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  • Kyan31

hb, 14 Mar 2012Samsung mobiles are good for first 6 months. bcoz after continou... moreThis isnt a samsung, its motorola.


defy is a quit good hand set but some operation are not so advanced what i was thinking before purchase eg-dictionary , there is no dictionary in it and one more thing is there is no flash of the things are good no problem.

  • hb

boss, 27 Feb 2012get the s2Samsung mobiles are good for first 6 months. bcoz after continous usage the color of the mobile starts to fade and it will peel off. Because i had a s2 and it was totally rubbish after 6 months.But it looks good and very popular brand.
I always prefer boys to have a phone with ruggish nature just like defy plus. Because we cannot trat mobiles like our baby as females use to do. When we went for playing or jogging we can through this phone without any fear and if we practise the same in any other brands our money is in vein
Now samsung is also launching ruggish mobiles with water proof and dust proof... following motorola.
Dont carry slim stylish mobile just like girls... be wild... own defy plus

  • hb

swiss guy, 11 Mar 2012i had a zte blade and bought defy second hand on ebay, runing cy... moreDear friends,
Please dont buy any mobiles(electronic items) through online. Because online vendors provides 2nd and 3rd quality products with low cost.
If you want buy any mobiles go to the manufacturer website and search for authorised deealers near by you. Call them and ask the rate and compere the prices given by different vendors. Now you can guess the average cost of a mobile and choose the mobile from the lowest price authorised dealer.
Online fellows are getting the mobiles from the manufacturer itself but rejected sets by their quality department.There are multiple quality checks ater manufacturing a product and any product disqualifies in the quality check it will be treated as rejected.Companies will sell these sets to maintain their profit and online dealers will buy those rejected sets with very low cost. That is the reason why you are getting some blackberry mobile for 6000rs(where original cost is 18000rs).Before buying they will tell you that they will give money back guarantee and all. But once you purcahse the mobile , then they wont listen when you are trying to speak to them regarding any problems. at last you will lose your money!!!!!!!!!!

  • hb

Tej, 12 Mar 2012Hw it b ipgraded 2 cynogen 7.1 plzzzz share d procedure....dont try to upgrade your paltform as it is not at all advisable. Mobile copnaies will launch the mobile with klatest os at teh time of launch and will give promise can upgrade to so and so... but upgrading your os to latest one may hang your mobile continuosly and may not respond some time.

  • hb

Malarks, 13 Jan 2012thanx for ur reply ming. i feel Defy+ is not worth d penny compa... moredefy is the best in class phone available in the present market. I have been using the same from past two months and felt well better than other phones. You cannot find a mobile with 1ghz processor, gorilla glass,water resistant,scratch resistant,dust proof at the cost of 14800.
If we compare defy plus with nokia 710 (windows phone), ofcourse the configaratiuon will be more in nokia. But we should understand that for running windows platform the minimum requirement is 1.4ghz processor. Also u cannot extend the memoy,cant transfer files by bluetooth without zune software,cannot cut the phone calls at one touch(nokia is developing a software to over come this).

  • Tej

Clare , 09 Mar 2012It's basically your average android phone. If you've not had one... moreHw it b ipgraded 2 cynogen 7.1 plzzzz share d procedure....

  • AnonD-45955

Swissman, 23 Feb 2012Who cares? You can install gb cyanogen 7 ,and soon ics. Mine wo... moreHow do you upgrade to cyanogen 7.1(adroid 2.3.7)?my phone still uses the operatin system it cam with and it sucks.please help!

  • anonymous

in our country it cost 278 euros, is it worth it?

  • swiss guy

i had a zte blade and bought defy second hand on ebay, runing cyano7, set battery with minvselect, after 2 weeks of twisting this phone, i can use 2 days medium use, and it s fast. games run flawless (FIFA, NFS...).
it s a old phone, second hand, and the screen has no scatch marks.the phone has been droped apparently, marks on the back. for 106 euro (ebay)I am very happy.would like to install defy+ battery on the defy, and latr install ice cream sandwich when stable.

  • Mikey

Phone sucked. It lags too much, freezes, and resets. When it was just about 8 months of owning the phone, the mic was broken, so I had to use the speakerphone till I had it replaced. Now it's idiotic self won't work OUT OF NOWHERE(Didn't drop or had anything bad happen to it in the past 24hrs). Bottom line, don't buy it, don't buy any Motorola Phone(I previously owned the razor, and a slide phone, which both's keypad fell apart)

  • K8

Which is better defy or galaxy ace ?

  • Clare

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2012looking at buy this phone is it a good phone or hard to use?It's basically your average android phone. If you've not had one before, the most it'll take is a week to get the hang of it. But I've gotta say, it's a pretty amazing phone. P.S.
I have this phone. And I've rooted it. Now it runs on cynogenmod 7.1. If you get it, I highly recommend rooting.the phone works faster.

  • Luc

With the stock firmware the phone sucks big time.

After installing CyanogenMOD 7.1 ( android version 2.3 .7 ) the phone works like a charm, no hangs, no flaws, and the battery lasts longer.

I strongly recommend on doing the update to this custom firmware ( be aware that it must be done by someone with experience )

  • Dreamweaver

AnonD-43906, 29 Feb 2012is this phone worth giving 150 euros? its not new tho..Its definitely worth 150 Euros. Its an old phone though, but has great specs which matches phones that have come recently. Upgrade it to CM7.1, you would feel how silly of you to ask this question:)

  • Hari

How to use this phone as modem?

  • Anonymous

raj, 24 Feb 2012you can update cenogen mod 7 v. 2.3.7wajkIUI works much better.

  • Dhandu

Hi Can any one help me for my blank screen problem which i posted in detail yesterday

  • Anonymous

looking at buy this phone is it a good phone or hard to use?

  • Dhandu

Hi, I am using Motorola Defy B525. Its really an excellent set. Suddenly I didnt know what I touched, my mobile become black. I am not able to see anything. But I am able to receive Calls, SMS, Email. Once I finish calls and Read SMS and Mails, again it become black. I connected into computer and all my Phone Books, Photos, etc everything is available. Can anyone solve my problem please.