, I also really like my 6P as well but after 2.5 years the b... moreThe phone eventually flashes the red LED for me too, but only if I get from a cold temperature to a warm temperature and try to turn it on.

  • RandomGuy

I've had the Nexus 6P since the end of summer. I bought it from a chap who was selling it unused on OfferUP for 80 dollars. It worked perfectly until it fell on the ground about 3 weeks ago. Now the battery cuts at 20% and the phone overheats. Also the OEM USB-C to USB-C charger cable failed on me.

Good telephone, but has only battery problem. And additionally I am very annoyed with button place, often I reset my phone by accidentally pressing power button.

Yvan, 22 Oct 2018In the specs for the Nexus 6 P it says that the battery is not r... moreYou give it to shop certified technician. After two years I have second battery. This phone has by my humble two causes of bad battery: 1.No defend against overcharging. 2. Overheating when running demanding applications ( like Waze ). This two causes make battery to degrade quickly. Against overcharging I use Charge Alarm set to 95% charge. But may be it has not effect. Aniway , not Google, not Huawei does not mention how to treat battery, in order to,prolong battery life.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018It is not correct. Battery in my nexus 6p was replaced about 5 m... moreHow u change it

Oops, I snapped the phone in half, any help?

  • Anonymous

Nickname, 01 Aug 2018One of the best phones i have ever had. Had it for 2 years, repl... moreHad problems with battery after 1,5 years of use. Now new battery and display unit chanced. For warranty. Splendid again!

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2018How is your working now?It's Working Fine But Not Much Fine,
When i purchase it, it gave 7 hour battery timing but now it's only giving 3-4 hour on wifi..
I think i need to change battery now..

  • Mak

For those of you who have troubles with this phone consider upgrading to pixel xl

  • Clintos

Yvan, 22 Oct 2018In the specs for the Nexus 6 P it says that the battery is not r... moreI replaced my nearly a year ago and the battery life is back to how it was when I bought it. There are loads of YouTube videos about this such as You need a bit of patience but it really isn't difficult.

  • Anonymous

Mark Bourne, 13 Aug 2018Yesterday, I Purchased Nexus 6p then Update oreo 8.1 ( aug Patch... moreHow is your working now?