LG CU720 Shine

LG CU720 Shine

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  • Anonymous

its a good fone is jus dat it does not play loud and dats not good

  • Anonymous

This phone has a very good design. It looks
expensive and sophisticated.
But the downside of it.
-No 3.5mm jack
-Poor Speakers
-Poor texting capabilities
-Poor Display in daylight condition
-Poor Battery life
-NO PROFILES for Silent, discreet, Load etc usually found on all mobile phones.
-ATNT wants you to buy everything. I am using it here
in the Philippines. I have to hack it so that i can use my own browser and applications because there is no ATNT in Philippines.

Nice Cam compared to other 2mp cam with flash.
Great built quality.

  • Aondongu nyakuma

Well the fone is nice,wonderful and attractive bt it seems the battery life is minimal

  • vou

The great feature of this mobile is multitasking. it is unimaginable to perform multi java programme in a nonsymbian or nonwindows phone. but cu720 have done it. only disappointment is its poor blue tooth.

  • Anonymous

Sound quality is very bad.and charge doesnt stay that long.Only good thing is the Camera.i wouldn't recommend buying this to anyone as i suffered myself.

  • john

music so less(low noise)

  • Davey Judah

This phone does more than you pay for. It has great battery life, strong metal body, plus a mirror to convince my girlfriend she's beautiful.(i ended up loosing it to her)
The Camera, for 2mp is great. Both videos and pictures look stunning. Apart from the fact that it has a limited file size for mp3 ringtones......i don't know about you, but all that glitters is gold!

  • Haider

Very good phone. Good battery life.

  • Anonymous

does this phone have bluetooth


just to say that the model is okay but why the usb cord is not in he phone which will will equaly market the model well.

  • farrukh

i loss my this lg phone:( i miss u lg cu720:(

  • gary

hiii guys can someone tell me how much memory can hold this phone 2 gb or 4gb and also is there any software to put music and pictures thanks very much

  • adma

How could i download opera mini? help me please

  • dj

this is a badass phone. i dont know why they stopped selling them. i had one but i got wet so i had to get a new phone. i ended up getting the lg vu (which is a pretty good choice), but i would have rather gotten the shine.

  • Tatiana

AGirlLookingForAPhon, 03 Aug 2009I'm getting my first phone soon and i really need to know if thi... moreHi, I strongly recommend you to visit Nokia Site, they have the best phones ever, good battery life, sometimes you will charge you phone every two days!!!!, no every two hours like others. Text is good, and it have a lot features you will love. The only thing camera in Nokia is not good. But other than that you won't be disappointed. I hope my answer will help you out. I know how you feel. Take care. Have a good one

  • Tatiana

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2009hey people i think my phone is broken so i was thinking about ge... moreWell, the phone looks nice, but battery life is poor; scratch easily ;it's difficult to hear the other person in the phone when somebody calls me, I actually have to call them back from my house phone; and try to text from this one is awful. But if you want a phone that take great pictures, and works only as a camera, then you can buy it. I strongly recommend this phone as a camera ONLY.

  • Anonymous

i have one of these and it SUKS... had it for nearly a year.. it has an extremly cheap screen that scratches really easy, and it will randumly miss calls, turn off, and sometimes when o a phone call it you sundly wont bable to hear eachother. it looks cool and it has a good camera and good sound quality but thats about all!!!

  • Ponency

it's a very nice phone last year i had one and thi year again another .

  • Anonymous

this is ok it s gud for music and gud for takin pics also its gud for callin and textin but it is fragile

  • Seroius

Worst phone I ever had too fragile went through three of them before breaking down and buying a different phone