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Motorola DEFY

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  • Ramesh

Defy..shot and sweet intelligence everywhere...High speed download with 2gb internal memory.

  • Anonymous

like can i go swimming with this

  • Anonymous

DEFY is very user friendly & smart. But no 2nd Camera for Video Chat!!

  • Anonymous

vinay, 22 Feb 2011Hi Everyone...I am planning to buy a good featured mobile phone.... morego for nokia c5-03 best ever!

  • Bose

Karty, 22 Feb 2011I had a hands-on experience of bth Defy and Ace, and boy!! Ace i... moreGo for ebay,,

  • Mahan

Rupesh, 20 Feb 2011I bought the DEFY 2 weeks ago. After one week the phone started... moreMate, congrats on your new ACE.. How is it performing?

  • Anonymous

How to update to android 2.2???

  • eagle

Hi Friends,
Between HTC Desire and Motorola DEFY, which one is better? Pls suggest... Thanks.

  • fabian

Using this phone.defy is brilliant i love it so much.everything is perfect

  • Anki

harry, 22 Feb 2011Guys what to buy- xcd35 or moto-defy??? reply................go for defy only........

  • Rupesh

micky, 22 Feb 2011@Rupesh...battery aint a major issue with app rich android phone... moreYes, not having MOTOBLUR is a major issue because it is a vital part of the user interface. Like Samsung's TouchWiz3.0, MOTOBLUR is important for a pleasant user experience on the phone. Without MOTOBLUR you will find yourself running from menu to menu looking for things, and having problems customizing widgets, on the homescreen, etc.

  • anki

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2011hi im buying a new phone and want to know how good is the defy a... moreDefy i nice phone i am using it from last 1 month you should go for this one not for samsung.....
HTC also have good Android phones but they are expensive......

  • Wedge

This phone is amazing. The battery duration isn't an issue. Android gives you lots of options to customize the look and feel of your phone.

  • AnonD-2292

It is a good smart phone , from a log time i especting this Motorola DEFY.
Very resistant, just for me because i am clumsy!

  • Anonymous

hi im buying a new phone and want to know how good is the defy and is there any phone in its price range thats better how about an htc or saamsung?

  • micky

Rupesh, 22 Feb 2011Yes, the battery life is very poor. Normal usage will give you ... more@Rupesh...battery aint a major issue with app rich android phones...but is not having the motoblur an issue in using the phone or not...

  • Rupesh

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2011Rupesh: M plaing 2 buy Defy. frm ur comments it seems battery li... moreYes, the battery life is very poor. Normal usage will give you less than 14 hours.. and medium usage gives you only 6-8 hours. The main problem I had is MOTOBLUR. Even though it shows on the website that this phone in India has MOTOBLUR, it really doesn't. Also there is no update to 2.2 available. Motorola may never introduce the update, and by that time Android 2.5 will be running. My advice is to buy the Galaxy Ace from Samsung. That's what I did, and I am happy I did it!

  • Karty

I had a hands-on experience of bth Defy and Ace, and boy!! Ace is sick and sluggish wen compare to tis.. Defy outstands Ace in evry aspect.. Any mobile outlets in India which is sellin Defy les than INR 18K?? Please let me knw..

  • Ricky

I have this phone since two weeks bought for Rs.17900/- in Mumbai(India)....this handheld is a freaking awesome phone and i can say that as i have used HTC hero, Legend, Samsung G3, LG optimus One(Nice low end phone)....and finally DEFY!!
Play all HD games without any lag like:1)Real football 2010
2)real football 2011
3)Splinter cell(Awesome graphics)
4.)Spider-man Total mayeham
5.)Heros of Sparta
6.)Assassins Creed brother hood
7.)asphalt 5 HD
8.)Gun Bros
10.)Modern Combat Sandstorm
11.)Modern Combat:Black pegasus(Awesome game)
12.)Brother in Arms 2: global front
13.)Nova(My favorite)
15.)Raging Thunder 2
16.)PES 2011
18.)Dungeon Hunter
19.)Dungeon Defender
20.)Heavy Gunner
21.)Uno HD
22.)Angry Birds
23.)Avatar HD

ALL OF THE ABOVE GAMES WORKS BUTTER....My Brother has samsung galaxy S i9000 and he also has all this games and cost of SGS is RS.27000/- in Mumbai (India) and he envy me as my phone is cheaper than his phone and also have Flash the only thing missing is secondary camera and hopefully Froyo update gets released by MAY 2011....fingers crossed

  • yco

which one is better motorola defy of galaxy ace? is defy available here at philippines? how much it cost? please help me guys!!!!!!!! thanks