LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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  • RajeeV

Played NSF Shift ..worked so smooth.
In btw there was lag ..bt nt a big deal. :D

  • Rohan

Brudas, 17 Jan 2011Sir, My phone is not recognised by PC Suit installed in my compu... moreGoto - Settings-Applications -Development -Enable USB Debugging--The PcSuite will recognize ur fone

  • Jc Philippines

THE BEST Smart Phone Ever.. Love it Here in the Philippines :)

An Android Away..Keeps the apples Away!

make the smart choice..

Buy this Product.. This is the BEST.. im not kidding

  • Josh!!

guys i have downloaded a few applications from the LG store onto my desktop and transferred them to my phone via USB but :

1.. i dont see them anywhere in the phone ?
2.. how can i find and install them , i mean whats the process of downloadfing stuff from PC to phone and install them ?

3.. how can i store stuff onto usb card ?


  • Nill

Optimus one is one of the best smart phone.
So go for it guys without any hasitation...

Make your choice smart

  • Nill

Check out my apps on AppBrain: http://www.appbrain.com/user/Nill

Try it Now and enjoy......

  • mufasa

going 2 buy p500 :), 18 Jan 2011hey p500 users wud u please tell me : -- how many msg... moreyes there is no limit to msgs.....believe me

  • tj

daryl, 18 Jan 2011cant set microsd as default sms storage omg!dear y u wanna store sms on sd card..internal memory is big enough taht u'll never ever feel short of memory previouslt i had nokia xpress muzic wid 21 mb internal...and i had 6k msgs in it....

  • Anonymous

where can i get rf 2010,fifa and nfs shift? hey i installed nova but when i play the game the screen goes blank??????

  • going 2 buy p500 :)

hey p500 users wud u please tell me :
-- how many msg i can store in dis fone :) ..unlimited????
-- can i store msg on memory card as i used 2 do on my symbian fone?????

  • going 2 buy p500 :)

hey p500 users wud u please tell me :
-- how many msg i can store in dis fone :) ..unlimited????
-- can i store msg on memory card as i used 2 do on my symbian fone?????

  • daryl

cant set microsd as default sms storage omg!

  • malhi

Manash, 17 Jan 2011Skype works very well on Vodafone Edge..... Made calls to other... morethank u manash for ur reply i will buy this phone in two week again thanks for reply............ nd wat about youtube its run smooth or not?

  • pinoyme

is the OS upgrade available? have you guys tried it? how's it?

  • Anonymous

pliz help me out. i bought this phone 4 days ago n it does not charge. even after changing the batery. lg pliz recall some of these sets, they r embarassing.

  • Josh!!

[deleted post]just open the sms and press the screen for a second , it will popouta few options , one of which will be FORWARD :)

  • Josh!!

k folks just got my O1 ,
and i have bought it after a thorough thinking ,
based my choice on the basis of proper reviews by tech experts at various sites and loads of tech magazines ,
yes the camera is not that great , but it ll do , apart from that this is a great handset

for all those who are still in dilemma or dicey about the purchase , better first chk various specialized reviews on youtube, and go feel the handset in ur hands at the hotspots , or mobilestore ( compare the touch response with other sets , feel the weight and touch of it ) then decide and read the opinions here ,

i am yet to chk the battery myself , but i know its anrdoid and i am gonna be happy with once in 14 hours charging ,

also would appreciate if you folks can tell me how to set things up in it


  • Jay

[deleted post]Go and buy the htc wild fire and comment on their page......o yes wild fire the same with a lower screen resolution and no froyo out of the box......forget gingerbread for wild fire ever.......and yes a pathetic battery backup by htc...

  • news

guys....celebration tym

lg has shipped more than 2 million pieces of optimus one

  • Manash

navin, 17 Jan 2011Hi, I too was using vodafone...99 for 50mb free plan...still ... moreYou can use Vodafone Mobile Connect of 2GB use.
Last monthe I used approx 900MB on my O1 with 98/- only