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The only reason why I can never put my Essential Phone over my LG G5 as my favorite phone ever is because while it has my favorite software, I don't like the comfort in my hand and the lack of real essentials like headphone jack, microSD slot, removable battery, and even bonuses like wide-angle cam and IR blaster.

I know the LG G5 is so hated. I get it. It's not perfect by any means. But man, I love that phone. Mine is still on Marshmallow and it's still smooth. For some reason, it takes forever for my Essential to grap my Married With Children thumbnails when viewed on QuickPic. It's little details like that which is why can I never put my Essential over my G5.

My G5 is practically retired. I'll probably store it in my drawer for a few months. But to type on, it's easily my favorite and for music as well. The overheating went away. The image retention is rarely. And my only real, real issue is battery life. That's why I practically turned off the battery %.

I know a ton of people hate the G5 or just hate LG altogether. But I'll always love the LG G5. The first to introduce the wide-angle can three years ago and everyone is copying it now.

Man Pass Man, 22 Mar 2019I like to buy this phone,but i am afraid of the comments about t... moreI owned lg g5 which was a great phone. Except battery

And now i own lg g6 which far away better. And i recommend it

  • g6 user

Manly Electronics, 24 Mar 2019There is a flood of H850 from China for under A$200. I've got on... morebut is not Israel part of Europe.....

There is a flood of H850 from China for under A$200. I've got one. Condition, hardware, camera seems excellent. But the software included Android security patch is Jan 2018, no updates available. I attempted to unlock (to load latest LineageOS on it), you have to submit data to developer.lge.com to get bootloader.
LG spit the error on me - the phone appeared to be LGH850.ISR - Isralian model (Even though Chinese sale it as EUROPE). And as it turns out all phones for Israel are OEM locked, no way around. Unfortunately, you do not see subversion unless you submit ID to LG. I've sent it back as I do not want a phone which is hackable by anyone.

  • g6 user

Man Pass Man, 22 Mar 2019I like to buy this phone,but i am afraid of the comments about t... morethe phone is good overall it wont boot loop tat's totally false has decent memory and processor only issue is because of bad luck your display may have retention on screen but other than that excellent one of the best cameras nothing to envy to newer devices

  • ms

Man Pass Man, 22 Mar 2019I like to buy this phone,but i am afraid of the comments about t... moreAvoid. I had too many die within months.

  • Man Pass Man

I like to buy this phone,but i am afraid of the comments about the bootloop and other problems, what should i do? advise me.

  • g6 user

03/20/2019 and still no oreo updated for my phone cant believe it
my next phone will be a Samsung for sure

Sinced Dec 2016 i owned it, this phone has nothing happened or problems for daily usage, H860 dual. Different with S7edge, about 3 months of usage, screen goes off and faster heated up. Thats my friend phone.


I have a LG G5 2017 MODEL. I broke my sim and memory tray. The local cellphone technician cannot obtain this part. Anyone who can held?

After for almost 1 year old, this phone made new problem. Now it heats up faster and drained the battery much faster than usual. Restarting and hard reset had nothing to do with this thing, it didn't give any improvements. After screen retention and had to fix it, slow updates and some minor problem on network, my sister is now had a total give up on this phone. So sad it's a piece of crap from LG. No wonder their sales is getting down every years. Planning to buy S10 or Note9. No more LG phones.

Apollo, 15 Feb 2019Where?Out of the target phone recycling bin. If you're in the US and got a nearby target, go through the phone recycling bin. There's tons of good stuff in there most the time (last I went I got the G5 and an Amazon Kindle Keyboard edition)

  • Apollo

[deleted post]Where?

  • g6 user

Ted, 07 Feb 2019Pretty decent performance and feel, although the unlock button m... moreweird but tap focus and you got a sharp pic

  • Ted

Pretty decent performance and feel, although the unlock button may need a couple clicks sometimes.
I love all the misc features like headphone jack, IR blaster, FM radio, removable battery and SD card slot, I wish more manufacturers would get on board with more of these.

The wide angle camera is a cool feature, but the main camera is decent at best. Basically it works pretty good for taking photos at a minimum distance of several feet away under ideal lighting conditions. The auto focus doesn't work for anything up close; even trying to take a picture of a page of text is difficult.

  • Trevor Morecorn

Chris, 29 Jan 2019Just don't buy!Why

  • g6 user

Man, 30 Jan 2019Why?? I ask coz wana purchase oneif u don't care about updates then your last version can be 7.0 or 8.0
some devices may have screen ghosting ...
some people say gps issues
mine has 7.0 and has screen ghost but no that bothers me at alli think most people complaint about it .. is the kind of people that use broken screen devices
any way overall good phone

  • Man

Chris, 29 Jan 2019Just don't buy!Why??
I ask coz wana purchase one

  • Chris

REJAUL, 16 Jan 2019is it has bootloop issues? please tell me, i am worried to buy...Just don't buy!

  • TK

I've had this phone for about two weeks now and absolutely hate it. Even with various YouTube tutorials the GPS always craps out. Phone sometimes loses signal when switching cell sites. Half the time I call people even if stationary I'm told it's breaking up yet I have 3 bars. Charging port already acting up. DO NOT BUY