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LG Optimus One P500

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  • Prateek Gupta

Rajesh, 18 Jan 2011Hello all, Can anyone tell me how to send files from O1 to ot... moreHi,
You can send photos and videos from the optimus one by using the 'gallery' application preinstalled on your phone using the 'share' option. Open gallery->long press upon the file you want to send->share.

You can send mp3 files by using an alternative file manager app like 'astro'(you can download it from the market for free). Open 'astro'->long press on the mp3 you want to send->send->bluetooth.

  • Prateek Gupta

Josh!!, 18 Jan 2011guys i have downloaded a few applications from the LG store onto... moreHi,
answer to 1 and 2: You can find the apps in your sd card(OI file manager) in the folder that you created in your sd card or directly stored in the sd card. Just press on the application you want to install and you will be asked for permission to download. Just press 'ok'. The application will be installed on your phone. Just make sure that the 'unknown sources' option is checked. You can do that by going to settings->applications->unknown sources(You need to checkmark for those apps which are not downloaded directly from the market.

answer to 3:you can move the 'froyo' applications to the sd card by going to settings->applications->manage applications->select the app->move to sd card. Or you can download the app 'app2sd' which an easier way to move the 'froyo' apps to the sd card.

  • Prateek Gupta

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2011Hi Guys, Anybody can tell me how to use MP3 music as your mes... moreHi,
Play any song using the 'music' application preinstalled on your phone->press the hard menu button(while the song is playing)->set as ringtone.
Now open the 'messaging' applicaton->press the hard menu button->settings->select ringtone. The song which you earlier set as your phone ringtone will be displayed in the list of tones.

If you want readymade tones, download the application 'zedge' from the market.

  • yash

htc wildfire or optimus???
plzzzzzz advice...
will o1 get gingrbrd update????
plzzzzzzzz reply......
urgent help required

  • Prateek Gupta

[deleted post]Hi,
Just make sure that you are using a class 10 card because the 4gb class 4 cards are reported to face unmounting/unrecognisability problems. Copy all the contents of the 2gb card to your new 4gb one as the android system and applications require certain data and settings which is stored in the sdcard.

Wi-fi settings: Go to settings->wireless & networks->check the Wi-Fi option,then goto Wi-Fi settings. The available wi-fi networks will be displayed there. Select the network you want to connect to. Make sure that the 'wi-fi' and 'network notification' box are always checked so that you will immediately be made aware of any available wi-fi network in the notification bar. The notification bar
also has a wi-fi toggle button which is the first button from left. You just need to have a wi-fi router at your home.

GPRS settings:settings->wireless & networks->mobile networks->check the 'data enabled' box->access point names->select the gprs network (for example mobile office in airtel. Make sure that gprs settings are active on your phone. Confirm this from the service provider)Gprs toggle button is the 4th from left in the notification bar.

Note:If you are connected to a wi-fi network and accidently switch on the gprs(data enable),wi-fi will be preferred.Check the gprs or data enable mode only when you cannot connect to a wi-fi network(i.e. it is locked or out of coverage area)

The 'icon disappearing' problem is not associated with your sd card. This is a bug with Froyo. All apps saved to SD card will remove themselves from the 'downloaded' section on reboot. There are some applications that must stay in phone's memory. Even i face the same problem. There is a solution which i found though. You can use the app 'app2sd' and keep it stored in the phone memory. It is a very user friendly app and requires very little space. It will help you manage your phone memory by helping you transfer the 'froyo' apps to your sd card. All the apps will be shown in it. To open an app, just long press on any app(in the app2sd)->open. Also when any app is updated it returns to the 'downloaded' section.

  • yash

htc wildfire or optimus???
plzzzzzz advice...

  • Anmol

hi everyone i really need your help

i bought this phone 2 days back but replaced the 2gb card with 4gb card as i was unaware of the data that was stored on that 2gb card dnt know if thats the reason of my problem

problem:- i don't have internet on my phone neither i have a wifi modem so istalled a few apps on my pc not from the android market
and then i installed then on my optimus

and wats goin on is that when i istall the apps i can use them and seperate icons under download section are available but when i reboot my phone then the icons of the apps on sd card disappear but are still istalled in the system and when i transfer those apps to phone memory and then reeboot then the icons appear again, so please kindely help me

i have a 4gb sandisk card

  • Anonymous

Anyone know any websites to download hd and 3D games such as rf 2010, fifa, modern combat, nova for my O1?

I really want to play these games please help

  • Xed

Brudas, 17 Jan 2011Being an engineer with 11 years system experience I am strugling... moreFor an Engineer claiming to have 11 years experience in Systems Engineering, you don't seem to know much about software systems. You are having problems with connecting your phone to your PC Suite, read the messagebox when you run the PC Suite! You should turn on your wifi or your 3G (doesnt have to be connected just turn on), then you can sync it with the PC Suite.

Again, for a systems engineer, you also seem to be having difficulty navigating the phone's O.S. Yet, the Android O.S. is a simplified Linux. I am an Software Engineer and it took me 10 minutes to master my phone.

To each his own, but the phone is good for its class (Smart Phone category). And being an Android (Linux based) then it can virtually do and load any applications. I have loads tons of apps and moved it to my SD card (thus not eating up space in the Phone's internal memory).

Quality is good for the price. And is better than HTC Wildfire and Samsung 5 (Android phones within its class).

Nokia may be a good phone but is behind in the Smart Phone segment because of its O.S. (Symbian).

  • Senthil

Impressed with LG optimus One P500, good look, firm body, android 2.2. don't know why people facing problem with battery, myself running five email clients two gmail and three others, youtube, twitter, facebook widget, daily avg call usage of 2hrs, 2 hrs of Wifi, 1 hr of Edge, little games, videos and music total of 1 hr, still im getting backup for full whole day, with 15% battery remaining.

love the optimus

only problem is minute dust settling inside the screen within 10days of purchase.

  • Anonymous

Albert Joseph, 18 Jan 2011!!!PLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all O1 users of INDIA...HELP ME What i... moreya bob ndrive is a gps based app preinstalled in ur phone it might use gprs for the first time but after dat it only needs gps :)so it won't charge u anything:)enjoy


Anonymous, 18 Jan 2011Hi Guys, Anybody can tell me how to use MP3 music as your mes... morego to android market than download zedga menu than down load sms tone use message

  • Anonymous

Hi Guys,

Anybody can tell me how to use MP3 music as your message alert tone.


  • Albert Joseph

!!!PLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all O1 users of INDIA...HELP ME

What is the GPS NAVIGATION included in LG O1 For INDIA other than google maps(I mean for turn by turn navigation) Is it need internet to use?? What is N drive? Is it avilable for Indian users ????

Pllzzzzzzzzz heeeeeelp meeeee :( !!!!!!!!!

plsss reply dear brotherssss....plzzzz

  • Anonymous

Josh!!, 17 Jan 2011k folks just got my O1 , and i have bought it after a thorough ... moreya buddy battery is d Oly thing dat worries...of course its because of d heavy usage:) don't feel like taking hands off dis thing :) android rocks :) dis one especially

  • amrender

can anyone tell me youtube can be play on edge also?it play the videos smooth?

  • Josh!!

guys i have downloaded a few applications from the LG store onto my desktop and transferred them to my phone via USB but :

1.. i dont see them anywhere in the phone ?
2.. how can i find and install them , i mean whats the process of downloadfing stuff from PC to phone and install them ?

3.. how can i store stuff onto usb card ?



Is it really the best in its class? Is it really tested by Google?

Then I should try it myself.

Samsung stole my money with the Omnia Lite. I know it was cheap(cheap?), but I didn't notice any label out of the box stating that it was full of bugs! Even after 2-3 updates still the same problems. The phone is unusable.

No scratch, no dust, sleeping in its box.

  • N

Finally.... LG is getting thing right...
I was using an lg windows mobile for around 2 years...
That was such a crappy fone that i decided, never going to buy an lg fone again....
But this fone's specs forced me to change that decition and took the risk of buyng an lg phone again...
Guy i have to say this is the most value for money smartphone available in the market now...
great phone for this price...

  • Anup

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2011pliz help me out. i bought this phone 4 days ago n it does not c... moreHi,
Try charging through the USB cable.
Connect the phone with your laptop/PC.