LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 Secret

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  • hihi

did anyone have the chinese software of this mobile phone or any helpful website? me bought one buy in english versions.... any information's please send to my e-mail kennethlai86@hotmail.com . Thanks

  • garry

is it scratchproof?

  • Capacitive or Resist

I think there is a slight confusion about whether the touchscreen is capacitve or resistive. I have the LG Secret and the touchscreen was fine...but TOO SENSITIVE! It was not what I expected when I saw that the specification said that it had resistive touchscreen. It could even recognise the most slightest touch. For your information, resistive touchscreen is phones whose screen can be pressed on and bent(Like the LG Viewty). But for the LG Secret, it has a tempered glass and cannot be pressed on and bent easily. Like I said that the slightest touch could be recognised for the LG Secret, it could not be for the LG Viewty. But though, I am still not sure if it is capacitve or resistive.

  • AN

Can anyone tell me about the music playback time of the LG Secret? Thanks.

  • noman

to what extent is the touch screen facility available ?
please help with this ! thanx

  • Anonymous

can somebody tell me who say the right answer

  • stella

please i want to put a certen music tone to a contact ...how can i do that?

  • Owner of KF750

To the person who wanted to know about the battery life. On standby it lasts me 3-5 days (when im not activly using it). However when I use it continuously, (some music playing, mostly texting) it gives me a good 8 hrs of useage. My advice is that since this is a "ultra-slim" the battery life is the trade off. Go for another phone if the battery life is not for you.

  • S M L

this is collest phone i ever use...
very2 handsome and georgeous looking, with good and strong material, combine with stylish design, make LG Secret really great...
tuts is good, software is ok, camera is nice...
for me, it's near perfect phone...
( i previously use Dopod 838 Pro, and i feel like getting better phone?!.. hehehe )

  • jo

can this phone hold 8gig of memory?

  • haroon

i use this phone but its need more themes and trancefer themes to other phone

  • Anonymous

Okay now I am confused. Some people say the battery sucks while others say it last 3 days. Who should I believe ? I need a mobile with good battery as I use it often. So seriously people, tell me your sincere opinions. Thanks for your help.


  • ylli

why in this phone i cant use SIM contact numbers,i cant find it...... pleas help me someone if you can?????

  • Anonymous

clown046, 19 May 2009tv - out we need a cable for tv ?? no, it means you can output the visual data to a tv, i.e. use it at your screen.

  • JT

methun, 16 Apr 2009kf750 +point 1.amazing outlook 2.great video 3.great picture 4.t... morehi methum n others,

Was surprised it wasnt gd at niteshooting despite her 5mp kamera. Assumed u had set optimal setting of niteshot mode n ISO800?

Any ones wan to add their nite shooting xperience?TQ!

  • Syed Khurram

its battery time is so poor and also need more theams for it

  • BBNovice

Anonymous, 19 May 2009I have the phone. When you slide the screen close, u can touch t... moreHow exactly does that work? Do you have to press a combination of 2 keys before it unlocks? You see, I don't want the neon navigation keys to remain active when the phone is sitting inside my pocket.

  • clown046

tv - out we need a cable for tv ??

  • clown046

Anonymous, 19 May 2009I have the phone. When you slide the screen close, u can touch t... morethe batery is very pooor !!!!!

  • Anonymous

BBNovice, 19 May 2009When you set the keys to lock, are the neon keys in the navigati... moreI have the phone. When you slide the screen close, u can touch the pannel and unlock the phone.