Huawei's Q2 saved as patriotic Chinese boost local sales

Ivan, 06 August 2019

Since the US put Huawei on a blacklist back in May, the company has been struggling everywhere but in China, where combined with its sub brand Honor it captured 46.1% of the market.

Huawei has enjoyed a number 1 position in China for some time and according to a report by the WSJ local companies are going the extra mile to try and boost its sales during its current struggles.

One such company is Xinye Lubricating Oil based in Puyang, which is awarding a CNY 500 (€65) vouchers to any employee that switches from an iPhone to a Huawei device.

Huawei's Q2 bolstered by patriotic Chinese companies

Another is Days Hotel & Suites in Changsha that offers a reward of CNY 200 (€25) to any employee that is using a Huawei phone. It sees the US ban on Huawei as "an alert and resistance to the growing strength of China's innovation".

And while some companies have managed to find a way to restart their business with Huawei, its main focus has been on getting back its Android license, which would hopefully happen soon.



Reader comments

It's not a "request", it's a suggestion, and some countries (like the UK) have refused. China could also have suggested that NK and Pakistan and maybe a few African countries debt-burdened due to the Belt and Road ban Qualcomm but it would only make ...

Many Europeon countries banned Huawei 5G equipment on US request and banning US companies from doing business prevents Huawei from doing business worldwide so it can be considered a worldwide ban just think if China suddenly bans US from using someth...

Of course, because in the US there's always major dissent, while China is an oligarchy and easily slides towards fascism, in fact many actions by the current Xi reign are already widely interpreted as fascism, and note that Xi is no longer restricted...

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