LG Optimus G E975

LG Optimus G E975

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  • trinidad

are there problems regarding about the battery? please answer

  • Ryan

rajuisback, 18 May 2013well i have been using this phone frommthe past 1 month, and dur... moreYou should probably plug the phone in to charge over night. Then you'll have a full charge for the whole next day.
It's nice when the apps auto update while you sleep (if you leave your phone on)

  • AnonD-108057

OG has no USB Host capability by default. it's only available through modification of kernel

  • rami

awesomeness @ it's peak ... no other words to say ...

  • AnonD-114814

camera is excelent,better from galaxy s3

  • rajuisback

chandra, 06 May 2013Anyone who got this mobile in India pls install cpu spy app frm ... morewell i have been using this phone frommthe past 1 month, and during night the dischargenpercentage is around 3 to 5 % and never morenthan that, i always make it a point to turn off wifi, data and clear the ram beforemi go to sleep, i think there is a problem wid ur battery, u can get it replaced at the service centre.

  • Anonymous

Hi Friends, I am planning to buy this phone, but I'm skeptical about the quality of photos and video of this phone, one can say that this phone compared to the Galaxy s iii movie and picture how, or somebody links to photos and videos of the phone itself it has come to my

  • AnonD-146821

optimus g, 09 Dec 2012I love this phone the battery is good for 3days for normal use.... morehow much time do you spent gaming? i want this phone so badly even dough in my country is super expensive imma buy it, but im worried about battery life due to gaming, could you help me with this? thx.

  • muutur

Honestly this is a best phone on the market at the moment. It beats as well the new S4. You should believe me. Just try and you will satisfied with performance of this device. And if you looking the price it showing that S4 is overpriced and it lagging and slow comparing E975..as well picture quality and etc or whole batch. AnTu Tu gave me the 21990...

  • five

I just bought one. I'm impressed with the processing speed and the clarity of the display. If there's one thing LG should improve on this smartphone is the non-usage of external memory card. This would be a plus.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-144641, 12 May 2013i just want to ask about the battery, is there anything problem ... moresometimes get warm but not very hot. i play game for about 3 hours continuous and its ok, temperature mostly only reach 40C. and still handable.

  • Anonymous

jupan, 16 May 2013hi i have the e975, its very nice but don't drop it!!! i have t... moreme drop it and still work smooth, no scratch at all.

FYI my friends drop his Galaxy S3 and screen broke. He need $150USD for new screen!!

  • jupan

hi i have the e975, its very nice but don't drop it!!!
i have to replace my screen and it me cost us$83...
only 1 drop and the screen digitizer break

  • Jay jay

Im using an LG E973 right now and im very satisfied with the features of it. Its a great phone and its help me a lot in my daily routine.
Playing videos, taking pictures and playing HD games is great!.. Kuddos LG!!

  • tolits

I have this fon guys. Amazing

  • tolits

I have this fon guys.amazing

  • tolits

I have this fon guys.amazing

  • AnonD-145276

Has anyone had any texting issues?? When I wana send a text at random i have to resend the text twice or three times. Sprint has already replaced my phone once but the problem still exists. Now they say it's an outage in the Chicagoland area which I don't believe. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Rada

Anyone please kindly help me to get rid of Korean on the F180? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english

  • Alex

AnonD-128820, 12 May 2013Its definitely network problem. .So, there is nothing to do with the phone? I should opt for an another servicer for the better network??