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Battery life is true?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Kingslayer, 11 Aug 2019LG G5 will go as one of the most underrated retro smartphon... moreTru

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Anonymous, 21 Aug 2019What's the make of the 3200mah batteryMaxximus

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Should buy one for my father. Because my fathers phone (Samsung galaxy core prime) is old and bad for him

Bobola, 05 Oct 2019My lg g5 hotspot does not onThat should be hardware problem

Still a very good phone till date.

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usb here is 2.0 - not 3.0 - i know that because of usb transfer speed

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Bobola, 05 Oct 2019My lg g5 hotspot does not onSame problem is here...😢

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How can I make it update? I never get an update for LG G5 H820

I picked up the LG G5 after literally shattering my last smartphone, the Coolpad Defiant, because its lagginess had filled me with so much rage in that I threw it to the cement with enough force to shatter the lightweight hunk of cheap plastic to little bits. I bought the phone from a shady cell phone shop in the back of a gas station corner market for about $95 in September 2018.

My model is a AT&T H820 that has been carrier unlocked after the previous owner fulfilled the requirements for that. As such, thanks to AT&T, I am totally unable to upgrade the version of Android this phone runs, or replace it with anything else. AT&T refuses to serve you updates unless you are using an AT&T sim, and the bootloader is locked by AT&T so that I am unable to flash a custom rom of any sort, or even root the thing. Therefore, I am completely stuck with the stock OS that this phone original shipped with in 2016, Lollipop 6.0.1 with LG's "UX" skin on top.

I have to say, I'm somewhat impressed. When I purchased the device, it was a quick buy with no forethought, and I assumed I would come to hate the device. But I only hate a couple things about it. Namely being stuck on Android 6, LG's skin, the small battery size (even with a replacement with higher capacity, I have to carry a charger with me most of the time), the LCD "ghosting" issue I have never witnessed on any other display I've ever seen, the inability to "turn down" the resolution of the screen to save battery, the 16:9 aspect ratio with large onscreen navigation buttons leaving you with annoyingly little screen real estate, and the relatively slow internal storage.

Onto the pros of the device that make it a joy to use: The fact that the battery is removable is a godsend, particularly because the OEM battery sucks majorly. It's such a convenient feature, and shows how anti-consumer most modern smartphones have really become. You need to heat gun your phone to replace the battery, and potentially destroy it? Cool, I just need to push a button. The headphone jack is a nice addition, very advanced technology. The screen, despite my previous complaints, is very sharp and bright (and the ghosting thing only took a couple weeks to get used to and now it's easy to ignore totally). The 18W fast charging is wonderful. The internal specs of a Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage are very nice; the 820/4G is plenty fast for most modern apps. I could see the phone running slowly if you tried to play games, but I don't do that, so I'm fine. The cameras, frankly, are stunning in terms of image quality, and I'm not even able to use GCam, I'm using Open Camera for goodness' sake, and the pictures are still great! The video is okay, even capable of 4K, though every resolution is limited to 30 fps. The expandable storage is always welcome. The fingerprint sensor is 100% accurate, convenient, and snappy.

Overall, I've been able to get by with this phone very fine. I think the main reason it flopped is because of how heavily LG advertised its "modularity" that was extremely shoddily executed. Literally nobody who appreciates this phone in 2019 even mentions the modularity, because it may as well not exist. No modules beyond the launch ones were ever produced, and the need to shut down the device and swap batteries to replace modules is stunningly dumb, especially when compared to what Moto does and even what LG has done with the recent V50 ThinQ. Because of how integral this "modularity" was to the phone's identity, when that turned out to be a bust, everyone dismissed the phone wholly, even though it really isn't that bad. I think this is the same issue LG has always had, and it looks like the G8 ThinQ is going through the exact same death-by-marketing.

This phone has actually made me gain a bit more of an appreciation for LG. I do still intend to upgrade from this phone to something better (and factory unlocked), but I might keep this thing around, or at the very least replace it with a factory unlocked G5 to mess around with, maybe load Lineage onto. Not a bad phone at all. My upgrade path is currently aimed at either an S10e or even a more recent G or V series LG phone.

After upgrading to android Oreo
My keyboard still show in a faint way
When doing other things,overheating and battery drain fast

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Asad, 18 Sep 2019here is the link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g5... moreMy lg g5 hotspot does not on

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OG, 08 Sep 2019How did you upgrade to 9.0here is the link:


I use Google's Messages as my default texting app. I used to be a big fan of Textra but I eventually moved to the Google one because Textra would usually end up delaying my texts or it didn't offer web previews. I don't know now if Textra offers that.

One of the issues going back to my LG G5 as a main phone is it sorta lags when I open the app to text people. Solution? Download an older apk. I downloaded Messages when it was still 3.0 and opening it is noticeably quicker. Apps that are updated always get ruined and bloated at some point.

I notice the older they are or closer to the phone or its software version release date, the better the experience. That's usually the case majority of the time. Go back to older version for apps. Only exceptions would be something like a GCam apk.

With Nova Launcher, my favorite app animation under Look & Feel is Blink from Ice Cream Sandwich. Very little animation means buttery smooth transition. It's like instant. This helps older devices like the LG G5 feel smoother. Always find a solution if any problems.

I'm going to use my LG G5 until it never turns on anymore. It wasn't known for bootloops. And if it breaks, cheap to get it fixed because it's modular! One of the most convenient smartphones ever made of this decade. Easily fixable like a Nokia 3310.


Folks should check out my comment about the Pixel 3 and how updating to Android 10 was a bad idea. I had to move my sim back to my G5. Who knew an LG would become the reliable one knowing their bad reputation?

My G5 still has worse battery life than my Pixel 3 but it isn't as bad compared to using the yellow OEM batteries. My main reason going back is no touchscreen issues and Call Blacklist Pro still works. And I forget the SAR is low compared to the Pixel 3. G5 remains my favorite smartphone ever. And repairing them are easy. I have a newer build from late-2016. I don't have GPS issues. It can occasionally miss and the voice navigation won't speak but overall it's fine.

Made some comparisons of the GCam to stock and ended up sticking to GCam. One of the main weaknesses to LG is their mediocre dynamic range while GCam was sharper and better contrasts. GCam also doesn't have the words on my t-shirt reversed if I take a selfie with the front cam. I can also adjust the size of the photo while the LG cam app I couldn't. Stuck on 16 MP with photo size over 8 MB.

I know how maligned and what a flop the G5 was but I love this device! For a time, I did kinda hated it and was willing to sell it for a measly $100. But ever since I updated it to Nougat and the latest security patch (Dec 2017), it feels like a new device again. Now I really have no issues except the occasional software bug like the location signal still on after turning it off. I use a plain black wallpaper to avoid seeing any image retention.

More folks should appreciate the LG G5 for being the pioneer of the wide-angle and being one of the last of its kind next to the V20 with removable battery and IR blaster on a flagship. Apple announced the iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max. All they did was copy LG about 3.5 years later with the wide-angle camera. LG G5 is one of the best smartphones I ever had. Underrated like the Sony PS Vita!

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OG, 08 Sep 2019How did you upgrade to 9.0Try looking on XDA developers website for O/S updates they maybe able to help

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Asad, 26 Aug 2019This is really a solid device... I had very bad experience ... moreHow did you upgrade to 9.0


your battery percentage is too poor?

me too, how about your battery use?

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Asad, 26 Aug 2019This is really a solid device... I had very bad experience ... moreHow?