LG CU720 Shine

LG CU720 Shine

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  • unknown lifeform

how do you send music files via bluetooth?

  • samanga

prasad, 31 Oct 2010i want lg cu 720 spare partswww,ebay.com

  • olusola alder

i love this lg model,
am using it at the moment in nigeria and have never had caause to regret my actions for buying it in the first place thanks lg

  • TINE

TINE, 11 Nov 2010im using this phone.. how can i open my ym,, nand how can i... morecan you answer my questions??

  • TINE

im using this phone.. how can i open my ym,, nand how can i open my musicid ,xm radio;music video??

  • prasad

i want lg cu 720 spare parts

  • Anonymous

phone calls always disconnected why?


This unit was brought by my son from USA. It had original sound (Speaker). Within a week it stopped working (NO sound). LG service center refused to accept for servicing as it was not possible to repair the unit for want of spares.I want to know if any one can repair it in INDIA PUNE. Also where can I order for its accessories

  • HARI

can i use this phone in india..?

  • Nvmickaelb

I am ordering one for me & my girl now. is it a good phone or not

  • afrasiab

where should i get pc suite for lg cu720

  • Anonymous

it looks nice

  • mandela

i do appiciat the phone for its wonderful futures and softwares is cool but i dislike it cuz it does not take full mp3 sounds as ringtones and u cant also applly a message tone to it but use wat u have inbuild.also the speaker is very low.

  • Anonymous

iconnot used my headset can you tell me how to used it !

  • KKGA

It just took me a glimpse to appreciate the phone because of its simple nature, but i was disappointed when i discovered that it does no accept full track music as a ringtone.
I also discovered that it does not install applications received from bluetooth.
Please, try to do necessary modifications in your next product.
Keep it up...LG

  • Anonymous

its a good phone many dont have it here so im cool having it but one thing is that battery battery is heck pleez do something anyway hands up lol

  • .

i have been using this phone for 2years, and i dont think it sells anymore but i didnt had any problems with this phone but whenever other people use my phone they say its hard to use, well once u get used to it it will be easy :)
and i have dropped my phone on the ground and in snow quite a lot but it never got broke or anything, maybe i waz just lucky but still, its a great phone:]

  • smooth operator

it looks cool,nice and small, feels good in your hand butplay music to soft,and i cant get to set no songs to the ringtone or message

  • Anonymous

way mms
not wark

  • charles

it's a gud fone but bluetooth can't connect to other divices as fast, compared to other fones,tanks.