LG Nexus 4 E960

LG Nexus 4 E960

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  • Alif Sang Fakir

Will be 16/32Gb

  • pmyt75

8Gb of storage? And no expansion option? For a 2012 Nexus phone? Way to go LG, you are on the right track....OMG is this some kind of joke?

  • iSJ5

AnonD-44586, 13 Oct 2012if u think 8 gb non-expandable memory is a crazy idea, u sh... moregrow up kid! so you mean absence of card slot or non-expandable storage are patent violation? :p experia u has USB on-the-go support so stop comparing stupid things lol! btw read the spec. sheet and find status than talk!

  • shakir

i hvae used, htc nexus one. samsung nexus s and currenlty using galaxy nexus.. nexus line phones are by far the best android experience phones.. does'nt matter whether memory or camera issues.. do nat waste your time by comparing nexus devices with others.. they were and always will remain one of the best android phones ultimate androids

  • AnonD-73379

8 gb? are u kidding me? thst phone has great specs but dat memory capacity its just ewww

  • AnonD-44586

if u think 8 gb non-expandable memory is a crazy idea, u should know that sony did it before in the xperia u, sony should sue lg for patent infringement :)

  • AnonD-57901

AnonD-71868, 12 Oct 2012Are you all paid to hate LG or what?agree 100%

  • AnonD-71868

Are you all paid to hate LG or what?

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 12 Oct 2012Who the heck will buy this phone if it has ONLY 8 GB of int... moreAll the leaked testing phones have had 8 GB. That does not automatically mean that it will have only 8G B.

It is entirely possible that the final version. Will have more storage.

If I remembrance corrsctly, the galaxy nexus did have 8GB on the testing versions but ended up having 16 when released....

  • Moe

Ive gotta admit this fone is really cool

  • AnonD-54721

Dangit!! I hoped for 5 nexus devices. Dunno as the i9260 Is galaxy premier. Lets hope htc 5" device is a nexus. Then they would be covering all sizes if 10" tablet of samsung gets released

  • AnonD-71868

goldberg1900, 12 Oct 2012I`m using the Galaxy Nexus at the moment and I was really w... moreAs I said before, Nexus phones are made for developers, they like having a phone with the latest OS and which can be customized however they like. Nexus phones are the lab rats of smartphones.

And Amoled is far worse than IPS.

  • Anonymous

All I can say is I have had the nexus one & the galaxy nexus they smash iPhone to bits & I can't wait for the LG nexus. The specs look ace more memory would be better but not a problem as there is Dropbox & other storage options similar. I just ask for better battery life than galaxy nexus.

  • goldberg1900

I`m using the Galaxy Nexus at the moment and I was really waiting for it. But if the Display doesn`t get better (the GN has a AMOLED-screen with the same resolution), and the memory gets smaller (way too small) than I wobn`t buy it for sure...

  • AnonD-64653

actually nexus mobile are real android experience providing memory doesn,t matters but though might be good if they atleast provide 16 gb or upgradebel to 16 gb

  • AnonD-71868

Nexus phones are all about developing, the storage really doesn't matter.

  • Dhana Sekar

This Is NOt Offical Specifications

  • Alif Sang Fakir

Hopes it 16Gb... We'll see ^^,

Who the heck will buy this phone if it has ONLY 8 GB of internal storage? We are not in 2008 ok???

  • iSJ5

i cant say anything!