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Innostream INNO 90

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  • Spencer

Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could please help me out i am trying to convert a .HGF File To a jpg or someother kind of picture file please email me if u can help thx

  • Lisa Judd

Dear sir/madam
I purchased as innostream 90 mobile phone and am very happy with the purchase, however I would like to ask if there are available spare partsa that can be bought to replacedamaged components? |The damaged componenet is the subscreen on the lid of the phone. Please could you get back top me and give details as to how this repair can be done or purchase of new screen.
yours sincerely
Lisa Judd

  • mo

anyone know where i can send inno 50 for repair in singapore?

  • Raggy

I need to know how to use the data cable and software to downloan photos, mp3 ring tones wallpapers etc. Anyone knows of any web sites where I can get these.


  • Stardust

The inno 90 PC SYC is yet another worst program I have yet seen.
I couldn't see the photomanager on the PS SYC of inno 90. Need help.

  • Stardust

Men, inno 90 is a cool piss ant. This phone drives me nuts.fine to certain extent but real nut case in some. My Win xp can't read the photo.HGF file. the muosic I uploded to the phone is not as loud as the default ring tones. I can't WAP connection here on Taiwan. The phone should be factory configured to distribute and configure certain futures at the press of a button as desired by the user. Now, the big problem keeping awake longer than necessary is that th PC SYC has little features and are'nt helpfull and keeps me longer glued to the screen without much achievement. The fricking Koreans that desigened this phone should think again. I just wish I can throw this phone away for all the hurts I keep getting from it, but I can't. I'm stuck as it is.

  • sam

i want to convert .HGF to .jpg or .jpeg
plz, contact me at this email

thank you very much

  • AK

i'm goin to buy a flip phone..n i found out bout this phone(inno90).i wanna buy it but is it really can donwload one tones to b the ringing tone?plz give me some opinion..PLZ...

  • Julio

I got this really cool phone but it's begining to piss me off, I can't get my wap too work. Can't send or recieved video's. And the signal is very poor, compare to my friend's Samsung 715. I hate it when i'm on the phone with someone and I get a text message, it doesn't beep to indicate incoming message, it blares out the whole tune. How do I make this phone what it is suppose to be an awesome phone? Help needed. BAD............


it is the same as daewoo dw930!

  • Anonymous

nice phone


this phone is better than the inno 55, it may not look as pretty, but it has the same features, and the speaker phone works!!

  • Borisade Lanre

It is a mavellous phone. I saw the phone through browsing and became fascinated. I was not disappointed when i got someone to bring one in for me in Nigeria from U.S.A. But occationally, it does not respond to commands untill it brings out a wait information as if re-booting. Is it ok working this way?

  • adela garcia

i need a battery for my inno 90, can i purchase one with you

  • farid

how to set my GPRS?? and also my MMS

  • David

Hey, so does anyone know if there's a way for multiple downloaded ringtones can be used for Groups?

  • Hybrid

===== kira =======

or Check this out....­-ringtones/2004/05/innostream.html

  • Hybrid

kira, spend a few bucks and buy Innostream Inno-89/ 90/ 99 Data Cable like here--->

and transfer over a million of ringtones using your R-DATA-INNO-PC-SYNC software.

  • kira

i love this phone it is beautiful and best of all its unique... but it is soooo unique that my company doesnt provide internet for it... but its no biggie.... but what is big that i cant download ringtones.. anyone know how and from where to download them ringtones? but here is the catch... for free

  • rickson

@ U.S. User
I had exactly the same (well known)problem, they replaced it, sent me a totally new one. Now everything works fine. rick