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New OS upgrade is rolling out in India now. Version V30a-AUG-02-2021, Size: 2297.27 MB.

  • Anonymous

nivek2046, 19 Aug 2021is there a modern phone (ie released in 2021) which has the... morefm radio complicated your options, without it,there is sony phones, but yeah, fm radio even rarer than sdcard+headphone hack

  • nivek2046

is there a modern phone (ie released in 2021) which has the following features:

- USB Type C 3.0 or 3.1
- FM Radio
- 64GB
- headphone jack (preferably at the bottom)

thanks... hopefully it doesn't cost an arm and a leg

Manu. , 07 Aug 2021Bro take pictures when uh r in sunlight thn you feel so ... moreBro, just update software from Settings/System/Update settings.. I'm NOT telling you to go to Service Center for this update. but ok, you sold it.

I did take some high res videos on the phone without the case for your point. Yes, it heats moderately, not too much. This is in Rajasthan heat, but I recorded indoors only.

Its quite possible that the phone was not tested in this heat by LG. or Maybe you just got a bad piece.
And like @Rishiguru bro rightly said, its a rare phone now. I can't even find them on Olx anymore in my city.

  • Manu.

Samath N8 808 owner, 01 Aug 2021Did you update software and then see if the camera is ok? ... moreBro take pictures when uh r in sunlight thn you feel so much heating. Which is showing when uh have simple snapdragon 450 processor with 2 gb RAM . Now i use Realme x7. All thing are best no issue Realme is best
But really speaking. Lg display ,. Sound , color , quality is too good .

  • Manu

Samath N8 808 owner, 01 Aug 2021Did you update software and then see if the camera is ok? ... moreDear.
Life not give so much time , for update the software. Because lg service centre is minimum 300 km far from my location , and software time copy the data. )so bro i know about software. But pls check YouTube many people face restart issue. And when i use camera or. Presing. On off button. Single or double time. Thn my phn is restart. Main issue if weather is 47 ° c than my phn not working fine and they take restart i don't Know why my phn is so heat. And. Bro battery backup is very fine. I also not clk google adds. Also off 80% notification. At. Last i reset my phn. And than. Same issue haapen finally i sold it. Because not have enough time to copy all the data.

  • Mani

I always face an issue with Camera potrait detection, other than that it is quite good to use for daily

Samath N8 808 owner, 01 Aug 2021Did you update software and then see if the camera is ok? ... moreLG G8X is an excellent device and I personally never faced any major heating issues even with the Dual Screen Case slapped in. With LG out of phone business, these QuadDAC laden audio centric flagships will be become rarity in future.

For music lovers, my advice is to hold on to them as long as they can.

Manu, 22 Jul 2021Dear all I used the phone from last 8 month My perso... moreDid you update software and then see if the camera is ok?
Did you install battery managers and all from suspicious sources? (Never click Google ads)
How were you using the camera when it heated? (like, pics or videos and at what resolution)

Sometimes, problem is software related, not hardware. I think you should've shown it to a person who knows software well, you should not have sold it.
I also own this phone and no sir, no heating problem at all. I've taken 4K60fps videos and no heating was observed, but I've taken only for 1 minute or so.

  • Manu

Dear all

I used the phone from last 8 month
My personal review
But i face 2 main issue in this phn and the issue is ... My phn is heating while i use camera and when i click the photos in afternoon & thn mobile is very heat. And also main problem is after heating. Phn is restart again and again . Its very big issue for me. Because i shocked when my phn is not start. Minimum 5-7 min required for on the screen. And thn i find AC room , or ac places. And thn after 5 minutes my phn is on , otherwise my phn is restart again & again All theese thing show software issue. Also hardware issue for heating

Snapdragon 855. But heating & restating issue i m totally shoked.

So i sold it
Its very bad experience for me.
Came is normal
Screen quality is too good. ( Ultimate ) 10/10
Sound quality is superb 10/10
Batery back up very nyc 10/10
Really look like a premium phn
But slow charge

There is no cervice center in many city so i sold it. Because all the time lg g8x create tension for me ( scare from loosing all the data if moble is not on )

Samath N8 808 owner, 06 Jul 2021Yes, that's what I guessed. Dual Display is itself an ... moreTo me SoundMagic E50C & E80C are like tale of two cities. Both are distinct and have their own strengths and weakness.

In my ears on musicality front E50C is the winner. I like E50C a lot. On other hand from sound quality & actual audio measurements E80C to me is the clear winner. With E80C we get more resolution, a more see through sound with excellent instrument separation. I am a music lover and I love both for their unique abilities.

However an audiophile from what I know will pick E80C over E50C any day.

RishiGuru, 06 Jul 2021OTG will not work with provided Dual Screen Case magnetic c... moreYes, that's what I guessed. Dual Display is itself an OTG accessory in a way...

E80 was good. From my little time with it, before it was returned, I would say the sound was deep, just like E50C. As for frequency, I think the highest frequencies maybe above 16-18k were boosted so some shrill sounds were ear piercing. Bass was ok ok. Can't remember much else, but I think E50C suits my phone better for the listening I'm into.
Qualitywise (due to 51 ohms vs 64 ohms), probably they sounded different but I can't recall that exactly. Too much time elapsed. Need to compare side by side to conclude it.
Overall of course, I was impressed by E80 as the best I had before that, was Mi Dual Driver, and a Sony old timer (purch. 2010).

And by the way, this E50C also doubles up as a good multiplayer gaming earphone due to its depth, clarity and mid-high frequency boost which makes the footsteps sound clearer than the typical 1k earphones. Tried on CSGO. But, I'm not using it for that permanently, just tested it twice.

Samath N8 808 owner, 06 Jul 2021Bro, your answer did help me a lot, as now I connect the ad... moreOTG will not work with provided Dual Screen Case magnetic connector of LG G8X. OTG requires power to be provided via USB to the OTG device. This is not possible as Dual Screen Case is already consuming power from phone's USB power rails which leaves no room for OTG.

SoundMagic E50C is worth its weight in gold. With LG QuadDAC laden smartphones its pairing is like made in heaven, triggering High Power mode by default on QuadDACs. Enjoy!!!

What is your feedback on E80 paired with G8X?

RishiGuru, 08 Jun 2021USB wired connectivity through LG G8X's Dual Screen ca... moreBro, your answer did help me a lot, as now I connect the adaptor the right way up.
However, OTG functionality is still not working, pen drives, keyboard, nothing is working. And I guess even dual screen is the OTG, so it remains busy.
Have I got it correct, or is there something I'm doing wrong?

BTW Thank you so very much for your Soundmagic ES50C recommendation... I finally got one after refunding the last order (in which they sent a 5 year old E80), and this time it was ok, and I got it for 2500. Worth each rupee I spent. Sound Quality is just exactly what I need, bass is present but not overwhelming for an in-ear setup. Acoustics and Jazz sound beautiful. FLAC songs are like its playing in front of you. 80's electric songs are heaven!
And G8x recognises it everytime as the high impedance. I'm getting a lot of sound at 30 (/75) volume steps.
Way ahead of my earlier Redmi Dual Driver earphones.

Are user getting latest security patch update ?

  • Anonymous

Any one facing the issue , when connected 3.5 jack the headphones are not fit correctly,

  • Anonymous

Hope they add face unlock in next update, it is very much due

  • Naveen

Bijoy singh, 16 Jun 2021I have lg g8x last 6month working flowless but now i am fac... moreMe also facing this touch issue particular part right above fingerprint sensor not working

Ab9, 28 Jun 2021Got May month security patch and nothing else.Confirmed.

Below is the FOTA change log:

1) Security updates from Google have been included in this update.
2) Version: V20g-MAY-07-2021
3) Size: 193.62 MB

After the FOTA update:

Software Version: V20g-IND-XX
Android Version: 10
Android security patch level: 01-May-2021

LG Mobile's software division seems to be improving after shutdown!!! Previously in India, we used to get bi-annual Android security patch upgrades for their flagship phones. Now it is bi-monthly, mainly because their are no new phones launched so they have lot of time to spare on existing phones.

dnivra, 28 Jun 2021in india, where can one get the magnetic dongle adapter fo... moreDon't worry, just visit your nearest LG authorized service center. If that service center services LG mobiles, you can buy an original magnetic USB connector for LG G8X Dual Screen case for INR 650. Last Oct, 2020 I got one from my nearest service center.

The magnetic USB connector serves two purpose:
1) Charge the mobile inside Dual Screen Case
2) Data transfer to/ from PC.