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  • Ronny

OK, i know couple of idiots here asking dumb questions without reading any reviews or specifications of this phone. Please don't embarrass your nation with your stupidity and ignorance. (Yeah, i know where most you guys are from. It's pretty obvious!)

Firstly, don't compare this phone with high end expensive smartphones like Galaxy note 5. Vibe P1 is a simple smartphone that does the job but with unbelievable battery life and lightweight skin. It feels like stock android. You don't get gimmicks offered by other smartphone manufacturers. Occasionally, there's slight lags

  • Ronny

EINSTEIN, 15 Jan 2016Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (as you all our REFERENCE) :) ... moreI did all the three updates right after purchasing the phone. My phone lasted 37 hours with 9.5 hours of screen time. Mostly on LTE and on WiFi at work.

  • Anonymous

Rahul, 16 Jan 2016It has gorilla glass display But i see one or two scratches ... moregorilla glass is still prone to scratches mainly dust and and sand stuck in you pocket read some article online men


hey men the thing is even if your phone is gorilla glass its still vaulnerable to scratches mainly the little dust on your pocket read some articles on line dope!

  • Anonymous

Hi guys lm heavy gamer so which mobiles is best Lenovo vibe p1 or moto x play or Samsung galaxy j7 pls comment

  • AnonD-489521

wat update has to be done wen u buy dis phone ??????
is dis phone worth buying???
plz suggest

  • Santu

My Lenovo vibe p1's fingerprint scanner don't working.Pls help.

  • pinas

antutu score result

s131 firmware-30k
s145 firmware-24k

why decreased? any idea/s?

  • AnonD-484053

Rahul, 16 Jan 2016It has gorilla glass display But i see one or two scratches ... moreI use all my phone without screen protectors, none of them had scratch..

but gorilla glass doesn't mean it's scratch proof. It's just harder to scratch it . If you are going to use it without protection, you gotta be more careful.

  • Rahul

It has gorilla glass display

But i see one or two scratches in my screen.. I think they lied about it.. Anybody else using it without screen guard

  • AnonD-489370

Hider Hasbi, 16 Jan 2016Better Lenovo vibe p1 because I just sold my asus selfie due to ... moreWhat different?have or not fast charging?big diffrent?how many hour for vibe p1 n zenfone max fully charging

  • AnonD-489271

AnonD-459523, 04 Nov 2015Below are the temperatures of CPU while playing games (At highes... moreHi Satya Which update are you in ? I mean the 33 or 38 or which ever ?

  • AnonD-474171

Rasputian666, 13 Jan 2016My question to the techies out here is - "Is it possible for Len... moreAfter the update, I know what you going to ask. Ya,but consume a little bit power from batt. This update version got some intelligence too.

  • AnonD-474171

EINSTEIN, 14 Jan 2016Plz (as you all our REFERENCE) :) I have S145 system update whi... moreIf you got no problem with your phone,hold on,don't update first. When you found something go wrong like apps hang or can't access. You have to do the update.

  • Arivoli

AnonD-98399, 23 Dec 2015i think lenovo should change the battery indicator to 200% rathe... moreEven my Mobile gets switched off when battery charge is at 20%..
This happens only after 42MB update.

  • Hider Hasbi

Deramang, 15 Jan 2016I want ask all..what better lenovo vibe P1 or Asus zenfone max?I... moreBetter Lenovo vibe p1 because I just sold my asus selfie due to lack of fast charging function


Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (as you all our REFERENCE) :)
I have S145 system update which is about 42 mb. I am hesitated to Update cause I have a bad Experience with updates :(. I Update my P1 from S137 to S140 which is 33mb update and my Battery draining fast. I don't what to do or how to downgrade back to the Original shipped android S137. and I have another update!!!!!!!!!!!
Really in need to your advises to update or not ... what Pros & Cons of this update -if EXISTS- ?

  • Deramang

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2016Tell me more information about the camera plz, Its good or bad?Like sony xperia z

  • iot

Yeah! and NFV secure payments eSE secured by Infineon Technologies - nice!

  • Premchand Gupta

It is worst phone in my life...contact manager is not responding..it will take more than a minute to search contact..your all calls will be recorded automatically eventhought software is disabled...much more problem not worth...made complain but no reply from lenovo...