LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 Secret

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  • BBNovice

When you set the keys to lock, are the neon keys in the navigation touch pad locked also?

  • Johannes GŁnther

i think it's better than any se mobile. and for a mobile from sony with this specifications you would pay some more. The earphones you get from beginning are really good and are loud and have enough bass i think.

  • Johannes GŁnther

the phone can take microsd cards upto 16gb but then it needs a very long time to open to example parts of the fingerpad. i would prefere a 4 gb card. you see a very big contrast to an 8gb card: it needs not so long time to open the photos/docs...

  • Ajax

Hello everyone. I have a little question. How is the music quality through the speaker and the earphone? Is it really good? Is it as good as the W-series of SE? And one more thing, does it have the flight mode/offline mode to playback music? Plz help me. Thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

Nice design on this 5 Mpixelphone! Slim, sleek shape

  • basheer

no.mie.it has no wifi facility.

  • Mie

Emmm..can i access the internet using Wi-Fi with this phone? Tks

  • Anonymous

BASHEER, 13 May 2009i heard that lg secret kf 750 can take microsd card up to 16 gb.... moreno basheer, it can max accept a 4 gb card


i heard that lg secret kf 750 can take microsd card up to 16 gb.is it true? anyone experienced ? please kindly post your answer.also is it really 2.4"screen.seems smaller?

  • Anonymous

hi i just bought the phone a week back...its has got a good cam, music quality.can we transfer movies too??

  • Anonymous

i bough this phone a month ago.
and i m a little upset that the so call carbon fiber got scratch with my keys. but other than that i love the phone is ok.

  • harry

had phone about a year now and I think it's great. the camera is the best I have seen on any phone. the battery will still last about 3 days. only thing is can't change stupid theme, it's either black or White. anyway getting a bit bored of it now.

  • iSecret

Sorry Guys,i bought this phone because my nickname n calling name is iSecret n this phone is lg secret,it suits me,rofl

  • Anonymous

I just bought this phone yesterday and I'm in love with it..... trust me you wont find anything of such exceptional and sturdy build and such heaps of features at such price range..... just go to the store and grab a Secret... you wont regret it!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 May 2009Hey c'mon. Maybe they did not use it much or they switched on th... morethis phone is heap good but i dont want it because i want to get renoir i want to sell it so if ur interested comment but the camera is really good

  • Anonymous

This phone is the tits...fact!!

  • Jo-secret

Hi all... this there no way to upload other themes for this phone?? Are we stucked with only 2 preset themes in the phone?

  • davy

hi guy
any one could tell me how download ditionary ?

  • Anonymous

sst, 05 May 2009Simona and PlKl do not tell crap to people this phone's batery d... moreHey c'mon. Maybe they did not use it much or they switched on the power saver.

  • Anonymous

Ale, 25 Apr 2009which sms standard?? i'm totally disgusted with this phone... my... moreYou can turn on the power saver in settings. Although the power saver switches off the backlighting, I don't think much uncomfortability will happen. My Secret lasted over 3 days with the power saver on!