LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 Secret

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  • Dodi

When is this available in the UK? Would love to see this phone in person..

Great features and looks.... also is this available on Vodafone?

  • Anonymous

I want this phone so much! I've been searching for a while now for the perfect phone and here it is...

  • Anonymous

This phone is the bomb. Its sick. Its phat. It make me very happy, I want it to be my wife, and my lover. 5 megapixel....shizzel mannizzel! Its slimmer than my mum! Wow! Tickle me sideways and call me shirley I need one now! I cant wait for the 1st of June when its available from all good retailers on all networks (except 1.5x2!)

  • Anonymous

This is the best phone ever. I don't know which is better the HTC Diamond or this phone.

  • Yo mumma

Do any of you LG users know if they have improved in volume quality yet? or are LG's still generally quiet? Just curious :-)

  • Anonymous

now this is quality people!!!

  • Anonymous

Thank you.

  • nvm

girlish? no wayyy!
i reckon it suits for both gender :)

  • Anonymous

I think its rather musculine - tough isnt it?

  • Anonymous

Answer me people! Do you think its girlish?

  • AR

i think that the LG KF700 is way better than this and is all touchscreen and lg kf700 has way faster internet and better technology. this phone is rubbish. 6/10 for LG KF750 and 10/10 for LG KF700

  • Anonymous

Do any of you people think its girlish?

  • momo

man this phone is great but the battery suck. come on what the use of having a phone that can watch divx and you dont have the battery life to support it gosh. maybe they should hire me, i would put a 1300mah on this baby and call it a great year... it would make my Life Good(LG)

  • Mojo

It's so crazy.I really can't wait to buy it.

  • Anonymous

so excited cant wait for it :D hurry up lg :D

  • make212

Does anybody have any idea how much the KF750 will cost in Europe? I'm so excited, hard to keep my pants on :DDD

  • Anonymous

Screen is only 2,4 inches when it is 3 inches for the Viewty. Big difference.

  • Anonymous

Can you activate the touch controls without the slider open?

  • envm

can't wait to get this phone!
really looking forward to it :)

  • butas

That tempered glass and carbon fiber materials used are very appealing. This phone would be very durable, and is also beautiful. I hope it becomes available very soon so I can already buy it & show it off.