LG E900 Optimus 7

LG E900 Optimus 7

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  • Beaver

I have had LG-E900 Optimus 7 for near 8 months & its an around great phone.
As of the 31 August 2012 I will not be able to use the data side as the company I work for has moved carriers Vodafone to Telstra.
Does any one know as my phone is suitable for
3G Network HSDPA 900/1900/2100 Which will not support
Telstra Next G, However the HSDPA 850/1900 made in North America will.
Is it possible to have a software change or is it a hardware issue

  • Anonymous

AnonD-51932, 24 Apr 2012dear how i can connect my mobile with my computer? you have to download zune

  • optimus

cristian, 20 Jul 2012Best phone i have ever owned....no bs just greatdid you unlock your optimus for install xap files(free cracked games)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-61982, 06 Jul 2012I have optimus 7 and i want unlock my phone because i want to de... morefollow the instructions of xda developers forum the mfg unlock works fine you can find xap files in thewp7phones you can install them via wxapassistant to connect to wxapassistant dont have the lockscreen of the phone

  • cristian

Best phone i have ever owned....no bs just great

  • Neo

AnonD-55704, 21 May 2012I do not recommend this phone nor any other LG phones at all. A ... morehttp://www.ronaldwidha.net/201...0-optimus-7/

Follow all the instructions and download all the files and do as it says.


Forget about the 4,5 and 6 Steps/parts because you can't get into it as your phone is stuck at LG logo.

hold down the volume - , camera and power button at the same time and connect the phone to the pc through the data cable.

When you run the the application LGDP2_V36_UMTS.exe and select all COM ports in the upper left,press start and wait for 10 to 15 min then it will definitely start flashing your phone,wait till it reaches 100% and it says reset.You will now have 7 Version then connect to Zune via data cable and upgrade your phone to 7.5 Mango....Good Luck.

  • AnonD-61982

I have optimus 7 and i want unlock my phone because i want to deploy apps for free to phone.I tried mfg but i still cant deploy apps.I was looking for custom ROM but it is not made jet.Please,help me if we solve that problem with unlocink.My current version is mango 7.5.
Thank you!

  • optimus

can somebody tell me how to developer unlock my optimus because i need deploy games on phone.i try mfg but still i can not deploy apps to my phone.please help me

  • Anushka

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2012htc surround 7 and lg optimus 7 which is better to buy.....? ... moreI used HTC Surround for a month and now i'm using LG E900. The main Disappointment was the battery it couldn't even survive a 12hrs with 3G on. And When i upgraded it to Mango the phone seems little bit of lagging. Then i switched to E900 and it is a rocky besides the sunlight legibility. The physical navigation button are better than the HTC buttons, and a really nice solid built. Call quality is very good too. The nicest thing is the battery with 3G on and when running whole bunch of background apps it could survive 18-20 hrs. With battery saver on mine lasted for 1.5 days.

  • Anonymous

botox, 22 Jun 2012The best phone i've used so far. Totally solid experience, and w... morehtc surround 7 and lg optimus 7

which is better to buy.....?
need guidance

  • saab74

This has TANGO Update now...WOW, Windows Phone 7.8 good stuff.

  • botox

The best phone i've used so far. Totally solid experience, and windows 7.5 is the classiest, best looking, intuitive and fluent OS no doubt. I hope LG are going to brew a fine Win8 update.

  • Robin

Vautour, 20 Jun 2012No Gorilla glas. It's not listed on the Gorilla website.Yes there is gorilla glass!


  • Dmitry

Nice phone. Use it for a year already and had NO problems with phone itself. So i would recommend it. For its price(ive paid 300$, now it can be bought for ~200$) its really good.

  • Dmitry

Vautour, 20 Jun 2012No Gorilla glas. It's not listed on the Gorilla website.LG: Ally, Arena, Arena TV, Crystal, LG Mini, Maxx, New Chocolate, Nitro™ HD, Optimus 2X (T-Mobile® G2x™ with Google™), Optimus 3D (Thrill™ 4G), Optimus 7, Optimus Black (LG Marquee™), Optimus Mach, Optimus Q, Optimus Z, Spectrum, Viewty Smart, X300

  • Vautour

No Gorilla glas. It's not listed on the Gorilla website.

  • Sam

LG E900 is one of the best phones I ever used.never thought LG phones had this much build quality.Very smooth, lag free experience unlike android.Camera quality is average.I'm highly recommending this phone to anyone.Few users complaining about freezes, hangs, resets.may be they got stuck with a lemon.Mango Rocks!!!

  • lehuy

Khush, 23 Apr 2012Dear, I have got the new one and its versions are: Now: ... moreyou can not install Android on the WP 7, surely that.
you can update the orginal LG E900 to 7.5 version by connecting it to your PC, chosing update your phone from the menu of Zune software. lehuy

  • chung

i use the e900 alrdy two years
y at now the cnt on????

  • Anonymous

this phone is sheat