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YUKI93, 29 Jul 2021Huawei never put an ultrawide selfie camera on their P and ... moreMate 40 Pro has ultra wide selfie what do you mean?

  • Rich watarious

Wow, this is the phone I am waiting for. Huawei has done justice to we the customers. Great phone very good pricing. Thank you Huawei. I know your Homony Os will start breaking grounds as soon as possible. Kudos!

  • ZeroGhost

Mizzy, 30 Jul 2021Ofc you, they and me can't be sure how many people in ... moreSr I am mate pro user don't like the p series especially the of to side camera.. Loved both the square bump of mate 20 pro and the 30+40 circle mid bump and hopefully we get centered one on mate 50 pro too

  • Anonymous

This phone it nice, i will be super. nice chipset,speed processors, crystal clear camera. fast charging

Without Google Services, Huawei has lost my support. And so has iPhone for being an American company that stole GMS away from Huawei.

5j3rul3, 31 Jul 2021P50 Pro Camera Spec Correction (based on Full Frame = 43mm,... moreOV64B -> 16mm counted

Anonymous, 28 Jul 202164 MP, f/3.5, (periscope telephoto), PDAF, OIS, 3.5x optica... moreYou can see my analysis when GSMARENA agree it appears in P50P comments. I uploaded the analysis in this chat few minutes ago

It seems like OV64B (1/1.54" by 1" = 16mm) or IMX600 monochrome (1/1.92" by 1" = 16mm, 1/1.73" by 1" = 18mm)

P50 Pro Camera Spec Correction (based on Full Frame = 43mm, 1" = 16mm):

13 mm:
OV13B10 (TBA)

23 mm:
IMX766 or OV50A (TBA)
1/1.56" (?? mm) or 1/1.54" (16mm)
*Crop to 27 mm = 1.17X zoom by default camera UI. If you want use full area of sensor, please use RAW. If use 27mm rather than 23mm, the sensor area will decreased from 1/1.54" to 1/1.88" or smaller)

26 mm:
IMX600 monochrome or OV64B
1/1.92" (16mm) or 1/1.74" (?? mm)
*This sensor will fusion the data of colour cmos even in monochrome mode

90 mm:
4K 60fps
*There's no 64MP output mode (except RAW or JPG-L?)

P50 Pro's camera spec are so complicated due to it's NDA (??), and the conflicts of exif data between DxO tested sample and the retail's.

If use DxOMark tested P50 Pro sample, P50 Pro use IMX700 as Main cam
If use retail P50 Pro sample, P50 Pro use OV50A or IMX766 as main cam

Maybe there's Dual version of CMOS like SAMSUNG Galaxy...IMX766 P50P and OV50A P50P?

There is no info about which version is the "P50 Pro" DxOMark tested, is IMX700 version or newer camera firmware (there's some one in weibo says the retail version and DxO tested version are same, and it also claimed the main camera of P50 Pro not useing OV50A nor IMX700, the source is highly trusted)

The P50 Pro now released to medias, they discovered the camera version may not same as DxOMark tested, so I HOPE GSMARENA USE DxOMark TESTED VERSION FOR THE REVIEWS.


Other rumors:

Honor Magic 3: 176L NAND (Micron?), 1.5GB/s sw, 10% lower latency, 70% better rr.

S895: LPDDR5X @ 4266 MHz

vivo iQOO 5 Pro: E5 OLED, Native 10Bit, 1~120Hz LTPO, 2K

ISOCELL 2.0 / Bright Max Super Sensing 108MP binning to 12MP, 9W1R+9W1G+9W1B, 1/1.52" (not suer 1" = 16 mm or 1" = 18mm)

SAMSUNG: Note is back (!?), GN1s is coming

HUAWEI: Mate βˆ†βˆ†

  • HD

huawei is the best

  • hmmm

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2021Why they didnt put their own 5G network on their Kirin SoCs... moreprob some restrictions US side imposed on them.
U look at Samsung as well.....they can't sell their phones with Exynos chipsets in US for some unknown reasons.
same likewise why Sony cannot make their own chipsets etc.

Unfair trade deal i guess.

Lovely Camera
Lovely chipset
Lovely Os
And the most important Lovely Price😍

Magical Huawei πŸ₯‡πŸ’ͺ😍πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘‘

  • Anonymous

Why they didnt put their own 5G network on their Kirin SoCs and selling them outside US?

  • ClausG76

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2021The telephoto may have lower focal length but it can head t... moreHow can they both be 1.6 qm when they are both 1/2" but not the same resolution.

  • Anonymous

No it is SD 888 4G on the official website.

  • Ahmad

Beast is coming

captain fokou, 30 Jul 2021I hope it will cost 900€ maybe even 850 since It doesn'... morePrice globally is 1k euro sadly cuz they don't have enough chips for the phone. Maybe if the kirin 9k stock runs out they will price it a bit less since they can buy tons of sd 888.but they will lose profit and gain profit XD.

Exactly, 29 Jul 2021Exactly, who needs the useless black & white camera?The monochrome isn't the regular B&W sensor u think. Monochrome has 3x more light than a regular Bayer sensor and 2.5x more with quad Bayer. Plus it can make contrast and dynamic range outstanding

  • jack

No 5g in such latest phone??

harwey, 30 Jul 2021Glad to see Huawei is back with their flagship,one of the b... moreOfc you, they and me can't be sure how many people in EU will buy Huawei phones... But I'm from Denmark in Scandinavia and for sure I will buy a phone without Google, but hope for a Mate 50 instead... Always Mate for me 🌞