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  • AnonD-188263

Can anyone confirm whether does it have IR Blaster in this model? I am looking for phone only with infrared remote builtin for making my phone remote control for my home appliances.

  • AnonD-540746

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2016I need help which phone to buy Lg G5 S6 edge plus Lg V10 P... moreLG G5 has small screen with cheap build quality

S6 edge plus is old , buy s7 edge better than s6 edge plus in everything and it has got micro sd card and waterproof.

LG V10 its good device with dual screens
But it has got micro sd card unlike s6 edge plus , but s7 edge is better device.

  • Anonymous

I need help which phone to buy
Lg G5
S6 edge plus
Lg V10

  • AnonD-572269

Lg g5 or huawei p9?

  • AnonD-250258

scorpio, 30 Aug 2016Surely it is still under warranty. Return it to the shop you bou... moreyes its under warranty and i will surely return and ask for refunds

  • scorpio

AnonD-250258, 30 Aug 2016today(30-08-2016) around 6 .30 Am (as per indian time) when i wo... moreSurely it is still under warranty. Return it to the shop you bought it from.

  • AnonD-250258

today(30-08-2016) around 6 .30 Am (as per indian time) when i woke up in morning and i took my phone in hand and checked notification , just after 1-2 minutes my LG G5 HANGED and after few seconds LG LOGO appeared . after that my phone LG G5 not turning on its like LG G4 BOOT LOOP ISSUE, every time automatically LG logo appears and turns off . i will try to upload a video regarding this BOOT LOOP issue on LG G5 indian varient (MADE IN INDIA) on youtube. search for LG G5 BOOT LOOP issue on youtube after few hours and you will bw able to watch my video. I HOPE LG FIX. My phone is just 1 month 22 days old.

  • Gogo

When i watch a video. I saw slightly the image of icon in the upper part( like volume.time. etc) its that normal for lg g5?

  • AnonD-577957

does it support wireless charger?

  • AnonD-273829

they have released hifi plus in iran, i have it on my phone now. and only bought g5 for this feature

  • TunaStevens

LG Newbie, 27 Aug 2016This G5 phone in my first handphone for LG. I've been using it s... moreThey lied about releasing a HiFi DAC, every time I ask them about it they tell me they don't know when or of it'll be released. So stupid. It's why I bought the phone. That and the removable battery. The battery they have but it costed $100 and could only be found on Amazon. LG Mobile is a terrible company. Will not support ever again. They make decent fridges though.

  • the rock

AnonD-577026, 27 Aug 2016I have had my phone (lg g5) for like 3 months and the bottom has... moreUse the warranty for a replacement

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2016Can you disable the auto brightness???Yes, you can. The option for auto-brightness can be toggled on and off.

  • AnonD-520998

Yes. Just open the brightness slider and disable the auto checkbox.

  • AnonD-577026

I have had my phone (lg g5) for like 3 months and the bottom has never connected right and now it does not stay latched. It is now over heating my battery and made my battery crap out and burnt the inside of my charging cord, Along with the bottom piece an charging cord burning me!!! I replaced the cord and battery it was fine for 2 days and now its doing it again!!! I do not recommend the LG G5!!! Do not get this phone!!!!!

  • LG Newbie

This G5 phone in my first handphone for LG. I've been using it since last month. For now I don't see any problems about the phone. Performance is Superb. I do have the camplus, 360cam and the Hi-Fi and it all works just fine. Its just that the GPS sometimes is not that accurate. But all in all performance it is a worth the price. Bought it for $565 with free battery kit. You can buy lg friends at ebay.
What I don't like about the phone: It is not water proof. The modular base is very questionable. Not good for single hand held phone if you put hars case for extra grip, better use both of your hands. GPS is inaccurate for prolonged use.

  • Anonymous

Can you disable the auto brightness???

  • AnonD-247099

I have received an software update just now. Now my software version is V10e. Has anybody else received the same update?

  • Anonymous

vineeth , 25 Aug 2016how is its otg support ? It is fine, thank you.

  • AnonD-576900

The FM radio is locked or laser cut in my hardware revision of the LG G5. It's version RS988. Rumor is, the FM radio only works on LS992 (Sprint - CDMA only) and US992 (US Cellular); Vodafone (not sure if they use GSM or CDMA)

This was almost the perfect phone, I even added a Qi inductive receiver and a laser cut wooden case. But sadly, I cannot list to the FM radio while ridding my motorcycle (helps with traffic alerts) and FM is useful for when the networks and power fails. The FM chip barely uses battery, it doesn't have to decode a bit stream.

I bought this phone unlocked from best buy, and expected the FM radio to work, sadly it didn't.