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Innostream INNO 90

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  • MFH

I bought this phone when it first came out in Malaysia (January 2004) for a price tag of RM2000 ($560+) and i was really satisfied with it. It has cool features but no voice recording for the video shoot. Well Malaysia mobile operator (Maxis to Celcom) has cool downloadables for Innostream phones that i found it interesting. Games, sound movies, ringtones..etc.. So i found this phone thrill-packed and a head turner untill now. The design is nice, and the colours is a dream. And i do have some problems like y'all do about the phone shutting down by itself, a hang but i doesnt happen to me often.

I found this phone quite good and quite satisfying. I give it an 7.8/10

  • MFH


The loop thing didnt actually happen to me but the phone did stop responding when i accedently put on an animated screensaver/wallpaper of a nokia version and it totally stopped responding. So i brought it back to the seller (this was after 3 months of purchase) and i got the whole inner body exchanged for free! Because mine is still under warranty.
So for free or just minimal payment of maybe $10-+, send it back for repair to the place you bought it and have the warranty ready.

Hope this helps-
Farhat of Malaysia

  • MFH

To danni:

Have you read the manual? Or know some basics on the phone? The INNO90 records videos WITHOUT sound...its soundless video recording. I have the INNO90 and i know that sucks but you wont actually need videos coz it takes alot of space.

Well hope this REALLY helps..

Aniways, Have a happy new year. 2K5!!

  • ramon eduardo

hola buenos dias solo una consulta tengo un celular de innostream modelo inno90 pero tengo daņado el flex y la carcasa para ver si me la pueden conseguir grasias

  • danni

Can someone please help me!!! I got this phone yesterday and it's great but when i play back a video that i've taken it plays with no sound? is it broke or do i need to do something?
please help thanks

  • Djuric Richardson

it is to hared to connect to the enternet

  • kevin

i had the inno 90 for a while... it was a great phone while it lasted. yes, you could only use one downloadable ringtone. i don't remember how but i think i fixed the picture conversion problem because i have some jpegs on my computer that were from my phone. anyway, the phone broke after i had it for like 3 months... i just froze all of a sudden and so i turned it off. Only to find out that it kept on restarting by itself and froze again. So i decided to take the battery out and put it back in. After I turned it back on the same loop happened again. I thought it was just temporary but it wasn't. I wasted about $300 for the phone to have for 3 months, and i didn't feel like finding someone or someplace to repair it. However now i've come to my senses. I can still sell it or something... anyone know who can repair it for a minimal cost? Cuz it's not worth it to repair it and then sell it for almost the same amount. thanks.

  • savita sahadeo

i bought my phone from the US to use in trinidad but the reception is very poor and even i get reception calling is a problem it take a long while to get through so please can u help?

  • jason

I just purchased the inno 90 off ebay and and am pretty happy with it. I am having one problem with it which is kinda a big one. I use suncom unplan and on the main display of the phone when Im in the free zone it puts it on the display as a text feild. When ever the free status is up i am unable to dial a number. It starts to over wright the free text and wont dial the number. If i turn the phone off and back on I can dial a number but i have a very short window to do so. Has anyone experienced this or know how to lock the main display so that when I try to dial a number it will dial?

  • hana

actually this fone is good but i have a problem that tons composing.plz help me about this i shall be very thankful to u.ok bye

  • Lisa

i got the inno 90 last week. i have t-mobile and signed up for t-zones. i cannot get it to work. the people at t-mobile are no help. if you know how to use the t-zones can you e-mail me so i can use it. thanks Lisa

  • steve

whats innostreams customer care address if the phone is damaged

  • James

HELP! I have an Inno 55 which uses the same software as the other Innostreams. Well my phone completely shut off, and it wouldn't turn back one...well the next day it did turn back on but no it has no service. It keeps on searching for networks. I have tried to fix it manually and automatically and it still does not find any networks. I have even tried the code * 741*737381# it will reset the phone but wont do anything. I need help PLEASE

  • chris

what aload of plop had it a week so crap i gave it to my mum its a girly phone have now bought sharp gx25 so much better. all you people out there buy either nokia or sharp.

  • suga n spice

innostream is a good phone. Better than the nokia 2100 ofcourse. Has a lot of cool features and all.

  • Elasti Girl

I think that the inno 90 is a great and beautiful phone. The first time i saw it, it was being advertised in the newspaper. It was at a good price so i decided to cop that shit. I like it best of all because it ofcourse a camera phone and the outer light changes colors. I love a phone with changing colors. And what made me want the phone even more was that it was only for $199,00.

  • minesh amin

this phone was the SHIT when i got it with its lights and options but let me say the novelty of it has worn off. I hate this phone. I cant count the number of times that i have been on the phone and it shut off...completely i turn it on and i have to wait like 3 minutes for the faukin phonebook to initialize. Sometimes when i close the phone, the outside light stops changing colors and freezes, so then i open the phone and the whole thing is i have to take off the battery and put it back on...The worst thing is that I had a shitload of pictures of hot chicks and all kinds of places on it and i had also loaded my own background pics etc, and it shut off again. As usual i turned it back on and waited 3 minutes to find out that all the pics wallpapers and everything else had been wiped out...gone! just like that...shiet even the preloaded animations for the backgroud, sample movies etc were gone...only thing not gone was my phonebook which is saved to my sim card...whatever this phone fuckin sucks. maybe mines defective i dunno...but for people who dont know, its useable in the USA on the cingular service...thats what i have...its actually usable anywhere in the world as long as your service has a sim chip that you put in the phone...remove the battery of your current phone and youll know if you have one

  • ping

ey i bounght innostream 55 and im w/tmobile .i u know wer i can download free ringing tones online?iwent to a lot of sites but everytime i send the tones or try to download it thru my fone or pc it says gateway error on my fone..meaning my fone only picks wap wer can i get tones?bout data cables?wer do i get it?how much ?tnx

  • Anonymous

how is it

  • Pan Kai Ruen

Very nice!But I think is too expensive...