Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM

Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM

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  • Andy

1-4 random reboots every day ...!!!!!
This problem continues even after the upgrading of the windows 8 for the restart
and after the installation windows 10, and after soft and Hard Reset, and after
changing a lot of firmware (from

  • AnonD-666026

sagar, 09 Mar 2017Share it problems No Available apps in store No app shari... moreWhy there is no response to this so far

  • AnonD-666026

Name field size to be Doubled

  • RAm

Yes you can directly open your menu camra and click or cheque your phone memory otherwise you can reset your phone then you can use your camra.

  • AnonD-658353

Hello friends, I am using Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM for last 2 years( from May, 2015). Experience is very bad. No update from any application manager. But battery and camera is quiet good. I advice not to buy this shit to anyone. Ofcourse, I will not use it anymore if I get it free of cost.

  • sagar

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2016Guys believe me. There is no such phone 📞 better than Micr... moreShare it problems
No Available apps in store
No app sharing
Latest Indian apps not available in store
Compare to android phone windows phone is waste
Don't buy anything windows phone because you problems faced with your friends phones (android)

  • ganeash

MY phone is lumia 640ds

it camera shows error code:0*A00F4245(0*80070005)

can any one help me ,I could not use the camera

  • akash

I updated my phone through upgrade advisor still it had no issues,bugs .but yesterday i updated through windows insider program for latest update build no 15004 it has much many bugs like brightness is not working,groove music is not responding.please help me how to stop insider program.plz helm me

  • ravi

call recorder is not supporting.

  • Anonymous

Guys believe me.
There is no such phone 📞 better than Microsoft Lumia 640 within the range of 10000
It's camera 📷 quality it's just awesome 🙆🏻 in compared to Lenovo, Motorola,Redmi etc
Microsoft is a brand.
It has the experience as u all know
I don't have any problem with my Microsoft Lumia 640.
I have done best that I have buyed Microsoft mobile.

  • kmsa

win64xusers, 13 Dec 2016You are correct, people that don't know how the platform wo... morebefore 3 months i have installed win 10 mobile in ma lumia 640 ds/..... but i dint like edge browser which is glittering often.. unable to continue in one site more than few seconds .... battery is draining at high rate than in 8.1. so again i get back to 8.1.... is there any updates released in recent days which makes it better ? kindly suggest me.. the display ios good but performance i dint like ..... i m a lumia lover

  • win64xusers

AnonD-578577, 27 Sep 2016Most of you guys are rookies dont know how this platform wo... moreYou are correct, people that don't know how the platform work don't like it, I personally have this phone a little for than two years, never gave me any problem, works fine, better battery life than most android phones and the lumia camera is great compared with others with the same specs, great phone.... love it

  • Sam

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2016hi everyone does anyone upgrade lumia 640 to windows 10???... more It can be upgraded to wp 10. first install windows upgrade advisor and the down load win 10
I am happy with the performance of win 10.. performance of F M radio is not good

  • colour.b

I am using Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual Sim for the past 7 months, amazing experience.
Windows 10 update makes it more enhanced.
No performance issues ( I play Modern Combat 5 with no lag and crashes ).
Best phone for its price.

  • demake

tushar, 26 Oct 2016Hi guys, i m using lumia 640 ds for the past 1.5 years and ... moreSince micrsoft took over nokia, it has gone from worse to worst. They need to allow the Nokia team to handle the manufacturing and needs to sparate phone from laptops and computers. I am hard core buyer and users of Nokia but had to let go because of Micrsoft methods. I recall buying Microsoft phone for a friend and to use the phone, you have to have microsoft account and we spent 4 days to be to use a phone. From that day, I tell all that cares, that it is the worst phone to purchase. Nokia was toast of everyone, it can be used by woman in African/Asian villages. But microsoft made phone for only educated folks and hence the reason why it is selling.

  • tushar

Hi guys, i m using lumia 640 ds for the past 1.5 years and i think the performance of my phone has degraded since windows 10 the problem is that whenever i connect my phone to any wifi network my phone starts downloading updates and then a notification pops "system restart required for the updates"...this is not a big deal but this goes on every time as soon as i connect to i doubt that are there so many updates released so frequently or my phone is just downling shit!....yeah i can check that in my wifi device usage about 1.5gb is downladed by this update

  • Anonymous

hi everyone
does anyone upgrade lumia 640 to windows 10???
what are the advantages and disadvantages of windows 8.1 or 10 on this phone??

  • charle

windows phone have gaps for apps but android have many apps but windows os update can handle within 512 , or 1 GB ram but android cannot like iron can break everthing but gold cannot upcoming surface phone can beat android os windows os is premium but android not,

No JIO apps for the Windows phone.Its a useless phone having lots of bugs.

  • Bosnian soldier

Best phone i ever had. Everything works fine with WP10. I use this phone for 6 months and its fine. Android is crap.