Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

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  • Anonymous

just fail factory

before 5 month of releasing his product

do such movement....

MOTO...NOW everYone know it that use cheap material

from EDGE & EDGE+ to... EDGE 20 & EDGE 20 PRO

  • Anonymous

AnonD-930503, 11 Nov 2021I love Gsmarena you are the best crew ever, I watch your vi... moreYour a video about mobile games !

No Telephoto? No problem.
I would just walk near into the subject and snap a photo because I am a real professional with lots of experience.

• When I go to travel, I would go near anything.
• Crocodiles basking in the sun? Snap a photo in front of it. Problem solved.
• Birds perching on an electric fence? Piece of cake. I would climb near it to take a decent shot. No need to use telephoto lenses.
• Taking a photo of a burglar's plate number? No problem. Confront the bad guys and ask for a groufie while the car is in the background. Smile.
• Documenting nature? Get up close and personal. Go where the tornado takes you. That's the adventure.
• Conferences where I want to take a photo of the presentation on the screen and guests? I would go to the front and block everyone's view and the projector. That's CONVENIENCE.
• Sports photography? No problem. I'll run alongside the athletes while taking a photo of their performance. Forget about the referees.

  • Anonymous

NeonHD, 12 Nov 2021Only ~85.7% screen-to-body ratio? That doesn't sound r... moreYour a bezel-less water fall design..

Only ~85.7% screen-to-body ratio? That doesn't sound right for a phone with "Edge" in its name. It should have that bezel-less waterfall design from the very first Motorola Edge.

  • Anonymous

really? downgrade in the build quality (both frame and the back uses plastic)

  • AnonD-930503

notafanboy, 11 Nov 2021(if true) a so called "Ultra" phone without even ... moreTelephoto, how and where would you use it?

Watch as they release this plastic trash for $1000 I'm calling it now.

I mean it doesn't even have wireless charging, they could've gone with metal for once instead of plastic for Christ's sake.

(if true) a so called "Ultra" phone without even a TELEPHOTO?!! Get outta here.

Do not read the past 4 pages of comments, worst mistake of my life.

Another with a side print, what does lenovo play?

  • AnonD-930503

I love Gsmarena you are the best crew ever, I watch your videos about mobile phones, its just beautiful

a flagship without proper flagship cameras and even without a Telephoto cam is just a TIN flagship or a fake flagship or a gimmick with gimmicky cameras and a gimmicky tall but narrow screen. I think 50 MP, 1/1.5", 1.0µm, Dual Pixel & 50 MP, 1/2.76", 0.64µm are mid-range camera sensors specially the 50 MP, 1/2.76"one with tiny little and the smallest 0.64µm pixels on earth! These 50MP sensors are nothing but gimmick, Large numbers with tiny pixels that ends up at 12MP and performance wise nothing home about, not flagship grade. SHAME!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2021Aspect ratio great! Like Xperia. Back? I need glass! IP rat... moreI need a lot of things but a moto aint one

  • Anonymous

even if it had the best specs in the world I wouldn't touch another moto phone...once you buy the device its like they just forget about you, hardly any update support that even basic brands can match

  • Anonymous

Aspect ratio great! Like Xperia. Back? I need glass! IP rating? I need it 68. Camera 2 fine. I need telephoto not 2 MP depth! I need 32 bit Quad DAC sound quality. At least Gorila Glass victus in the front panel! True flagship!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-930503, 11 Nov 2021Wow professional specs understanding 😂Android Upgrade Policy? 2 years? IP rating?

  • AlienKiss

Booco, 10 Nov 2021Sd card and 3.5mm jack in mobile phone is dying breed of te... moreYes, I will still need the SD card slot for my 1TB SD card from SanDisk. In fact I love my SD card so much that I frankly don't care about what phone brand I buy as long as it has the SD card slot (and it's not a china brand).
When there will be micro/mini SSDs available for mobile phones, then you can say that the SD card is obsolete. Until then it is still the best choice and they're still being made every day (just like the wheel or the cars which are also 'ancient')
Bluetooth causes brain cancer and is nowhere near the quality of gold plated wired headphones.
If you are satisfied with low quality products, it doesn't mean that everyone is. I have my standards and won't change them.
Peace! 🌈👽💋

  • AnonD-930503

[deleted post]Wow professional specs understanding 😂

  • AnonD-930503

[deleted post]You better leave your link, I will check it how you take photos! I will gladly to your photos, 😂