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Why the battery can't charge with charger when drained completely

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sam, 28 Jul 2019what does SOT meanScreen On Time

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Kingslayer, 22 Jul 2019Went back to the red SHENMZ battery and I'm hoping it was just a... morewhat does SOT mean

Went back to the red SHENMZ battery and I'm hoping it was just a fluke it shut off randomly. Might have needed to be completely drained once a month. I tested using AccuBattery and it definitely lasts longer than the yellow OEM batteries.

With the OEM battery which I barely ever used, one hour SOT can kill over 20%. I went from 80% to 54% within 75 minutes SOT. On the Chinese battery, it kills like 13% or half the rate. And the OEM batteries die very, very quickly under 30% while the Chinese one lasts at least double or even triple the SOT.

The OEM batteries are pretty awful. Avoid using them if you want better stamina. The Chinese battery also handles fast charging consistently while the OEM batteries will charge very slow over time. My only concern with third-party Chinese batteries is they can randomly die out after reading the Amazon reviews.

Update on the 3200 mAh red battery that says SHENMZ. The battery indicator had it at about 70% (although the % is off) but it completely died on me when idle for no apparent reason. So I went back to one of the three yellow OEM batteries I still have. So far, the overheating still hasn't returned. I guess updating to the latest software/security patch and updating the LG apps really did work.

The Chinese red battery could be total rubbish. As long as the overheating won't return, I can live using the old yellow OEM batteries manufactured from three years ago. Only issues is they die quickly once below 30% but I own three of them plus that Chinese battery and I get a notification sound when it reaches 40%, so I don't mind. Long live the LG G5!

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Kingslayer, 24 Jun 2019As a daily driver smartphone: 7/10 As a jack-of-all-trades mult... moreNoted to mention... Widely support for screen sharing through usb c to eveything (hdmi/vga/etc)

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Kingslayer, 27 Jun 2019Update on my overheating LG G5... Got the 3200 mAh battery three... moreYou got a GOOD high capacity Chinese battery? What brand?!

It's been three days since I updated everything to the latest software version. Nomore overheating. Crazy to think I was ready to sell this device like four days ago and now it became one of my most reliable smartphones. My Pixel 3, Moto E4, and MacBook Air can not connect to my router but my Mi 3 and G5 can.

The battery life on my G5 also lasts a little longer but I decided to turn off the battery % again to avoid staring at it. I keep it between 40-80% as I usually will use it at home. I have a battery notifier app when it reaches those %. Typing on it right now. It's almost working like I first got it. Very smooth and runs fairly cool. Again, one of my favorite phones of all-time.

Update on my overheating LG G5... Got the 3200 mAh battery three days ago. First time, it worked fine. Lasted longer. Then I did a full discharge and the overheating returned. Thought it was another third-party Chinese POS battery that I wasted another $20 on fron Amazon.

Was ready to finally give up on my LG G5 and just sell it on Craigslist for $80. Then yesterday morning, my Google Pixel 3 stopped connecting to my Wi-Fi connection for no reason. I did everything including deleting everything on it and turning off my router. It still won't connect.

Guess which phone was my unsung hero yesterday? My Xiaomi Mi 3! It connects to my router and runs beautifully after nearly 5 years. It's the longest and most reliable smartphone I ever had. Snapdragon 800 was an efficient, cool running SoC.

Going back to my G5, what I did was just update my firmware, security patch, and whatever LG apps I could. Guess what? It actually worked! No more overheat. I didn't have to restore it to new either. And I love having the split-screen feature again which was never found in MM.

On Marshmallow, it took 4 minutes to kill 1%. If it was overheating, 2 minutes. Now it last about 6-7 minutes until it kills 1%. That's 10+ hrs SOT for video playback. I used to hate updating my firmware as it used to ruin ny battery life. The irony that updating the firmware and the latest security patches actually saved my LG G5 from being sold.

So for anybody having issues, just update your firmware and get the latest security patch. My RS988 only got up to December 2017. Update most of your apps as well as some might act like a rogue app incompatible with the latest firmware/API. I actually had Nougat on my previous Sprint G5 before but didn't like the RAM usage.

Nougat saved my G5. That's why I haven't installed all my apps and media files back on my Pixel 3 yet. Quiche will be released in August and I want to be ready to do a restore to new once it arrives. Updating to the latest firmware and security fixes really does benefit and I was sold before to never update beyond Pie.

I could still be talking a little too early because problems can always arise again with LG. But now I found some joy and benefits updating to the latest. I just hope with my Pixel 3, the next firmware update can fix my Wi-Fi issues that my other phones could easily do. Even my G5's Wi-Fi issues went away with the latest update.

My only complaint on my G5 is I wished it got Oreo. Some carrier variants got it but my unlocked version never did. I despise the yellow blob emojis. Oreo made them look normal again. It's a minor nitpick compared to the hell it gave me with the overheating, 2 hr or less SOT, and Wi-Fi issues. As long as the battery doesn't get warm, the stamina on mine goes from average to fairly excellent.

Been using this phone for more than 30 minutes with screen on and only killed 5%. Before, I could kill 5% in less than 10 minutes. Android 7 saved the day.

Very BAD Battery Life, 2 Hours Of Gaming.

Just installed the SHENMZ 3200 mAh battery into my phone like 30 minutes ago. So far, so good. The battery does seem to last longer. I only killed 4% and have been using it for 20+ minutes. The OEM batteries would drain 1% every 2 minutes if it was overheating. The most important thing is my phone remains stone cold.

My other issue with my G5 is the Wi-Fi disconnect. But if this battery is the real deal, I have one less problem to worry about. I might throw away the OEM batteries if this one last long enough for me that I will buy some more. The OEM batteries were the definitely the main problems for the overheating. Even playing a video would cause them to get very warm after a few minutes.

As a daily driver smartphone: 7/10
As a jack-of-all-trades multimedia player: 9/10

The LG G5 has unique qualities like removable battery, microSD slot, wide-angle camera, headphone jack, and IR blaster that you won't find on an iPad and iPod touch. My silver G5 also looks pretty nice and the external speaker is excellent.

I just kept looking at it the wrong way. My 3200 mAh battery actually arrives tomorrow. I hope it can eliminate the overheating for good which is my only real gripe with it. As a multimedia player, it really does offer unique features you won't find anymore on other newer devices.

I took some advice from another website and decided to buy this 3200 mAh battery from Amazon...


I have the RS988, so I'm not sure if it will fit. I'll just to wait this Friday to find out. Reading the reviews, the overheating might finally go away. The OEM batteries that were made are a piece of junk. All three of my OEM batteries overheat. This 3200 mAh could be my last hope and give my G5 a new lease in life.

The LG G5 really is a great device outside of it being a phone. Feels good in the hand it it isn't overheating. One of the last flagships to offer removable battery. First to offer wide-angle and it still takes great photos. Very easy to open up and fix as it scored a 8/10 in iFixit. There's alot of versatility with the G5.

I considered buying another Essential Phone after I broke mine 10 days ago. I went nah. A new one for the halo gray I want costs $500+ on eBay! For that much, I'd rather get a Pixel 2. I actually think the Essential is superior to the overrated Pixel 2 but not $250 superior.

I mentioned that because for only $20, I can easily buy another LG G5 battery. Because once that Essential Phone dies, it dies. Hard to replace the battery on it. Repairability is an underrated aspect.

My LG G5 still does "LG things" like overheating or whatever random issues. And when the overheating does happen, it gets slower in UI and faster drain in battery life.

I still have two spare OEM batteries. I came to the conclusion that the overheating will never go away and perhaps the disconnecting to Wi-Fi. It sometimes won't wake up with my fingerprint.

I also came to realize that if viewed as just a multimedia device, the G5 is actually one of the all-time greats. Not as a phone but a multimedia device. Think about it...

IR blaster
Excellent bottom firing speaker
Excellent camera for 2016
MicroSD card slot
Removable battery
FM radio (for different variants)
Easier to browse on this than say a PS Vita

So if you take away the negativity as a phone with GPS issues or whatever, it really does make an excellent device for other things. It is awful with my Bluetooth wireless headset. I think Snapdragon 820 didn't get to the level of the 835 and after.

I just have to see my LG G5 In a different light to appreciate what it is. A crappy LG phone but a fantastic multimedia device for other things. I never cared for tablets and I believe the LG G5 is more useful than any of those thanks to the wide-angle camera and IR blaster.

Bad phone. Practical and a jack-of-all-trades in other areas.

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Kingslayer, 23 Jun 2019I meant it's NOT the end-all be-all solution but try it out anyw... morewhy do you despise iOS?

The CPU Cooler feature from the All-In-One Toolbox really is working at least for my case. Any time I start to feel it get warmer, I just use that app. It's probably a rogue app that keeps it warm.

I know because when I put it in safe mode, it stopped overheating. There's CPU Cooler features for other Cleaner apps and even from 360 Security. I just use AIO because I got so used to it cleaning my cache. Back to being one of my all-time favorites! I'll put it #2.

My image retention also never returned. Everything else about it is pretty great. I thought 2016 was the turning point for phone cameras. Very little grain and artifacts indoors fron the G5 & V20. Go back using a 2014 smartphone flagship camera and it's like night & day compared to the last three years.

Google, LG (wide-angle), and Huawei took things to another level with phone cameras. Samsung and Apple phone cameras have always been overrated. How Google and LG did it was better by 2016. Any time I see Samsung brag about their wide-angle lens, I scream biter. LG did it first.

BTW, LG G5 > Samsung Galaxy S7 camera

S7/S7 edge cameras were so overrated.

I meant it's NOT the end-all be-all solution but try it out anyway. I have the pro edition of All-In-One Toolbox, btw. I hate seeing ads everywhere.

I sold my iPhone SE recently. I absolutely despise iOS. This was two months after I sold my LG V20. So it's become a smaller lineup of four phones...

Google Pixel 3 (daily driver)
Motorola Moto E4 (GPS)
LG G5 (multimedia)
Xiaomi Mi 3 (light browser)

LG G5 is really my love/hate phone. When it's working perfectly, it's one of my favorites. When it isn't, I can hate it as much as any phone I ever had.

Had All-In-One Toolbox on my phones for years but rarely used their CPU Cooler feature. It actually works! Any time my G5 starts to heat up, I'll use it. It's the end-all be-all fix, but folks should use it.

Back to being one of my favorites. There is still issues using the Dasher, tethering, and Wi-Fi disconnections. I will never buy another LG phone again but I won't hate this phone as much if the CPU Cooler can eliminate one of my main gripes with it.

Kingslayer, 16 Jun 2019My G5 is really weird to me. Some days, it will act like the wor... moreFactory reset your phone, it should help.
Also turn Google Play Store Auto Update to off after resetting and installing your applications.

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Miki, 17 Jun 2019Still excellent phone in 2019. Great camera, good performance. I... morepolarcell...take a look