LG Nexus 4 E960

LG Nexus 4 E960

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  • AnonD-71868

Are you all paid to hate LG or what?

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 12 Oct 2012Who the heck will buy this phone if it has ONLY 8 GB of internal... moreAll the leaked testing phones have had 8 GB. That does not automatically mean that it will have only 8G B.

It is entirely possible that the final version. Will have more storage.

If I remembrance corrsctly, the galaxy nexus did have 8GB on the testing versions but ended up having 16 when released....

  • Moe

Ive gotta admit this fone is really cool

  • AnonD-54721

Dangit!! I hoped for 5 nexus devices. Dunno as the i9260 Is galaxy premier. Lets hope htc 5" device is a nexus. Then they would be covering all sizes if 10" tablet of samsung gets released

  • AnonD-71868

goldberg1900, 12 Oct 2012I`m using the Galaxy Nexus at the moment and I was really waitin... moreAs I said before, Nexus phones are made for developers, they like having a phone with the latest OS and which can be customized however they like. Nexus phones are the lab rats of smartphones.

And Amoled is far worse than IPS.

  • Anonymous

All I can say is I have had the nexus one & the galaxy nexus they smash iPhone to bits & I can't wait for the LG nexus. The specs look ace more memory would be better but not a problem as there is Dropbox & other storage options similar. I just ask for better battery life than galaxy nexus.

  • goldberg1900

I`m using the Galaxy Nexus at the moment and I was really waiting for it. But if the Display doesn`t get better (the GN has a AMOLED-screen with the same resolution), and the memory gets smaller (way too small) than I wobn`t buy it for sure...

  • AnonD-64653

actually nexus mobile are real android experience providing memory doesn,t matters but though might be good if they atleast provide 16 gb or upgradebel to 16 gb

  • AnonD-71868

Nexus phones are all about developing, the storage really doesn't matter.

  • Dhana Sekar

This Is NOt Offical Specifications

  • Alif Sang Fakir

Hopes it 16Gb... We'll see ^^,

Who the heck will buy this phone if it has ONLY 8 GB of internal storage? We are not in 2008 ok???

  • iSJ5

i cant say anything!