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  • manoj

steph, 16 Sep 2018Has anyone experienced this phone glitching when phone screen is... moreYes, i too have LG G3, which is struck by two deadly diseases, first the screen will flicker and go block and repeatedly striking of power button will not help. Secondly it has network problem. At random the G3 will not show network even when sim is inserted. I am really struggling to get it repaired. Only answer can be buying of some old mobile from market,and replacing its motherboard screen etc.

  • steph

Has anyone experienced this phone glitching when phone screen is on. Sometimes the screen will be on then it will glitch either fading away the screen slowly or just goes completely black. Once hitting power button it will not register screen stays black and it is a real struggle to get it back on

  • Akm

it was good phone my phone dead in start of 2017
i faced two major issue
1.)when i on Mobile Data and open google map, my phone power off and will not ON untill i remove battery and charge it for 10 sec
2. BootLoop

  • Chaziz

Got my second LG G3 H855 running LineageOS 7.1.2 super fast!!! The first one died because of CPU failure. Just remember to let it rest when overheating. Beside that, it's a true machine!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2018What happen to your phone now still working like hell!

  • Anonymous

I'm quite surprised how well this phone holds up. had mine since 2015 and used it for almost a year then sold it to my brother and he used it for about a year as well. then I got him a zenfone 3 max 5.5 as a gift and he gave the G3 back to me.xD

I switch to it as my daily driver from time to time and I must say it's still holding well to this day. I guess it depends how much of a heavy-user the owner is. I use my phone mainly for texting, calls, facebook and email. but the battery-life is certainly not great. needs to be charged at least once daily. but as for functionality, it's still okay. no issues besides the short battery life.

also found this edge gestures app on the play store. did some research to hide the buttons at the bottom and it is now all-screen. kinda like on miui 9 and on iphone X. not that much of a difference to some, but it certainly freshens up the experience.:)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2018What happen to your phone now refuse to conect WIF

  • Anonymous

Ana, 18 Apr 2018I have had overheating issues mostly but its CPU and RAM.What happen to your phone now

  • Anonymous

AnonD-747672, 27 Mar 2018This phone started off so well for me and the fact it had remova... moreI have had 2 Lg G3 phones do this, replaced each time. My 3rd one is beginning to do it. Not any of the 3 have made it 1.5 years.

  • sam

LG G3 gets slow over time. And the worst I've noticed is their camera. While the pictures are decent, it has a hard time focusing. In video mode, I could never get distant things to focus enough for decent replay. It's quite frustrating. If you need something for quite video recording, this is not the phone for it.

  • Love the Community

According to TechOfTomorrow and Jonathan Morrison, LG G3 is the awardee of the Smartphone of the Year 2014. Same goes for the LG G2 being 2013's Smartphone of the Year awards.

  • Zippy

I have owned 3 LG G3 phones and all three have ended up in the garbage. They can't be fixed for a reasonable price and when I phones LG they told me that this phone has not had any problems and because I was out of warranty they wanted to charge me approx. $145 to fix my problem which is outragous. DO NOT EVER BUY AN LG PHONE !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob

Mr Oliver, 18 May 2016Please i have that the LG G3 has a WiFi problems. ..Wifi intermittently working and then not working. I Guess after 4 years good service its time to change ...

  • Small

Dont buy the lg g3 just buy the htc m8 because iam talking through experience.....

AnonD-580544, 25 Apr 2018which is the best LG Phone for battery lifeNothing in LG. Buy Sam A9 pro 2016

  • AnonD-580544

which is the best LG Phone for battery life

  • Ana

I have had overheating issues mostly but its CPU and RAM.

  • pipov

There is NO stereo effect in the fm tuner(I have the D855 model).Do you have it? I tried with android 5 and android 6,but...the sound is mono(despite the four stations I tried are in stereo mode.
Good phone,anyway...

  • AnonD-749049

Best phone i ever had. For two half years I've no problem. And yes there bit of heat in back of phone. Its happend once or twice. I turn it off and put im freeze for 3mins. Its stop heat after all :)

  • Josh

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2018I had the same issue with the black screen during calls and it's... moreThere is an easy fix for this, search google for LG G3 proximity sensor fix reddit and you will find the instructions.