LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 Secret

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  • hang

should i buy this phone? pls help

  • kimbo

ok so i had this ph for nearly 3 months and the kaypad is jacked up. the specs and stuff are kwl but mayb they should do sumthing about the keypad besides that i really recomend you to buy this ph

kimbo out

  • geeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk

watch the video in youtube it's all touchscreen ;p

  • HATi

.....and the slide mechanism.

  • Anonymous

Mie, 15 May 2009Emmm..can i access the internet using Wi-Fi with this phone? Tks(wispering) psst... it doesn't have Wifi

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 May 2009Okay now I am confused. Some people say the battery sucks while ... morewhy can't you just charge it before you go to sleep?

  • Anonymous

Look at getting either this or the Samsung U900. Which do you guys think? I hear the KF750 has a problem with freezing.

  • jatelo

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2009This phone is for people who have patience and endurability. If ... moreI want to buy the LG KF750, and I'm dilemma between the LG KE990 (coz its so good lookin). Can I get pros and cons on this baby?????

  • john

is this phone strong? i am currently using samsung e250 which is very strong.that feel from my hand several times on floor but nothing happened.will kf750 also be like that? i really want to buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

dudson, 02 Jun 2009I got problem, when i conect my lg to pc everytime when i want t... moreI have experienced this before. You have to transfer all your music and videos into your external memory. Go to My Stuff, mark all your music first. Then touch the left key to go to Options. Move the music to your external memory card.

  • Anonymous

This phone is for people who have patience and endurability. If you have both, this will be a perfect phone to you. I also have one and just...LOVE IT! I have used it for 5 months now and because I have patience and endurability, this is a perfect phone for me.

  • bhupinder singh

Bhupinder singh, 10 Jun 2009I bought new LG KF 750 but i do not understand in the main menu ... moremy e-mail is babaknokke29@ymail.com if u want to answer for 3G icon.thanks

  • Bhupinder singh

I bought new LG KF 750 but i do not understand in the main menu which icon is for 3G system.Please let me know.thanks

  • fakeMAN

it's a great phone, but it's not qiute complete...i wondering if there cempleted with wifi feature....great...i'll most love it...the flexible cable is to weak....i've change it for once and i hope it'll be for the last time..

  • kithz

Itz juz bin 2 mnths sinc i bot it.n d 3 impt buttons aint workin.gav it fer repairin n stil i dont find any use. i gotta stick to nokia d next tym. lg kf750 realli sux n d camera aint worth 5mp. d flash z nt atall gud. guys, b4 buyin dis cell, plz chek it out.i wud prefer n series worth betta dan dis.

  • Anonymous

JT, 23 May 2009hi methum n others, Was surprised it wasnt gd at niteshooting... moredaylight shooting still not so bad with the correct setting. but i feel it still lose out to SE K810i. The night shoot for LG KF750 is terrible.

  • Sally

The battery life on my phone is about 3 days however the battery goes flat without any warning. I have taken it back to Optus twice to be fixed and am still having the same problems. I will definately stick with Nokia next time.

  • dudson

alen, 28 Mar 2009You can't make conection with PC if you have windows xp. That is... moreI got problem, when i conect my lg to pc everytime when i want to transfer a song it says( Not enough space ) and i have a lot of space i have 2gb msd card and free in phone memory.
plsplsplslsplspls what to dooooooooo........

  • Akash solanki

garry, 01 Jun 2009is it scratchproof?not so bad not so good but some features are very good i like the phone

  • hiba

it's a great mobile i'm in love withe it :)