Introducing time-saver reviews

GSMArena team, 10 March, 2016.

The time-saver review format

Today we're introducing a new take on our detailed, long-form articles. These are the time-saver editions of some of our most popular reviews.

The goal with those is to bring you the gist of our full-length reviews without getting into too many technical details. But these are not just summaries of our test findings or abridged versions of the full reviews.

1) For the first time in the history of, we would be scoring the phone's performance in several key departments. It would hopefully make it easier for our readers who are less technically inclined to see how good a phone is with a quick glance. We've tried to be as fair as possible but we're sure many of you might not agree, so consider these scores to be our own opinion and don't be too hard on us if you don't agree with us.

2) Another first is the introduction of the Percentile rank, which is a more advanced feature targeted to phone addicts who love their numbers. Tapping into the immense database of devices and test scores, which we've accumulated over the years, we are now able to provide you with the precise percentile rank of some of the key specs we list for each device. It would hopefully make it easier to see how a particular feature ranks in comparison to what the other recent phones offer.

Currently, the percentile ranks include weight, thickness, screen size and resolution, battery capacity and battery endurance rating, as well as benchmark performance. You can read more about them here.

3) An important point worth making is that these time-saver reviews will not replace our regular reviews - they are complementary articles with a slightly different goal in mind. That said, they are not dumbed-down in any way; their conclusions are still backed up by the same countless man-hours of prodding and testing as our full-fledged reviews.

Enough said, here's the first batch of time-saver reviews that we have ready for you. Consider these the demo versions. Their future, as well as their looks and formatting, would largely depend on your feedback.

Let us know in the comments section how you feel about them:
- Do you find them too short or too long?
- Do you understand the percentile ranks and their visualizations?
- Do you like this format better than the regular multi-page reviews?
- How do you feel about our scores and do you find them meaningful?