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  • suro boy

Baltop, 09 Oct 2015Tested In Indonesia, Running wellWhere did You buy this phone in Indonesia ? Or You buy online from abroad. I realy love this phone. Now, I am user Huawei Ascend Mate for more than two years and never issues.

  • AnonD-393757

How do you compare the camera to Ultra.

  • AnonD-470839

A 32GB model has just been released. Saw it available for £329 on wondamobile so it is around £20 cheaper than the 64GB. Everything else are the same except the ROM. I wonder would admin add it to the specs?

  • Anonymous

I am user of Huawei P8lite, P8, P8max....Plite 2GB RAM NFC, P8 3GB NFC but Huawei forgot to add NFC chip in P8max ;) and 4GB RAM...

  • Anonymous

I am user of Huawei P8 and Huawei P8max....but Huawei forgot to add NFC chip in P8max ;) and 4GB RAM

  • miamiman

can someone tell me will this phone work in usa sorry 4 stupid ??

  • AnonD-372828

i am an ascend mate 7 and p8 max owner and i can say that both phones meet all expectations especially the p8 max with now with both phones on android 5.1.1 and double tap to wake on p8 max its a wow phone 2 day on heavy use with both phones better than any other phones

  • AnonD-428046

AnonD-447604, 10 Nov 2015Yes...bought this superb phablet to replaced my Xperia Ultra, af... moreObvious SEO farming is obvious... seriously, this guy even under-scores the keywords.

  • AnonD-447604

I'm also an owner of fantastic P8max.....bought via eBay/local seller and this seller has kindly to installed google_PlayStore for free since the device's app was in Chinese! I could register for Huawei_Gold Club privilege and download apps.....their music/video app was mainly in Chinese but you may find some Billboard hits and also responding via search category. Sounds was great in hd without activate equalizer, which only do better with bluetooth speaker. Big device for big sound.........unlike my previous Xperia Z Ultra! I just miss the smart finger_scan on this unlike Mate S model, but the free flip cover make it so practical & 'hides' the hugeness of P8max. I find myself rarely use gesture of knock_twice to wake up screen with this cover. Screen capture was also using the same trick and it's perfect everytime! Again, I'm highly recommend P8max though initially you may not liking the company name! Find more comments on YouTube!

  • AnonD-447604

Yes...bought this superb phablet to replaced my Xperia Ultra, after reading/watching its good reviews here and on YouTube! I'm a lover of 6"plus devices now...the smallest's my iPhone 6 Plus. Such good bargain buying @ eBay_local seller with free magnetic cover & free postage too! I braved myself of buying China_made device and frankly, I didn't even liking the name Huawei! Guess it sounds more nicer just like HTC or Lenovo.....but I didn't regret of buying! This device was a delight to hold,smooth running though you need times to get familiar. Quite similar with my previous Oppo_Find7...and this seller has installed Google PlayStore since its AppCenter was in Chinese! I strongly recommend P8 Max to whoever likes bigger devices!

  • AnonD-449577

i got the phone , the middle east version doesn't have flip cover , but the phone is so good , i love it's screen and performance , it's running well with games , doesn't get lag so far , i recommend that phone :)

  • AnonD-463580

I have huawei p8 max buyed. But I cant register on huawei app center, cant buy stuff on googleplay,.how fix this problem?

  • Vuz

I have huawei max in Shangai buyed. And has a problem with server region I cant registered on Huawei app center,cloud, I cant over google ply stuff buy. Who knows how I can taht problem fix?

  • AnonD-183089

really amazing phone the metal design quality & finishing is fantastic........ I recommend this phablet for heavy users as it has huge battery! well done Huawei :)

  • AnonD-449577

yea anyway i bought one online awhile ago , it should arrive soon , but i wanted the original case of Huawei :)

  • AnonD-312515

Holy shit that screen is huge, how can you even call it a phone at this point.

  • AnonD-428046

AnonD-449577, 04 Nov 2015does P8 max (701L) include huawei magntic cover? Not sure but my DAV-703L does.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-449577, 04 Nov 2015does P8 max (701L) include huawei magntic cover? in middle east, sorry to say but there is NO magnetic cover bought mine in extra store

  • AnonD-449577

does P8 max (701L) include huawei magntic cover?

  • AnonD-428046

4-months report/review from me - got it back in July at Wonda Mobile:­.html. I paid over £500 for it back then! The phone came unlocked but not rooted with Google Play, Gmail, Contact, Map and Calendar. I kept receiving all updates from Huawei.

The phone is still reasonably fast, not Note-5-fast, but good enough. With Android you have to get used to killing background apps regularly to keep it cool and smooth. I do not play 3D games with it often, but it handled WOT: Blitz well. Screen resolution is fine though you can see that it isn't 2K.

Its camera is the weakest link - I expect more from a mid-2015 premium device. Not impressive under low-light condition.

The metal body still looks new, the side bezel is not as smoothly finished as my iPhone 6S but it is far more scratch-resistance. I even dropped it several times on hardwood floor. The paint has come off a little inside the USB socket. The sim slot has become a little loose, but it still lines up perfectly with the body.

It is not my main phone so the 4000-something mAh battery lasts forever for me. Overall, it is still the best big smartphone or Z Ultra replacement. I may get the Mate 8 around Easter to replace it. Maybe not worth £500 but the current price is great.