LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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  • Venkateswaran

Guys. no where in the user manual or the LG website, it has been mentioned that LG Optimus One has a 512 MB RAM. Can somebody tell me how to confirm this

  • Suraj

After installing GB , i lost my preinstalled diodict dictionary... guyz help me , i want a offline dictionary...:-(

  • AnonD-12750


I want to buy an Android phone.
Between LG Optimus one and Huawei Ideos X5, which one should I go for?
Please advice me.


  • dhairya

i am using it from past three month its worthful awesome phone

  • optimus_hero

Wahidur Rahman, 17 Sep 2011guys pls help me i want to upgrade my optimus to gingerbrea... moreHi dude,
I have upgraded my phone to GINGERBREAD 2.3.3, Its excellent. Phone has improved a lot now, lot of junk apps removed..well that saves internal memory. I would definitely suggest you, So enjoy your Gingerbread experience.


  • Srey

I am using this phone from 8 months its a good phone.
did not face any problem till now.
Upgraded to GB last week the UI has changed and the performance has increased.
There are some Crap applications like Bollywood DJ which keeps on giving notification in the Notification bar, apart from that the phone is good.

  • AnonD-13603

i am using this phone for past two months and really satisfied. one more thing wanna share is recently one of cousin bought galaxy fit. but it is nowhere near optimus in terms of resolution and speed. optimus really is very good.

  • AnonD-22999

I got updated my firmware to 2.3.3 from LG service center it's running pretty smooth all minor problems and bug's have ben fixed and I'm loving the update more than 2 weeks no crash or hanging of the phone all apps run very smooth i felt this while playing angry birds
I lost all my previous apps but that's not an issue it can be re installed.
after update i found that mobile was draining battery 50% faster
after a little research on internet someone had mentioned as
after software update the software does not recognize its hardware for some reasons so after OS update we have to factory reset the mobile which option is available in phone settings and after that it is to be and keep for charging in switchoff mode till it indicates that battery is full then you can start using it.
after using this methods now I'm getting far more better results than on 2.2
i just felt like sharing this and someone might find it useful.

  • AnonD-8622

Just repeating the previous doubt
Ace,Kanthi,Neo Or any experts in this forum who can answer this so that it could be a help for me an d may be for someone else
Guys anyone using yahoo mail in our optimus mail application.
i can set up gmail for mail app but can't set up yahoo mail to it i am getting errors like cannot open incoming server connection.
have used the crap yahoo app but i didn't like more over its locking my account itself i mean it got some bug and is locking my password i have read som one share simila experience in this forum guys my mail id is ...@yahoo.co.in i have used the same in my earlier Nokia phone so i don think its not any set up issues with yahoo portal
so any of you can help it would be great

  • rah

Hi friends, is using internet for longtime with downloads while charging wrong?? Will it make O1 bad?? Any solution?? Plss help..thnks in advance..:)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2011hey guys, browser has tabbed browsing or not? And what abou... moreIt's well known that the default Android browser does't have tabs (you can change 'windows'), but since it's Android, you can install a bunch of different browsers.

The ones I know support tabbed browsing are Dolphin and Opera

  • Anonymous

ratnesh, 19 Sep 2011using lg optimus p500 since two months 3g speed is not more... morehello its only network problem m using aitel 3g it works great so dont tell anything bad about lg

  • Anonymous

thresh, 19 Sep 2011the best phone i ever had. some problems with battery thoug... moreSystem and aplication drains battery but there is 2 whay for your battery to last longer.
1- If not active on the phone and dont need some active widgets turn of 3G
2- If got some wigets you cant live without, than download kind of widget controler ( I use 'automatic task killer') and kill all nonactive so...les active wigets conecting on network = more battery power.

  • kenneth

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2011hey guys, browser has tabbed browsing or not? And what abou... moreits a very cost effective phone and a good buy. The music player is not that great howeva u can download music players as an app from the app store for free

  • Brijesh Praveen

Sushant, 18 Sep 2011Hello guys!!! I must say you all are doing very good jobs ... moreI am using this phone for last 3 months. I dont face any issues.

  • Brijesh Praveen

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2011Poor battery life mateAll netconnected (online)phones are having same issue

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2011hey guys, browser has tabbed browsing or not? And what abou... moreinstalled opera mini on mine, tabbed browsing works smoothly

  • ROCk

Frnds i m lukng forwrd to buy LG P500 or P350 which one is better or should i go for samsung android phones????

  • dude

@anonymous I recently bought one and I am very contented with it. It can open more windows using the setgings button while using the browser. The music experience is fine and it is really just a great phone. PS it becomes faster if you update it to android 2.3.3

  • AnonD-20637

ratnesh, 19 Sep 2011using lg optimus p500 since two months 3g speed is not more... moreLol man yeah lg is right i'm using Airtel 3g getting 500KBPS downloads, probably you are using 2g. Lg optimus one have 7.2mbps radio. Activate 3g tariff and select wcdma or 3g from settings.