LG Nexus 4 E960

LG Nexus 4 E960

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  • Ali

Akbar, 16 Oct 2012This phone good but bad because dont have memory stick and ... moreYou can phone the phone memory and memory card slots can not say anything against apple and samsung phones have advanced or sale is alady?!

  • Praveen

Its rumoured to be of that memory. So I wont bash the phone already. But if its that, I might have to look for another phone as I was desperately waiting for the nexus device this year.

  • bedi

8 GB ROM !! what are they thinking ?? The usable rom will be even less . How can this even remotely handle multimedia ?? Turns all the Pro's of this phone useless . It's a shame !!

  • Akbar

This phone good but bad because dont have memory stick and 64 gb phone memory or 32Gb and 16 gb ?!!??:$

  • mojtaba

you kiding me 8G its a joke not pos...

  • CrAcKeZ

We are living in 2012 and the companies still try to sell us phones without at least MicroSD.. its unbeliable

also flash memory is cheap for phones, the companies usually take a microsd card and solder it to the phone rather than implementing on the phone pcb itself and of course they have the upper hand on the price

you want 16GB pay more, you want 32GB pay even more..but with a microsd slot you can put 32gb for about 20 USD or less! companies usually want more than 50 difference from 16 to 32gb version(all that because there isn't a damn slot)

  • Nexus 4

AnonD-71868, 15 Oct 2012Why in the name of all that's holy do you think LG and Goog... moreAbsolutely right. This phone is not yet announce. no one knows if LG will stick with 8gb capacity or not. I think this phone has good spec. Don't underestimate LG brand.

  • QQQQQQ070

I hope for people buying this phone that LG will publish Nexus sources lol ,,

  • Anonymous

AnonD-33554, 15 Oct 2012This is all about marketing strategy, dont be a fool to buy... moreArgh, the prototypes have 8GB of storage. That does not man that will be the online version of the phone. I'm quite sure there will he 16 GB if not 32

  • AnonD-71868

Why in the name of all that's holy do you think LG and Google don't know how to do their job? You guys need some reality check, let them do their jobs for the god's sake and when the device will be launched you will or won't buy it. Nobody is forced to buy any device if you don't like it, but the fact is that you instead destroy the image of a brand on purpose, even if you don't know what you're talking about. So unadvised people, SHUT UP ALREADY! Nexus isn't for the masses, three quarters of you won't need this phone, because you wouldn't know what to do with it. I believe it is best to stick to your Nokia 1100.

  • AnonD-75949

Whoever thinks 8GB is more than enough internal memory, considering the exclusion of a memory card slot, is a total num-nuts, plonker, tard! ... Who needs less memory these days?? Does anyone know anyone, who woke up one morning and said to themselves, 'Hmmmm... I really wish they'd make a device with less memory coz I could really do with less memory!'?? Thanks heavens this spec list is based on nothing but conjecture and fanciful thinking, else I fear someone at Google and LG should be losing their jobs right now!

  • Nexus 4

it has a limited storage capacity. but i think, most of the people don't store to much on their phone. maybe they prefer to have a hard drive instead. did you get my point? why would you save too much file in a low capacity storage if you have a desktop with a much higher storage capacity.

  • AnonD-33554

This is all about marketing strategy, dont be a fool to buy LG Nexus 4!
All that i can say now this thing is worthless!
U will not be satisfied with limited 8gb memory only!
To all humans out there, pls dont be a fool to buy this LG Nexus 4!!

  • hdvid

I'm just curious on how long will the 1080p 30fps will be recorded in just 8gb of memory? or should I say 6gb of maximum useable memory?

  • Alif Sang Fakir

Will be 16/32Gb

  • pmyt75

8Gb of storage? And no expansion option? For a 2012 Nexus phone? Way to go LG, you are on the right track....OMG is this some kind of joke?

  • iSJ5

AnonD-44586, 13 Oct 2012if u think 8 gb non-expandable memory is a crazy idea, u sh... moregrow up kid! so you mean absence of card slot or non-expandable storage are patent violation? :p experia u has USB on-the-go support so stop comparing stupid things lol! btw read the spec. sheet and find status than talk!

  • shakir

i hvae used, htc nexus one. samsung nexus s and currenlty using galaxy nexus.. nexus line phones are by far the best android experience phones.. does'nt matter whether memory or camera issues.. do nat waste your time by comparing nexus devices with others.. they were and always will remain one of the best android phones ultimate androids

  • AnonD-73379

8 gb? are u kidding me? thst phone has great specs but dat memory capacity its just ewww

  • AnonD-44586

if u think 8 gb non-expandable memory is a crazy idea, u should know that sony did it before in the xperia u, sony should sue lg for patent infringement :)