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Motorola EX115

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  • Anonymous

SL, 11 Oct 2010U cannot use this phone as modem with your computer via dat... morei think u r really mmx guy, i hv nokia 2690, full support for pc suite & data modem, bt no data cable in sales pack. its just 4 cost cutting.
bt i really wanna know EX115 hav support for data modem.

  • Sunny

Recently purchased EX115 and till now i am lovin it.Can somebody please let me know the procedure of changing the MESSAGE ALERT TONE...Pleassssssse...urgently...Thanks in email id is :

  • Anonymous

Frank Ndukuiyu, 29 Nov 2010Am using Nimbuzz, Skype, gtalk mobile and snaptu on it. All... moreHi Frank Ndukuiyu,
Can you please answer my question?
1) After installing snaptu, do we get alerts in home screen (as how we get for SMS)
2) Where is the launch point for snaptu? Games>>Snaptu
or a short cut on Home screen?

3)Is there any short cut icon bars (as in samsung chat)


  • christoff

Philip, 05 Jan 2011HI! i have been using motorola ex115 for 3 weeks now. My pr... morehello phil that was my problem before what i did was the phone numbers with plus sign '+' i saved it to my SIM card and the same number without the plus sign i saved it on my phone memory, then go to contact and select used phone memory as default (only numbers stored on your phone memory will be displayed on your list of contacts) that will solve ur promblem

  • Heplock

I don't really know if there is a limit to the text messages received. there is no way to know the limit if you try to look it up in the phone.

It is user friendly and does not hang at all.

The downsides are these:

1. Phone lock does not work. Anyone who borrows your phone can use it in total control.

2. You cannot use your own message alert tones. (You can use your own ringtone though.)

There is a recent problem that I experienced. When somebody calls me, the contact name does not appear, only the cellphone number. Do other ex115 owners experience this?

This is what I think of ex115. It is for people who can live without wifi, phone lock, and custom message alert tones. It is for those who want a basic dual sim and qwerty phone.

I am one of these people. I want to have two phone lines, but I also want to carry just one phone. I also want a qwerty keypad for fast text messaging. I don't need wifi, I don't care about phone lock.

  • toni-toni

is there a downside for this phone?
is it user friendly?
is the speaker okay?
i really want to buy this phone and i want to know everything i should know before buying it. :)

  • Ritu

Guys dont buy this junk. Its purely a chineese phone with a brand name. Its exactly like chinese Lava phone :(

  • Anonymous

Hi, is there a limit to the number of sms you can receive on this phone? of it's unlimited? Thank you. This is regards to regular text messages only.

  • ranjit

camera clarity

  • Heplock

Praveen, 14 Jan 2011what about sound Clarity and battery Back up. . i am planni... moreHello Praveen,

Sound clarity for playing music is awesome, ex115 has
an enormous speaker which plays the music clearly. (not sure about playing songs with loud bass like hiphop though).

Sound clarity for calling is good if you do not use loudspeaker mode. In loudspeaker mode, you can hear the echo of voices because the mic receives the sound from the speaker. (That's why I don't use the loudspeaker mode).

Battery backup is average. You can get 2-3 days of battery life with regular use.

  • azman

What is the suitable MicroSD for this phone ?
HC ? Class 4 ? Class 10 ?
Can anyone tell which one to buy ?

  • nirwana

abhijeet, 12 Jan 2011it is a great phone; I would like to tell that it is not ...'s not a china phone..but it made for india market if i'm not mistaken coz i've seen this model in motorola's website for india

  • nirwana

atrix team, 13 Jan 2011this is best simple phone in this class with best spec an... morei'm totally agree..
coz i'm own this ex115.. ;)

  • nirwana

whatever all of u said regarding of this mobile..i'm still LOVING IT!!..coz i'm still USING IT & i'm still ENJOYING IT!!..yeah!!!

  • Praveen

what about sound Clarity and battery Back up. . i am planning to buy this phone

  • Pete

Heplock, 14 Jan 2011Hi Pete, 1. There is a keypad lock feature where in you ... moreHi Heplock,

Thank you very much for your answer. :)

  • Heplock

Pete, 14 Jan 2011Hi, thanks for your feedback. Just to confirm again. So... moreHi Pete,

1. There is a keypad lock feature where in you can lock your keypad normally. meaning without security code. (just hold the spacebar then the keypad will lock) so that you cannot accidentally press buttons.

2. There is no way you can lock the keypad with a security code, meaning if you leave your phone in some place, people can use it. There is no security code for locking it whatsoever.

  • Pete

Heplock, 13 Jan 2011I am an ex115 owner. This is the answer some of the queries... moreHi, thanks for your feedback.

Just to confirm again.
So you mean you can try to lock the keypad on this phone with security code. But it's not working -- without enter security code, we still can unlock the keypad?

Thanks again dude.

  • Mahi......surzer_alo

Heplock, 13 Jan 2011I am an ex115 owner. What do you mean by "multi-ta... morehello.....plz would u kindly tell me the divert system......when talk in sim 1 than if anyone call to my sim 2 is this can show in the sim 1......

  • Heplock

Ankit, 12 Jan 2011Iz dis a multitasking phn?I am an ex115 owner.

What do you mean by "multi-tasking phone"?

If you mean you can run many applications at once, the answer is it does not. You can run music player in the background though, so you can do other things in the phone while listening to music. YOu cannot run many applications at one time.