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  • r@

This is really a very good phone if you are lucky to get a good one. I have model mb525 and had no problem. I installed some roms now I sticked to cm7. it ups the processor to 1.1 ghz. battery consumption is good, smooth in menu. everything is great but I want to sell it to get a bigger screen :D if I could get such a phone with bigger screen I would be happy

  • ppero196

hari, 23 Aug 2012i could not update my defy to android 2.2. when i tried setting... moreWhen did you purchased it?
All Defys purchased after April 2011 come with 2.2 preinstalled!
Also if you aren't worried about losing your warranty (which can be easly returned) you can update to Jelly Bean!

  • Cheema

joe cool, 27 Aug 2012Hi, Can anyone tell me how to download a notepad to my motorola... moreU can download it from play store. It is official market of android apps. U can download any app from there.

  • Cheema

Hey joe u can download notepad from play store. Android market is now play store.

  • joe cool

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to download a notepad to my motorola defy mini? My booklet tells me to go to the market icon but there doesn't appear to be an app called market. I am also told to go to a website called which I did and searched for notepads and tried to install but this was unsuccessful. Do I need an a/c to download ?
Everyone I know seems to have iphones and are unable to help ?

  • Anonymous


  • Mary

This phone sucks big time.I've been having the same problem for months and they changed my phone like 3 times n still the same.Sucks,sucks,sucks..

  • hari

i could not update my defy to android 2.2.
when i tried setting/about phone/update software, a message comes "no update found". pls tell me how to update?

  • Anonymous

I am facing issues with the touch screen.both the touch screen and soft keys becomes "touch insensitive" frequently

while watching videos/plyaing games in landscape mode, again the touch screen and soft keys becomes "touch insensitive" and sometimes the keyboard just appears and keys gets touch by itself.

I have to each time off\on the power switch to get the touch back
and there is no need of rebooting.

to solve the problem i have done the following
1:format the sd card
2:cleared the cache partition
3:did hard reset.
but the problem is still there.

  • Anonymous

Just updated my Defy to Jelly Bean... Really Smooth..­/jellybean-update-for-motorola-defy-cyanogen-mod­-10-t5747.html

  • AnonD-66628

I bought my Motorola Defy+ nov. 2011. It started rebooting 5-10 times a day .... 2 times I got te phone back after a factory 'software' upgrade ... I kept on rebooting !
This time I found out that switching frim WiFi to 3G mobile internet was causing the reboods. After sending the phone back, they sent me a new Defy+ (diff. imei). Put in my card and this one also started rebooting !! after trying 4 different providers, the problem remaind.Customer service told me this was 'theoreticly unpossible'! ... I agreed, adding that it was PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE !I sent it back 2 times after this ... for "software updates" ... so after 9 months they still couldn't sent me a functional phone !! The Motorola Defy+ needs a recall or een honest reply if this failure pops up. NO MORE MOTOROLA PHONE'S FOR EVER !

  • AnonD-66376

Great Phone. Thanks to developpers on XDA it runs 4.1.1 Jelly Bean now.

  • defyvsrock

Want to retract the "spur of the moment" comment below. Installed Titanium backup, removed bloatware and now it is working like a charm :).
rock-0 defy-1

  • defyvsrock

Difference between a rock and defy-
1. Throw a rock on ground and it may break. Defy won't.
That's it.
Sorry but am having an awful time.

  • syed

strike, 03 Aug 2012whats up with the bttry ??? i charged the bttry in the morning .... moreTry a different ROM. I use the speedy ROM from XDA developers and my battery lasts almost for 4 days straight.

  • strike

whats up with the bttry ??? i charged the bttry in the morning .. by evening i hv to charge it again ..... plz can any 1 tell me wht to do ?

  • Snikeer

Great phone. Almost 2 years after it's release and mine is still alive and kicking. Ran without a sweat everything I've thrown into it. The newest games and all (yes, I'm talking about Nova 3, Batman - The Dark Knight Rises and such). Custom ROM development is strong and constant (a must on Android devices, stock ROMs are usually bad), I've just recently installed Jelly Bean, and so far the releases have been daily, with each new version correcting a few bugs. In no time, Jelly Bean will be fully corrected for Defy. All that, and I'm not even mentioning it's durability, which is awesome.

The only regret is it being a Motorola, so official updates are inexistent. However, as I mentioned, custom roms are plenty, so not a big issue.

  • Anonymous­=1397059

Try that ROM. Its froyo and with sdcard 10 fix and gps fix with lto.dat automatic downloading.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2012Please help me out that how to install CM9 in defy and from whic... moreDownload it in XDA-Developers.