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  • U.S. User

ok, i've been complaining about my phone since the day i got it because i would have problems with incoming and outgoing calls. the problem is just like everyone elses' here, the other person cannot hear us on the 1st call, we then have to waste our minutes and call back. i contacted about this, they had me send in my phone, they tested it, flashed it and returned it to me. i thought everything was fixed but i was wrong. i contacted them again and said they didnt fix the now they said they'll replace my phone. we'll see how that turns out....

  • David

I just recently purchased this phone and I'm fairly happy with it. The picture quality is fairly good, although the downside is there is no flash for taking pictures at night (I guess that's for the real digital cameras). Camcorder and voice recorder (which you can set as a ringtone) are pretty cool as well.
The battery on this phone is fairly short, I recharge it every night. The backgrounds are cool, although I noticed that when different sites reviewed the phone they had different backgrounds. I suppose each phone may be loaded differently. Once you figure out your network connections, SMS, MMS and WAP work fine (I have T-mobile). Typing a SMS though is a bit more tedious than when I had my Samsung SGH V205 - it's slower when typing a text.
My biggest gripe with the phone is the ringtones. It comes with 57, some are pretty cool, but there are too many orchestra/symphony ones...unnecessary. But the biggest problem I have is that whenever you download a ringtone and want to add it to the list of Ring Melodies, you can ONLY ADD ONE - and it sets it as default. Meaning only one downloaded ringtone can be used as a ringer. I have a HUGE PROBLEM with that. Does anyone know of a fix for this? I'm probably going to buy the data link with PC Sync, but is there an update in that software to fix this problem? It really sucks that only one downloaded ringtone can be used. It defeats the purpose of downloading. My V205 allowed for all downloads to be used, how come this doesn't? Please help if you know.

  • flangelz

I just got my inno90 a week ago, and i have problem using the camera...when i take the pix during the day, it is too bright, and if i take the pix at night time, then it is too dark...sometimes it even flash a black screen then back to you guys know y? is there any function to adjust it so it wont be too bright o dark? when i take the pix , i did try to do the setup, but it still to bright during the day time...plzzzzzzz help me..thx a lot

  • Chuntek

How to convert HGF to JPG??? Thx.... coz i can't view the picture.. same problems

  • mauricio cordoba

the nro. one for all

  • lazaros

Stupid programm.When using the programm that connects the phone to a PC doesn't give u access to the phone catalogue.Is there any other software?

  • chobi

I transfer photo from mobile to PC. that photo file format is hgf. then I can't look my photo on PC. PLS,tell me how can i tranfer or change file format to other file format such as jpeg. and how to download mp3 ringtone with my PC-syn?

  • tai

I send photo from mobile to PC. that photo file format is hgf. then I can't look my photo on PC. PLS...SSS tell me how can i tranfer or change file format to other file format such as jpeg.

  • keith jones

can some one help me get on the wap on o2 pay as you go,ive been trying to get into with no joy.

  • rickson

Hi, is it possible to manage and organise my phonebook/adressbook with any software on the PC? I have PC-Sync, but it only works with ringtones and pictures. Thanks.

  • june

how many ringtone can download and save in inno 90?also mp3 ringtone?how to download my handphone ringtones?

  • Smallz

hey i just got my innostream 90.... i was wondering on how other phones when they recieve text messageing that has a webisite on it there is a button in the options that says "go tO Site" but on the inno 90 it doesnt..... and also how do i use the picture called ID cuz i did but it says the picute is too big...?

  • Tony

Hello, I have a inno90 mobile phone.

I find a problem that the image file ext
hgf is unreadable in xp windows. Do you
have any image converter can change it
to jpg file.

I try many time in yahoo to search the
download program but it is not success

please e-mail the attached files to me as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for you help.


My e-mail is

  • jay

can someone help me i bought a data cable for download a ringtone to my inno90, i installed my Pcsync,but i tried to convert mp3 to my phone i tried to press connected on the uper right conner it said check your phone connection. i did check my connection it still got the same message need help!!!(^(00)^)

  • Eric Khor

Dear YJ,
I'm currently using INNO90, like u said,downloaded ringtones cannot be assigned to the caller groups. Is there anyway we can do it ? i mean any newer PC sync software or anything like that??...

  • shaina

I am have so many problems with my innostream phone. I cannot get logged onto the internet. I cannot save my phonebook to my phone instead of my sim card and on and on. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Sue

Hi, I'm in the UK, I have recently bought an Inno90, but was having trouble activating the mms, (i'm with T-Mobile)I found the following information and it works, so I thought I'd pass it on

go to the settings section and rename one of those other connection profiles to "t-mobile" - hit edit and input the following:

-homepage: whatever you want ( is the default for t-zones)
-connection type: continuous
-connection options: none
-bearer: gprs
-access point name:
-ip address:
-server login: leave this blank

mms settings:

-message centre:
-connection profile: t-mobile

  • andrew

thanks hybrid.. but I cant open the pic when save it coz it show is a .hgf format, not .jpg format.. any idea? thanks..

  • hybrid


if you have cable and pc sync, your problem is very easy...

Just click photomanager in the pc sync, and click photo from phone to pc, or pc to phone.

likewise, try click help in your pc sync.

  • Andrew

Hi, anyone know how to download the pic from phone to pc... Thanks!