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  • Miki

Still excellent phone in 2019. Great camera, good performance. I can't seem to find a good replacement battery, the ebay/ali batteries are all bad.

My G5 is really weird to me. Some days, it will act like the worst phone I ever had. The image retention went away with an sFilter lite app but my biggest problems now is still the overheating which results to very short battery life and laggy UI performance or my Wi-Fi disconnecting.

As of right now, I just deleted my app cache and forgot my network before logging my password again. Turned off the smart switch from data to Wi-Fi or vice-versa. The last couple days since the death of my Essential Phone, the G5 is acting very good again. We'll see how far this goes.

I'm typing on it right now and I'm on one of the better days with it. I have very much a love/hate relationship with this phone. It can be the best or worst phone ever all within a moment.

  • Anonymous

Worst phone I ever owned; had to replace the fingerprint sensor about 3 times.

ackom, 08 Jun 2019my phone does not have radioYou can install the application from LG store or Google Play store. It do have radio hardware, it's just the application is not installed on fresh instalation

Joe, 07 Jun 2019After 1 year of owing the LG G5. The phone is getting overheat, ... moreMy friend, your phone is about to experience the famous bootloop issue.
I would recommend you to save your data ASAP.
Sync your pictures and documents.
These are traits of the bootloop issue. I experienced it on G4 and G5 :)
In G4 it was sudden but in G5 it was like what you wrote and suddenly it died one day.

  • ackom

my phone does not have radio

  • Joe

After 1 year of owing the LG G5. The phone is getting overheat, battery drain so fast if just do youtube, no game at all. Wi-fi sometimes disconnect. The phone will occasionally and restart itself. i guess it happen to all cell phone nowadays.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 02 Apr 2019The only reason why I can never put my Essential Phone over my L... moreYou are wrong about Lg g5 introducing wide cam first. nokia lumia 930 has wide and it came out before g5.

What was once my all-time favorite smartphone is now one of my most hated. Here are my issues -

Image retention (was corrected). Overheating which results to shorter battery life. Disconnects with my Wi-Fi network. Need to reboot every time I install an app from outside the store. Can't open my Dasher app using mobile data. Can't tether anymore. The skin is laggy after awhile. It no longer fast charges which was a problem in the earlier days already.

I'm not starting to HATE LG. Poor quality. I've owned three different LG phones and sold two of them. This G5 is practically USELESS to me except as a multimedia player. If I can't connect to any Internet, it's useless. And when I actually do, it overheats or doesn't do what I need it to do. It didn't more than hour to switch my SIM back to my Pixel 3.

I will only stick to Pixel phones for now on. My new all-time smartphone is now the Essential Phone. After 9 months, that's still a very, very reliable phone. Worst camera of the trio but definitely the most reliable. And reliability is the most important aspect to me. Not features, SoC, design, or whatever. I need to rely on a phone to help suffice my daily needs.

I basically "unfanned" myself from the LG G5. It used to rank. Now it's Essential Phone at #1 and Google Pixel 3 at #2. I don't care about the rest. I want stock Android for now on. LG is junk.

  • Bcjay777

This is in regards to the LG h831 I factory reset it trying to get my Google account up but it says this device was reset to continue sign in with Google account that was previously synced on this device how do I get around this so what is it

All around great, stable phone. Way more reliable than my old Samsung Note 4 as far as performance. It runs smoothly and fast, and very seldom have I had application crashes. I have never had one phone crash (amazing coming from a Note 4) and it is very nice to have such a stable phone to rely on. It can sometimes run hot, but otherwise, I love it.

  • alex

i has an issue with gps

in a lot of g5, gps fail due to small bump or swallowed battery.

the solution is easy, is there on youtube. it was a design flaw .

in another hand is fantastic phone, no issues.

  • alex

chuudee, 19 May 2019Does the G6 battery last long?well i use 2 batteries for intense use along the day

  • chuudee

Patrick-Houssem, 29 Mar 2019I owned lg g5 which was a great phone. Except battery And now... moreDoes the G6 battery last long?

Using another blue filter app called s-Filter LITE and hoping my image retention problems finally go away. Set the opacity to 15% and the color to black. Started using the gray wallpaper again. Haven't seen it returned but it's only been like 8 hours.

The image retention gets really annoying when watching videos in full screen especially YouTube. It's weird because I actually didn't have the issue on my current G5 until ten months later when my previous G5 and V20 showed it after three.

My V20 actually never showed image retention after using a blue filter app but my current G5 did. I actually really love my G5. It's the two issues of image retention and the random overheating is why I no longer put it tops as my favorite. I also enjoy Android Pie more and Snapdragon 835 & 845 run much cooler over 820.

This is a very underrated smartphone especially one from 2016. It's probably a smartphone I will never sell because I still need that IR blaster. Every time I see Samsung brag about their wide-angle camera on their S10 in ads, I cringe knowing LG was the one who first brought it out for their G5. I hear the next iPhone will use wide-angle too.

The year of 2016 was the last time I felt LG was still unique by using removable batteries, matte backs, IR blaster, and headphone jack. Now LG is like everybody else. Bringing wide-angle was just gravy. Now all these other copycats brag they have wide-angle too. Never forget LG G5 was the first to offer it but everyone still bashes its failed modular design.

LoveTheSpeed, 07 May 2019Hi all. I have to say that this is a marvelous phone. Everythi... moreI agree with your opinion .

I think LG G5 is the best Cell phone of its era. Any one can play 2048 Cupcakes free game online.

  • LoveTheSpeed

Hi all.
I have to say that this is a marvelous phone. Everything works as it should. Only downside is the backlight. On the sun i can't see "shit", i have to use shade and really bulge my eyes. But everything else is really very very good. The finger scanner works awesome not crapy as on samsung, actually is like on BlackBerry.

  • dad

What up People said regarding GPS performance is true. GPS in this phone is a crap. Bad maybe this is even not the most important thing. I've been using Phone for my Everyday communication in a place where there is no strong signal facing the situation when quite often no communication was possible. Recently I've put the same sim card to another Phone and this time it was a Chinese ZTE phone blade A452. On this phone I get quite good signal all the time. Before LGG5 I had LGG4 G3. All Of them soon broke down. I will newer buy LG phone again.

  • Dj xe

I want to buy lg g5 please is it good phone